Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shopping In Hong Kong

Where is the cheapest shopping place for branded stuffs in Hong Kong? You should head for Citygate Outlets which is next to the airport or at the foot of the cable car station that takes you to the Big Buddha on the mountains.

My cousin told me to buy perfumery stuffs from any SASA outlets but at CityGate, it was really more rocked bottom prices! I ended up buying bottles of Davidoff, Ferarri, Dolce & Gabana, Gianfranco Ferre, Kenzo & Elizabeth Arden. I could have bought more! So sinful me! Awwww!

This is the entrance to Citygate Outlets which is next to the Novotel Hotel.
Everything inside was like 40% to & 70% SALE!!!! Unbelievable!

Limited stuffs at Bodyshop but everything was very dirt cheap. I didn't buy anything as I don't like Bodyshop anymore. Their stuffs didn't clear my pimples. I only like their recycle paper bags. Ha Ha!

Timberland was clearing their Summer clothes & shoes here. Not my type either.

Hey! For flip flop lovers, the Crocs here sell at around RM60 upwards! Cheap Lah!

The Calvin Klein outlet has all the men's underwear, cheaper than KL.

Vivienne Tam is a hot favourite brand with Hong Kong's bimbos because they have some kinky patterns and garish colours. Vivienne Tam is good for that.

The Lanvin Boutique was cold as their discounted prices were still choking my throat. Cold feet!

Many people were crowding all over, grabbing the Ralph Lauren stuffs, so I didn't bother to check it out. The era of this brand has ceased for me.

Burberry is the right brand for some kiasu people that I know. You can notice their checked browny colours half a mile away. I personally know well, a KL's Steamboat Shop owner who wears Burberry everyday and drives a Cayenne Porsche. So kiasu!

After shopping like a whore for days, I was shocked to see several pitiful beggars in Hong Kong. This frail old lady could be almost 80 years and knelt in front of many busy shoppers outside Lane Crawford at HKG Times Square! No one cared for her!

Look at this poor handicapped man who crawled with his 2 arms as his leg limbs were badly twisted. So sad! I ended up shopping with mixed very guilty feelings at Mongkok's Night Ladies Market (Loei Yan Kai)

This one was better, he could write lovely Chinese calligraphy so we don't call him a beggar.

 I realized how sinful I could be if I just had a good holiday & didn't think of charity. So I gave over hundreds of dollars to beggars & donation boxes. I felt better & less guilty after that. I also slept well.

We lucky devils have merits, that's why we can go on holiday! We would just be spending all our good merits away by just going on holiday, so please do some charity there!


  1. Wa... you bought so many Perfume?!!!!
    How can?!!! I want one!!!!

    All support Local Designer Brand!!!
    They are good!!! :D

    God bless to those people, hopefully they can end their suffering soon.

  2. It's so easy to forget how lucky we are. But it's just too difficult to differentiate to strive for more and to be contended.

    About posting ghost stories, maybe you can put one line up front saying "Warning! Ghost story ahead!" to warn me. :P

  3. i tought HKG has the most number of millionair by sq kilometers. aren't they doing something to help them. they can't bring their wealth with them when they are gone. only MERITS can...

    Where's my suvinior you had promise me... !!!

  4. God bless the shopping malls :)

    And who is this steamboat shop owner? I should marry him for his Burberry coats alone!

  5. Wah .. shopping haven !!! I would like to go to Hong Kong again

  6. since u bought so many perfumes, i am sure u r very generous to give me one as my birthday present!!

    Burberry... my most favourite brand since my sencondary school! Burberry is always my first choice!!

  7. Citygate sure looks new & exciting. I fly to HKG often but no one told me to shop here, how absurd! Thanks TZ, you always see beggars everywhere. Funny man!

  8. Most of it looks like factory outlets there. Maybe that's why it is so cheap.

    I also highly recommend this place for those who really looking to get cheap branded stuff in Hong Kong.

  9. Wah... and I thought everything is expensive in HK. I'd probably clear out the stuff in Bodyshop (I'm a huge sucker for all things Bodyshop ;) )... and buy a few pairs of Crocs (my old pink ones kena gigit by my cats & it now looks like it's got acne in addition to the ready-made holes).

    Good 2 know that u gave some away to the needy! :D

  10. william h - Hey you never came back to blog aarr? Still want sweet smelling stuffs from me. Please blog by tomo!

    legolas - You are just like Finas censorship board. How about I put title: My Ghost Story (Legolas X).....?? LOL
    Wonder why you so scared of spirits, when the humans are more deadly and dangerous?

    stephanie - I think there will be no end of beggars no matter how they help them. Souvenirs? I should be asking from you instead lah. You went first lo.

    savante - Mr Lee operates in Taman Desa. Ask Lifebook belanja you there. He knows that place.

    sbanboy - Been going to HKG since a kid but this trip was the best.

    ET - You are so expensive kid, knowing how to love Burberry since at school. Did your teacher teach you to spell B.U.R.B.E.R.R.Y? I didn't buy Burberry for myself lah. I wear Bata shoes & John Master. LOL

    shopping maniac - You must have been shopping at hi-so outlets to take notice of Citygate.

  11. bruce - I think they are factory outlets otherwise how could they sell so cheap?

    perky - Yes that bodyshop was selling all ladies stuffs and non for men. Wonder why the market has lesser men's cosmetics and toiletries?

  12. i been enjoying yr posts since Bangkok but didnt comment. Didnt want to trouble u to reply . But the pic of the guy with entangled legs.. u r right we r indeed lucky.

    I is easier to survive in Malaysia than in HK.

  13. Ohhhhh... underwear. Dang. Too much already.

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