Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Disneyland HKG (Part 3)

This is the final part for my trip to Disneyland. Hope you will never skip this place if you visit Hong Kong. The HKG Tourism Polls reported that most tourists still voted OCEAN PARK as the No.1 Favourite Spot in Hong Kong.

I have seen OCEAN PARK 3 times since the 80's and nothing changed except the Sea World's Spectacular showing Dolphins & Sea Lions performing. The giant whale is not there anymore! Anyone know what happened to the whale?

Those muscular acrobat dancers were prancing up & down like a Yo Yo. It was really fantastic and tiring for them!

Fire Dancers......beautiful dancing they did.

Zombie looking dancers in old European era costumes.

They also zombied on the street like walking dead corpses.

Hey, what you call this character, I have forgotten its name lah.

The final was the best and my heart was so excited with the hundreds of firework displays!

Fnatastic colours! Worth my money? I felt so guilty to see money burning in the skies and air pollution plus global warming. Urgh, I should just shut up & enjoy lah.

This one was like fountains shooting into the skies. Lovely sight!

That is all for Disneyland Hong Kong! Only HKG$290, to enjoy in the Happiest Place On Earth, whole day.

I guarantee that you will be happy for 1 whole day in Disneyland. My cousin just told me that she visited Tokyo Disneyland 9 times! That one is damn crazy!


  1. nice fireworks.....

    i guess if im there.... i will be crazy running around. i will play almost everything...


  2. OMG! a 3 parter just for HK disneyland?? wakakaka, thanks for the tour~

  3. hey... there is quite a bit a different from the last time i went... seems more interesting now!

    but i dont think i will go the 2nd time... rather go to the japan or US one.

  4. william - You will love to play everything. Guaranteed fun if not money refunded.

    fable frog - I know I was silly. I cut down 5 Parter to 3!! I omitted Ocean Park.

    et - I won't go 2nd time to same place la. 1st one was in LA, next should be Euro-Disney. Wanna go?

  5. I like the fireworks... u stay there whole day?

  6. Jammy - That was the best fireworks I had ever seen in my life. I was there from before noon till its closing time. Worth the time and $$ spent.

  7. Euro Disney? hmm.. sounds good to me!!