Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where To Eat Penis In Beijing?

Heh, heh you so ham sap lah, wanting to check this out.
My buddy Derrick Dai emailed these exotic penis photos, so
I must share them if you have not seen them yet.
In Beijing, there is a famous Guolizhuang Restaurant
which specializes in cooking animal penis gourmet
food and serve them in artistic presentation. They
cater for wealthy businessmen and Communist officials.
You have to place advance bookings and on your arrival,
the captain will take your orders with a nutritionist beside
explaining all the goodness of individual dicks and balls
that will boost your "Yang" and virility.
Have you ever tried putting animal genitals in your mouth?

The entrance to Guolizhuang Restaurant, Beijing

Starters, Appetizers, Main courses & Desserts!
Their menu serves Animal Penis & Testicles only.

Finger Food Starters - Sheep Penis! Yummy!

Waiter serves crispy Donkey Penis on Lettuce Leaf.

Ying & Yang Combo - Ox & Dog Penises Calamari

Sliced Star-shaped Ox Penis with Cum sesame paste sauce.

"Dragon In The Flame Of Desire" with long Yak penis!
(OMG! So bloody long!)

Yummy! A female patron savoring the Dog Penis with a wide
choice of dipping sauces - Lemon & Soy, Chilli & Soy or
Soy Sesame Paste. Dog penis will enhance her skin texture.

So, they say it has nutritional values to eat animal dicks.


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