Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Death Comes Without Notice

Recently the latest Feminine magazine reported the tragic accident where an entertainment hostess & TV actress was killed. I was so damn shocked to my spine for days as I personally knew her very well. She was the DJ for RTM's Radio 5 and a freelancer who aspired to be a famous artiste in Malaysia. It was her big dream and she worked hard for it. 

When Ai Fang lost her job at RTM, we helped her get hired by a prominent Datuk friend to become an editor. We provided her a place in my own private office for free as she complained that she did not wish to travel daily to Klang.

This magazine company felt so bad that she went on a road show with them and got killed on their way back to KL in August. So much coverage of her accident was given in Sin Chew, China Press and even the internet sites in China! I was shocked as she was still so young with promising future. I broke the tragic news to common friends in my circle. They gave me BIGGER SHOCKS with their reactions. One replied "Oh Really?".....another said "No comments"... I will save the many reasons out of respect.

She was in her early 30s and left behind a long time fiance who is in his late 20s, working as a doctor serving in housemanship. They looked like a sweet couple.

Her death made me think all over again, of all my friends who had died young of car accidents, murder, cancer and heart attacks. Why must it happen to them, have you wondered? I searched for the answers from various religious sources and it says that one's karma will determine the timing of one's natural death. 

The only memories I have of Ai Fang is her constant compliments that she loved my private Japanese lounge with sliding doors which allowed us to entertain or relax sipping Chinese tea. She loved my bathroom and often brought her guests just to see the decor in the toilet where I hung Aborigine prints from Australia with hanging drapes from ceiling coiling around bunches of dry stems flown all the way from Bangkok, Taipei and Amsterdam. She loved it so much that she could shit and sleep in the toilet.

The only effective way to clear our bad karma is through repenting and long prayers. We need to make merits and charity, if possible EVERYDAY! I would not hesitate to put at least one ringgit into every donation box which I see in the fast food outlets like McDonalds. I will also try to give at least 2 ringgit to all beggars that I bump into. When my angin was good, I could give 20 ringgit to a beggar! Well, I often wasted money buying 4D and never struck for ages. Why not give them to the beggar and it could help feed him for many meals. I am not bragging but this is the least I could do. I just hope that I could live long enough and die peacefully in my sleep on my own bed at home.

...May Ai Fang's Soul Rest Peacefully In The Land Of Eternity...


  1. Present is a gift.... future is not for us to predict...

    i treasure every moment in my life... so i will not regret it...

    Love everyone around you... and if you see someone you like just go for it... dont waste time....

    i dont pray for the long life... i pray only let me go in peace without any pain...

    Is really sad to hear that... but i guess that is life... just wish that she will have a better place after life ...

  2. I read her tragic news in newspaper too. Didn't realize you knew so many ppl. Is Dr M your friend too?

  3. Live life meaningfully so that you won't regret when you pass away.

  4. william h - I agree that one shouldn't be so greedy to live so long. Just pay for peaceful and painless death. The best is during sleep!

    holy mary - Dr M my friend? He is devil's friend lah.

    bruce - Pandai cakap-cakap. Hope your life will be meaningful always...


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