Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Swear That I Always Swear!

Once a friend said that if he didn't hear me swear for once in a single day, something must be very wrong with me. I know my mouth is often filthy and vulgar but my heart is so pure & so kind that I might be forgiven in hell. You think so?

Well, I was so happy to receive an email with all the swearing vocabs! That's me!

I guess that working in advertising line, many vulgar mouthed personnel are born overnight. We are paid to find superlative words to describe & sell our clients' products. Understand you dumb?

WTF! You laughed too! 


  1. the cartoon is fun.
    is great to reading ur blog.keep going.


  2. Funny Cartoon. Make me forget all my headache at work.

  3. they are really soo funny and cute .... make my group of friends laugh Hahh haa..ha :) :) :)

  4. Lifebook - Too bad, you have not seen my devil side.

    Melvin - What the fark? Come back this Friday! We miss ya.

    William H - The sender says I used those words too often like the cartoon.

    MCC - I love your name and thanks for dropping by.

    Legolas - Xie Xie. Where's my Beijing toys?

    Bruce - Take aspirin when there is no cartoons to help.

    Stephanie - Thanks for laughing. I am cute too, you know?


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