Friday, October 17, 2008

Nightlife In Hong Kong

It was a crazee weekend at LKF, just 10 mins walk from Central's MTR Station. It has not changed since the first time I partied there eons ago. The weather was good but I was having bad sore throat & fever. It was like my old days being party animal, nothing will stop me from having a ball.

Welcome to Lan Kwai Fong, the most talked about place where you see lots of bitches, drunkards and policemen on duty. So it is a safe place!

The whole of Hong Kong is on very steep slopes and this sporty convertible was heading up to the party scene.

All neon lights bathed the streets to life and mighty crowds walked everywhere after 11:00pm.

One chibai lady was so damn mabuk and just laid on the roadside with her brainless head buried in between her fiance's legs cursing and mumbling nonsense to her friends. How shocked her mum must be to see her daughter in my blog! Sorry ya, my hands gatal to shoot any sick photos.

Lots of beefcakes and hunks everywhere because got lots of Leng Lui everywhere. The mood was so jovial, fun & happy!!! Wish you were there too!

All F&B in Hong Kong is not cheap so you can buy your beer at 7-Eleven.
A bottle of Heineken is only HK$9.90 while you pay HK$50 per bottle across the street just to sit on their stools. Who cares, you can lie down on the streets when you mabuk.

See the policemen everywhere! They only check on fellas who look like drug pushers who carried bags. So don't carry funny bags. Sorry my photo was blurr as I switched off flash mode.

It was close to 1:00 am and more party animals arrived!!

I could not help to notice this old lady searching for recyclable stuffs while thousands of people were busy spending out from their fat wallets. I felt so terribly guilty and my eyes followed her.

Next door to where I sat was this place.

Here they collected recyclable bottles, plastic and paper at past midnight! Hong Kong people are really hardworking. Most of them have 2-3 jobs. How many do you and I have? Just one job!! How to get rich lah?

It was past 2:30am and the crowd was not getting lesser. Here, this California Club charged HK$200 per entry!!

Life is not all about working and partying but to live meaningfully.
Have we been doing charity everyday or just spending our merits away?


  1. I haven't been there yet. Thought wanna save money with bf and go there... but still dun hav the money... dunno where we spend... Look at the photos you took, it is happening and many ppl at night wo... enjoy-nya... I'm also got the HOLIDAY mode.. but not wanna hav fun or what la... just wanna relax and rest... mayb almost end of the yr, feel wanna "hibernate" sudah, wakakakaka^w^

  2. Sorry I can't resist myself but I just gotta give a dirty comment on the pic of the chibai lady.

    Instead of saying she's buried her brainless head in between her fiance's legs, you could say she's giving him the head ;)

  3. OMG~ it's really happening! i've never been to HK... But i am no longer into club scene anyway~ ;)

  4. Wow... those photo's really make me wanna go there again. I think Hong Kong is really a heaven for shopping, electronic gagets, night life, delicious food (not even Penang can come close) and the places of attraction 2tumbs up & 2toes up.
    The best time to go is during their yearly Sales, July
    and December to experience their magnificent lightings of sky scraper.

  5. I think it's a great place to visit. Maybe we plan to go HK tis year... must tell the welfare chairman
    MR. KHOR.

    But seems the economy tis year so bad, i think probably just Visit Singapore will do... sigh!

  6. Wow... you show us the dark side of the Lan Kwai Fong. Pity the old lady who have to find recyclable stuff at such hour. Life is not easy.

  7. jammy - When you get married, collect ang pows & go lah. I went there several times & never get tired! Lovely & exciting place!

    perky - Woooo! She could have done that. She was so stoned drunk.

    fable frog - Frog lives in the pond meh? You will love HKG, by looking at your personality.

    stephanie - Eh! Penang food is very delicious in its own style. How to compare la?

    Melvin - I think we might go to HKG as last option if Shanghai is out.

    bruce - Where got dark side? Your camera got no flash lah, izzit?