Saturday, August 23, 2008

Andy Warhol - My Favourite

Today, I feel so good to be able to share with you about one of the world's most famous artist. I bet many might not know him but you might have seen all his works below. As many know that I studied Advertising Business & Design in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania so it's not surprising that I have strong eyes and keen interests in Arts, Feng Shui and funny stuffs. Whenever I talk, I am always loud and swearing - my good friend's wife said that. I am proud of this statement.

This is Andy Warhol who was born in Pittsburgh in 1928 and graduated from Carnegie Institute of Technology (Yes, you will see lots of Andrew Carnegie's name all over Pittsburgh!) Andy Warhol became the most famous modern day artist who was so avant garde and bold using the simplest subjects for his creativity renderings which became a hot favourite amongst collectors since the time of Picasso. His artworks have been copied all over again by so many designers until this day.

He was the world's first person who designed this "I LOVE NY" art using mere fonts and it was so highly popular that many aped his style in advertisements. You must have seen "I LOVE SONY" , "I LOVE Digi", "I LOVE U" and etc using the red heart in between.

Next, his most recognised style is using the repeated prints of the subjects that caught fancy of his eyes! Campbell Tomato Soup was one of them.

This 32 cans Campbell Soup art piece was very popular and always remain a favourite case study in many art schools today all over the world.

I bet you have seen this famous Black & White portrait of Marilyn Monroe which was touched up with colours. So unique and original.

This MM poster prints often sold like hot cakes in all over US.

Andy also caught fancy of Chairman Mao as his interesting subject.

Andy Warhol died after a gall bladder surgery on 22 February 1987 in New York City. The Andy Warhol Museum was opened in Pittsburgh in May of 1994. 


  1. Simplicity. To be able to capture it as art is an art in itself.

  2. William - Agreed! Andy's artworks inspired me a lot too about fonts usage. Notable logos done by me included Perodua, Dijaya, US Swimming Team & etc. Now I coach newbies to develop the eye. Just my humble sharing.


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