Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Thai Wedding in Bangkok

In June, I attended an elaborate Thai wedding in Bangkok 
for the first time. It was my niece Pearl's wedding & she
looked so radiant & very sweet as a blushing bride. It was the second
time I ever met this Chulalongkorn graduate & she had instantly 
grown into a beautiful bride!
I was very close with her father who was my 'big brother'
cousin during my growing up years at my late grandfather's
place in Songkhla, Thailand. I have so much happy sweet
but very boring memories of Songkhla.

The Thai wedding was so similar to our Malay style with a
groom's entourage bringing all the 'hantaran' gifts to
be presented to the bride. Since Bangkok is too big and both
the couple's homes are too far from each other, instead, they held the
complete engagement & wedding ceremony at the auspicious 
hour 6.30 am, at the luxurious 5 Star Sheraton Grande Hotel 
@ Sukhumvit.

6.30am - The groom's entourage marched to the bride's 'home'

inside the hotel's ballroom carrying all the auspicious gifts
reciting words of wisdom along the way.

The handsome groom being held up outside the bride's 'home'
by rows of fenced jewelries. He had to answer so many
questions plus offer 'bribes' to get through!

The couple exchanged engagement rings with both sides
'negotiators' behind to preside.

The happy couple with their proud parents!
My cousin Chaisiri is behind Pearl.

It was a makan-makan time outside the foyer with delicious
snacks and finger food, Sheraton's Starwood quality!
They served the best coffee and congee I ever had.

These were the 'hantaran' gifts from the groom.

Close-up view of the gifts.

Look at their  finest Thai craftmanship to fold and pleat
the lotus petals into heart shapes. 

The ceremonial apparatus used for blessing the couple,
all in real Gold! Truly fit for the King & Queen.

7.30pm - Wedding Reception Banquet

A dressed-to-kill guest came along. Bangkok hi-so ladies
are often very well dressed in their finest.

The bridal couple posing together with my honey and I.

The lovely 4 tier wedding cake was very grand like a display
that you will find in a celebrity event.

A flowing Strawberry Fountain below the wedding cake!
Didn't I say it was very grand??

Hundreds of guests mingled and ate the lavish buffet spread.
All of them just stood as there were no chairs at all
except for VIPs and some relatives. That was a modern Bangkok style
of wedding reception. A nice unique experience for me!

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