Monday, August 11, 2008

Raped @ Ampang Waterfront

When my colleague shared this warning email of the recent rape &
murder incident at Ampang's Waterfront, I was very worried and
disturbed. This young victim was so helpless and unfortunate to
deserve such a gruesome death. I am worried too as I often
frequent this Old Town White Coffee at the waterfront's outlet

It was like so near yet so far thing when the murder took place
somewhere around that corner. I am a man no doubt but we must
believe that victims could be any gender, age or colour.

I hope to send out this loud siren to you, not to take it for granted 
that danger would never happen to us. It could happen to our 
loved ones - your mother, your wife, your sister or daughter.

The poor victim was left alone to die.

She was brutally raped. strangled, knifed and had her throat slit.
I hope the murderer would be caught and shot dead on the spot.

.... May Her Soul Rest In Eternal Peace ....


  1. So CRUEL!!!!!... this criminal or should I call them Animal is so cruel.. People may have good future but because of this "animal" this victim ended up like this in a very cruel way.

  2. You have a grandma, mother, aunty and sister in your house! Take care of them, will you?

  3. wasn't it a bit not nice to put up the photo? it's sad to see that.

  4. Fable Frog - I did think of that out of respect. On 2nd thoughts, I am sure the victim would hope justice prevails or at least give warnings to others not to be victimized. I had even removed her mangled face from the photo.

  5. May her soul rest in peace! May the murderer's soul be sent to hell!

  6. may the murderer sent to hell and get tortured in hell!!!

  7. may the rapist rot and suffer like hell while still alive and may end up in jail and kena like shit bag

  8. I got an email on this quite awhile back ago. Meaning, couple of months back. Do not think so it is from Malaysia. Again, I just assume since remembered reading it is somewhere in China or so.

  9. Does anyone actually know if this is true, or just an email legend?

    Those that visit Ampang Waterfront, is there actually a hedge that matches the photos, has anyone actually verified this?

    I am a little afraid to actually hear the answer, but in case this is just FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt), it is important to know.


  10. I have no idea how to reply your queries. Why don't you comb the entire Ampang Waterfront area to confirm this is crap? The rape cases are increasing each day and happens anywhere.

  11. OMG!!! That's so near my place and I don't even know it until now...
    btw...nice blog...

  12. but in which country is this?

  13. TM,

    Reading your post today, make me think of the most recent news of 3 rapists acquitted for raping girls at age 12, 13 and 4 respectively. What had happened to our system? Is it because the victims weren't the daughters, the sisters, the mothers or the wives of the judges?
    I am just worrying there will be more rape cases from now on.


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