Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Lunatic Man @ Post Office

Last Saturday, I went to renew my car registration card and managed to claim the subsidy of RM625! Now the petrol price has dropped, so I can shop with Pak Lah's money. Those who claimed in earlier months could not celebrate & shop like me. Yay!

I saw this crazy man lying on the sofa inside the post office at Jalan Klang Lama. He was mumbling and rolling by himself while everyone watched. I was so brave to take my phone out and snapped his photos totaling over 20 shots! By nature, I consider myself as brave, daring and thick skinned which makes me a good salesman. I also made good TV appearances before as my face was very thick like your kitchen table.

He was gazing at his bill and hummed some out of tune melodies.

I seated behind him and he got up to sitting position. Phew! He stank and I bet he last showered a week ago.

He dived down again and sank like a Titanic. He rubbed his feet and scrapped off the dry flakes. I was barely 2 feet behind smelling his pong. Hail Mary!

He rose up again slapping his forehead and started yelling by himself. Many passers-by smiled at him. I guess he is an old celebrity along Jalan Klang Lama. Do you know him?

A fat young Indian lady sat behind him and he did not move his eye-balls away from her oversized boobs! Yeah, I am brave but didn't have the courage to snap her huge boobs to show you. I knew that she could easily give me big tight slaps! I was just 6 inches away. Who would dare?

At last, his number was paged and up he went to the counter. A frail old lady went up and begged him to allow her to pay her bills. He snatched her ticket number & asked the officer rudely whether he allowed her to jump queue. The officer nodded "NO" and this bastard told the old lady to get seated right away! Oh shit, I wanted to punch his face so badly. I had no balls, so I sat quietly like a mouse!

Later, I was told that it was written in Buddhism sutra books that some Buddhas and Bodhisatvas would always reincarnate as sick animals, handicapped humans or even a crazy man!  Their intention is to test the patience and wisdom of fellow human beings. I was surprised to hear that. I am glad I sat down quietly like a mouse. 


  1. You have passed the test!!!! Not bad at all.

  2. Sometimes patience can get you out of unnecessary troubles. If everyone practice patience in their heart, the world will be more peaceful.

  3. It is the Chinese way. Big problem -> small problem -> no problem.

  4. Perhaps he is a Guru, a Shaolin’s monk, a Tibetan lama such as Dalai.. or he could be just a nut. Due to misunderstanding that he is also botak, people some how connected him to Gautama Buddha.
    If not a nut, maybe this guy is praticing buddhahood. In Buddhism, before become enlightened, awakened to the truth, or Dharma. A person must attains this state on their own, without a teacher to point out, they will need to do weird thing likes running around screaming, talking to an apple tree for an antire day, eat dirt and tell everyone it taste wondeful, dancing on people car, kicking hard iron metal with their feet.. etc

  5. Lifebook - I didn't know I've passed the test!! I just sat down & held my balls.

    Bruce - Actually I had no patience but I had no balls like you that day, so I sat down.

    William - I guess you're right.

    Kenlin - Namo Amituofo, you really surprise me with what you've just said. So wise! Someday I might run amok too.

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