Monday, August 18, 2008

The Wealth Ship

I loved boats since I was a kid and often played in the bath tub for hours with my battery operated boats. Ahoy! I imagined myself as the Captain of my own ship with hundreds of invisible sailors. I would often place 5 cent coins and sweets on my boats to be delivered to other countries. Finally I had my first taste of sailing on a real boat when I was 9 years old. It was a small yacht belonging to an uncle and he took my family sailing in the South China Seas. It was a memorable trip where I saw thousands of colourful fishes & dolphins swimming happily in the crystal clear water.

During my study break in US, I joined my cousin in the annual Winter Boat Race at the San Francisco's bay area. It was a freezing cold day & I couldn't believe there were hundreds of crazy people racing madly on a winter day when all smarter birds had flown south to keep warm! I fell sick instantly with burning fever and bad cold before the race ended. When the results were announced, we lost as expected and it made me even more sick! The feeling is always very nice and exhilarating to feel the breeze while you are sailing.

I have visited many homes and offices of business tycoons where I observed that they prominently displayed ships of various sizes at special corners or designated areas. I found out their beliefs that those ships could bring them more wealth when they were already so damn bloody filthy rich! I started reading up feng shui articles on the logic sense of the ships. Could they actually carry the 'wealth' to you when the ships were not moving at all?

Have you ever realized that many busy ports in the world have naturally turned their cities into prosperous & wealthy destinations with lots of visiting tourists, business ventures and dwellers? The luxury ships, boat cargos and shipping containers come and go daily, carrying 'wealth' which you do not see with your own naked eyes. You could actually feel them from the smiles of their faces and the booming skyscrapers! Results will show ultimately.

Port of Singapore. The world's busiest port with steady rising economic growth since its independence. This is a very shiny example I love to tell others!

Port of Hong Kong. Like Singapore, they do not have natural resources like petroleum, tin or gold mine, yet they prospered so financially well with the many thousands of ships coming to unload 'wealth' cargos & berth at their docks over the years.

Port of Shanghai. Their history spans longer since the days of The Bunds, need I say more(?)

Port of Rotterdam - the 2nd busiest port in the world.

I was bold and brave enough to experiment by taking over my dad's ship which he was throwing it away. I was happy but the ship had several broken strings. I displayed it at home and nothing happened. My dad's ship must have finished delivering all the wealth to him with nothing left for his son. Forget about second hand feng shui stuffs, I learnt. The luck is not yours anymore.

I guessed that my dad's ship is considered as an "empty" second hand junk with slightly broken parts & defects. So I invested a new ship which looks BIGGER, SOLID with coloured bulbs and displayed at my wealth corner! Ahoy!........ I saw money coming into my pockets and I breathed better! Yay!

I became greedy and bought a Jade Ship which was made in China. I added many gold coins and ingots onto it. I think it has brought additional wealth improvement to me. I am convinced that it worked and humbly shared this idea with many friends. Eventually, they were convinced too with stories to share with me. I am happy to see them happy! What are you waiting for? Get a very reliable Feng Shui master to identify your wealth corner at work or home and set your ship to sail in the wealth.

When you have more money, do charity! More wealth blessings will sail to you for your kindness & generosity.


  1. Ship is a symbol of wealth, power and success. Such as admiral Zheng He or Columbus commanded the largest fleets and the largest ships ever to sail around the worlds, telling other how powerful they was.
    In Feng Sui, it represents “Yat Fan Fong Suon” means everything will be peaceful and smooth. 
    I guess this is because it is the first transport that human can reach a destination separated by sea.
    Most Feng Sui masters will suggest that you should place the ship sailing in from your best direction. To maximize further, it must be a ship that carry gold, money and crystal as to boost your wealth luck.

  2. Kenlin, smart guy you are! So have you got a ship at home too? I have got 3 and will add another 5 to make it 8 in my fleet!

  3. I got a gold ship at home. Do I need to put anything on top of the ship to boost the effect?

  4. Paiseh.. I don't have any, keke.
    My grandfather have a jade junk on his desk.
    He claim that the junk has an effect on his health, wealth and personal relationships since the day he bought it.

  5. Talking about Singapore port just now. I like Singapore because of their economic without much corruption unlike here..
    Here.. in our country, economy is perceived by foreign businessmen to be more corrupt every single years.
    Uncle Lee Kuan Yew, said before: 'Singapore is an example to other countries (here, our country) of how the free market plus the rule of law, and stable macro-economic policies, can lead to progress and success, but without Western-style 'liberal' democracy.'
    Our country can do much better if there is stronger political policy and people such at Singapore or Hong Kong ICAC to fight corruption. Given the rapid pace of globalisation and increasing economic competition among Asian countries, it's time for a change.. rather than creating so many royal commission which end up “ kosong ”

  6. Kenlin - Why don't you join the politics and wipe out the corruption? I will vote you with all my 10 fingers and beer! I often tried to compare Indon, Thalland & Malaysia on corruption level. All stinks the same. Bill Gates once said, if you can't change them, just live with them! I did just that. Haaaaaa!

    William - You damn cute! Ask Lifebook to give you his ship. I'm so kiasu & got myself the big pot of Water Pitcher after saw yr blog sites. Worth my trouble reading back.

  7. Bruce - Silly you! You can put shit, gold coins or Malaysia flag if you wish to make youself happy.


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