Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Best Of Macau

My colleagues Patrick & XiXi have just returned from
a working trip to Macau yesterday. They brought back some
fabulous goodies from the best shop which is Koi Kei Bakery! Yay!
The crispy Egg Rolls and Sesame Seed Cookies were so
fragrant and delicious. I wish they had brought back the
famous Portugese Egg tarts as well but Patrick is quite a
stingy fellow, so we can excuse him for that. Maybe he lost
in heavy gambling at casino the night before.

The Koi Kei yummy goodies! Thanks to Patrick & XiXi

I visited this Lisboa Hotel in 1995 and I heard that the
sales persons in Macau today are all still VERY RUDE!!!!!
Damn those fellas, never wake up! Niamaaah!

I will visit Macau again this October when weather is
cool Autumn. This new The Venetian-Macau is 40 storeys
and built by the famous Las Vegas Sands Hotel-Casino.
This Macau hotel-casino has the largest casino space in the
world and it's also the largest single structure building in
Asia. It ranks the 3rd largest building structure in the world.
The Venetian Macau - I am coming soon!


  1. So great u guys got food from Macau. Dunno i hv the chance o not to come back & eat. Remember to keep some for me.

  2. Yeah they will keep all the boxes for you. All might be empty if not expired.

  3. So many Macau delicacies... I want some.. Macau I coming this October.

  4. Oh Melvin, we'll eat all even before you come back. Muahahaha!!!

  5. Jamie, I think Melvin needs to start burning his fats. He reminds me of Pikachiu now.


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