Monday, September 15, 2008

My Favourite Pancake

This has been my favourite since I was 7 years old. The Indian man would cart his stall into our school to sell and we would crowd around him doing his business. He wore a shirt and Indian Doti cloth. In between he used to rub his cloth in the groin after sprinkle nuts and sugar. We were so innocent and ate his dicked pancake so YUMMY! If he did that again today, I will place his banana into the pancake and bake!

The Hokkiens call it "Ban Chang Kueh" in the northern states. 

I love them hot with butter and it's so heavenly fragrant. You like them too?

Look! He's only a small boy selling! He is only 10 years old and working hard to earn for his coming Hari Raya. The sight of his size actually attracted me from miles away outside Ampang Point.

He is so cool and confident with appreciative smiles. He really made my day! I will stop complaining that my job in the office comfort is tough. Hope you will appreciate your jobs at this time when the country's economy is gloomy. 

Let's Be Happy With Our Lives!


  1. is sin....

    you are seducing me ar... hahhah

    look so nice... yum yum.... i miss it so much too.... i love the pan cake at penang too.. many flavour oo...


  2. A must try the one in Penang beside Sunshine Square Market/Food Court. They serve paper thin crispy pan cakes, only on request. Best in the whole wide world....

  3. I sudah lama tak makan this pancake loo....
    Look delicious wo ^^

  4. Saliva dripping just by looking at it.

  5. William H - You are Penang kia? You seem to now the food there too. Yum Yum!

    Stephanie - Now only you share all the secrets of good food. Which Sunshine Square? Air Itam one?.... Where else got good food? Quick tell! (Holding dagger at your neck)...

    Jammy - I think the KL ones are less yummy compared to Penang's. Next time 'ta pau' for you.

    Bruce - You sound like a dog again. Woof!....scratch...scratch...

  6. I can never be happy with the project I'm doing. I hate it I hate it I hate it!!!

  7. me not penang kia...
    just that i like to go penang and eat eat eat...

    haha so when you going penang ? bring me too ...hhah

  8. I like this pancake too... can "ta pau" for me :)

  9. Legolas - Come back lah to Malaysia! Your suffering pains me lah... LOL
    My HQ office opened a branch in Guangzhou & had to relocate as the HKG bosses could not tolerate the mainlanders' ways! The staff fought each other like bastards.

    William H - I often wanted to organize a tour to Penang just to makan2 but it never happened. I went alone instead.

    Melvin - Don't they have this in Spore?? Ask the Geylang Ah Kua to find for you. LOL

  10. twilight: hahaha.... let me plan la... 3 day 2 night will be best... from ipoh makan until penang...


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