Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wanted: Good Frequency

I often stress on the importance of understanding the frequencies around us as they play greatest roles to influence our daily lives. This topic could run to over a 100 pages but I'll illustrate my thoughts to the simplest way. Almost everything generates frequency waves in this infinite universe. It could be our voice, sound, moving cars, our thoughts, text sms, our heartbeat and millions more. 

Even the 9 planets, moon, flowing water, surrounding air, dead corpse, plants or soil contain frequency too! You may not see them but you definitely might feel, smell or hear them all.

In physics and engineering disciplines, frequency waves could be measured or counted, such as optics, acoustics and radio etc. You and me would often refer them in simplest terms such as hi-lo waves or negative-positive frequency.

Many people did not know that the high & low tides in the ocean is the result of the moon's direct influence! Since it could easily influence the water tides, so what about our human bodies? Our human bodies contain 70% liquid and is definitely prone to mood swings like vengeful anger, outbursts, happiness or even sexually active. Police demographics could even show the fixed pattern when criminal records were all-time high depending on the moon's location. Ever heard of the werewolves during the full moon's night? Woooooooooo! (If you wanna know how the moon could influence, please refer this link

Are you aware that the ex-premier of Thailand - Thaksin Shinawatra is the staunchest believer in feng shui and astrology readings? I observed that very wealthy or good fate people tend to have naturally good senses to make wise investments and decisions in life. Thaksin was too careful in his daily undertakings yet he was still being overthrown, unfortunately. Look at his recent fugitive photo above, he was still enjoying a barbeque feast with his family members at their posh London's mansion. How nice!

When you 'feel' hot, you will know how to turn on the fan, drink icy water or strip naked! You can't see the hot air but the thermometer does.

When you 'feel' cold, you will obviously drink warm water, wear jacket or cover thick blanket.
You can't see the cold air too but the falling snow or your chattering teeth will convince you.

Hell! When you feel BAD LUCK, you will loose all your money, get mugged, lost your job or fell gravely sick too often. We could feel the bad luck greatly but just could not see the bad frequency around us! What should one do? 
Control the situation and not let the situation control you!

If you don't believe in prayers to clear away bad luck, then ask around for a very reliable & accurate feng shui master who uses the Chinese Luo Pan compass. The moving needles would convince you whether the good or bad 'chi' has been flowing towards you. A feng shui master with psychic abilities would be great as he might detect if the angry ghost could be sitting on your bed at home.

We must always pay attention to every details in our daily lives! We must feel good and happy to live in our house or work place always. With the correct feng shui readings, your whole household & business associates could enjoy robust health & abundance wealth! Feng Shui is all science and not superstitions or religions. Physics had proven its existence since over a thousand years ago!

Do you realize that your best friend could be another's enemy? That boils down to his frequency again that clicks well with you instantly, thus making you both as bosom buddies! I have often been advised to be selective of the friends I have today as I was rather ignorant in the past. My good Joey friend was a bad luck guy, who was taking & selling drugs apart from being an impulsive gambler & hell womanizer! I had endless nightmares by just hanging around him. That was long ago and forgotten as I do not wish to keep bad memories. Bad memories is also a bad frequency!

When the biggest foes have matching frequency they could eventually develop & become best buddies too! My childhood best friends became lost-touch when our fate and frequencies changed over the years. Enemies became my best friends eventually. Sigh!

Sweet and pretty flowers will make your darlings happy! The colours, smell and shape of these lovely flowers emit the frequency that could uplift one's sombre and dull spirits. It could rejuvenate our mood to be happier! When you are a happy, good luck prevails naturally! 

I have seen hard core gamblers who washed themselves in tap water with soaked flowers to enhance their luck. So now you could understand the odd flower petals you might find inside the casino's restroom at Genting Highlands!

Your smiles and kind words could comfort a friend in need. Now show me your teeth and colgate smiles! Hee Hee!

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  1. Sometimes when you meet a stranger and for no reason you hate the person. I think it is also due to the person got bad frequency make us automatically hate the person.

    Same goes to if the person emits good frequency, you will like the person although you just met the person for the first time.