Sex Education In Europe

It has always been a problem with Asian parents coping
with the sex education towards their young kids. My
friend showed me the smart & useful tool which is
being used in Germany to teach the small kids about
real direct facts instead of just birds & bees tales.

If you know someone who has this dilemma, ask him
to print the pictures below to show the kids. The useful
illustration will do all the talking!

                      Baby          Daddy & Mummy courting

Gets intimate!

Daddy & Mummy makes love to plant seed

Mummy is pregnant now.

After 9 months, mummy goes to hospital.

Doctor delivers the baby at last!

A happily ever after family.


  1. Although it's a bit ought, I think it's great to have these tools. You won't know what kids resort to just out of curiosity! But I doubt the Malaysia government would ever accept this. Malaysia Boleh? Tak Boleh Lah!

  2. ii mean 'odd'. Wrong spelling. Sorry!


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