Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Confess My Bad Habits

I must confess my long time bad habit which no one knows but today the wide world will hear it. When I talk to someone very extreme, I must steal a glance at their palms! Extreme means Very Rich, Very Poor, Very Sick or Terminally ill. You better believe that our fate is written 100% precisely on our palms, no doubt about it. If your fate is bad, you can change it, don't worry!

Even a news photo of Thaksin Shinawatra, the richest Thai tycoon could catch my eyes to check his palms!

His palm lines shows clearly that he is indeed a very filthy wealthy and rich man! His lifeline and health - I cannot reveal, so judge it yourself.

I went shopping at Mid Valley and was supposed to really shop but my attention was elsewhere. This Ellesse ad caught my eyes from 100 feet away. 

This is Jay Chou who endorsed Ellesse and I am not his fan at all. However I think he acted pretty well in the "Curse Of The Golden Flower" for his cool and stern looking face. He hardly smiles and looks like he has serious constipation. Does he?

Nah! There I go again. I was looking at Jay's palm just to be convinced that he is rich and so famous. Yes, it is written clearly in his palms too. In my earlier blog, I have shared Jackie Chan's palm. Now look at your own palm now. 
Do you have the wealth and long life fate?



  1. Interesting... I want to learn to read palm too.

  2. How to change your palm?! Read mine too!

  3. I dont think is a easy task to change what have been given...

    If really can change.... what you guys actually looking for?

  4. Can the lines of our palm tell us what our future holds.

    What should we do to have lines like the pic shown..? i want lea...

  5. After this blog went up, I was busy with palms flashed to my face. I am not a fortune teller lah but just telling you to take it seriously.

    Legolas - Come back to KL and let me hold your palms! LOL

    Bruce - Your palms are so wet and yiaks! You have been convinced before la.

    Savante - Come to KL ok. Photostat yr palms now and do lots of charity. Say prayers often. After few months compare yr palms with photostat print. Bingo!

    William H - I have met a female leukemia patient who had 2 months left. She changed her fate herself, thus her palm lines too. I hope to interview her to post in my blog.

    Stephanie - Yeah, the palms show the past and future. Do charity, gain merits. Most of us are lazy and ignorant. Ask yourself if you can do charity daily?

  6. "Read my palm my palm!," I shrieked and shoved my hands to Lee Kim.
    *Sigh* I guess you'll be having lots of chicks doing the same thing. Not forgetting the guys. Everyone is just so curious.
    And I'm such an ardent fan of palmistry, zodiac, astrology.. blah blah.. that I can't resist doing that!!
    Anyway thanks for reading my palm.
    Shriek!!(fades off)

  7. i will back tomorrow to KL. Plz read my palm too.
    Thankz ya.

  8. Jamie - Your palm lines say that you should not change job!!!!!!!!! Now how...............?

    Melvin - You missed the fortune telling session at my busy table instead of having meeting. Bring Spore moon cakes ya!


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