Monday, August 4, 2008

Ghost In Hotel Room

When Ryan sent me this photo of a ghost image
on the bed at a hotel along Gurney Drive, Penang
my head immediately sprang to the thoughts about 
my parent's good friend Sharon who committed suicide 
by leaping to her tragic death from one hotel at Gurney Drive.
I hope it wasn't her but it is very terrible for one's
soul if they commit suicide. I knew this pretty lady well
and always remember her generosity and
elegant personality as she came from a very wealthy
family. Her own family's ancestral home used to be a big
mansion along Gurney Drive's stretch itself. What made her

This photo was being circulated after someone's
relatives complained some ghost was jumping on 
their bed and they snapped this photo from the
mobile phone to find this shocking discovery.
It is common to find wandering ghosts in hotels,
so it is best to purify their rooms before you sleep!

How about chanting 108 times - OM MANE PADME HUM!


  1. eee.. ghost. I actually have heard about it before having living in Penang for 3 years....

    I'm terrified of them and I prefer to deny their existence. It made your life much more easier. Plus, I'm a skeptic when it comes to religion and ghosts!
    God Bless!

  2. What a coward dear! We were ghost or spirits in cyber space before you came to work in this office. One day we will return to the same origin. Have fun! Fear not when I am still around.

  3. Im going to PG this Raya...hmmm...i think need to choose a right hotel to sleep..!!! Maybe can prepare some paper and pen also. When saw it ask 4d from them...heheheheeee....!!!

  4. Denn - You are bloody brave man. Must share share with me yeah.

  5. It's good to be able to capture photos of ghosts, but one never knows if it's authentic.

    Anyway, I do believe in ghosts and spirits and I find that hotels which are very 'yin' and have no access to enough sunlight always seem to attract spirits and ghosts.

    It would be good if the hotel management do some 'space clearing' for each rooms but especially rooms that are seldom used to cleanse them from spirits and ghosts.

  6. hi, nice to meet you...=)

    what I know about mantra is that it is meant to purify like you said and to soothe sentient beings, in other words, to relief them from sufferings. As far as I am concerned, ghost is a sentient being. In fact, we all are, including those who dwell in from heaven realm, asura realm, to the abyss hell.

    Not sure if you have heard, but I was advised never ever to chant alone at night, in a hotel room and quiet places where humans can hardly be found...><. Why? because unseen sentient beings like to listen to chantings because it makes them feel comfortable. Kind ones will only approach near, but wicked ones may decide to drain holy energy from you resulting one to fall sick or worse, death (there is a true story).

    1. Sorry, shouldn't be holy energy, it's just a good energy that flows in our body. It is said that, the more you chant, the more purified your soul is, thus the more good energy that flows in our body. Some beings adores such energy to help in their cultivation of power...><

  7. I would like to share a personal experience of mine.

    I have been suffering from mid-insomnia for about 3 years almost everyday (I wake up after around 5 hrs sleep no matter how I tired I was), and I have never gotten enough sleep, living like a zombie lol. During the first year of suffering, I went to a medium, she said because I offended an unseen being, I believed I accidentally did it by stepping on the things burned for them, so they kacau my sleep, causing me to feel weak and fall sick often. The medium did something and over time, I managed to have better sleep, but out of 7 days per week, I will only have 4 days of better sleep, very predictable...= =

    This pattern applies until today but something extraordinary happened weeks ago, my former sufferings came back, the whole week my sleep has been kacaued daily, and i was woken up either by deep toned voice or a poke in the mind to surprise me in sleep. I went to another medium, and this time she said, my chantings at night have drawn too much attention and they wanted to hear more (I have started to chant daily about a year ago in my room for transference of merits to sentient beings, day and night). Therefore, I advised to burn stuffs and join the chanting session of Great Compassion Mantra for 108 times. After that, my sleeping pattern went back to normal, abnormal to others, 4/7 days better sleep.

    Don't know when I can enjoy to sleep for at least 7 hours daily again, perhaps there are still remaining unsatisfied beings who kacau me during sleep...=(

    So my advice is, recite in heart whenever and wherever you desire but if your recitation can be heard, beware of the situation and surroundings...XD

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