Sunday, November 9, 2008

FREE Gym Membership - RM0 Payment!!

I was invited to sign up FREE Gym membership. So, I woke up at 7:00 am and headed straight to this exciting place. 

It is beside a scenic lake with a lovely view and fountain. So hard to believe still have Freebies these days!

The entrance with lovely pebbles path. So warm welcome!

Cardio Exercise - Primitive Ski-Walker. 

Rowing Exercise with creaky sound.

Hanging Gorilla Rings - To stretch your arms

Fat Ass Trimmer - Just swing, swing & swing will do.

Leg Push Ups - Trim your tigh and strengthen your knees.

Rock-A -Baby or Rodeo Bull Machine..... whatever!

Steer & spin to make Roti Chanai... That was me & I had a good laugh!

Body Attack - Only for oldies who have joint attacks & aches.

Body Jam - Swing & hip hop for ladies to chill.

It was a nice morning exercise and it was FOC. I didn't fool you guys hor... did I? The economy is sliding badly and I might cancel my gym membership at California Fitness to join here. I wanna tell you that I saw the car park with many MPVs, Mercedes and old BMWs. They are rich and thrifty people, so I should learn to be thrifty like them so that can be RICH lah.

Guess where this gym is located (?)


  1. .. and the FREE fresh air is certainly another bonus for this free membership gym!! :p

  2. Mm...can i sign up for the membership provided I don't have to wake up at 7am? Let me guess..park nearby amcorp mall?

  3. It's opposite Amcorp mall... :-) I don't like to workout outdoors especially with the KL air quality... ;p

  4. wah....! i can't guess where is the place leh!! i thought really free u know it's the park at amcorp mall there?

  5. You woke up at 7? Hmmm though you normally still in bed.

  6. It seem so fun do exercise at the park. I also want to find out where is the park..

  7. I didn't know they had machines like these in a park! Eeeehhh, macam best jer.

    Is it the park near amcorp mall?

  8. sk - The air was so so bcos the lake stank with a floating dead cat. That morning it made me think whether I am too materialistic? The rich older folks were having a great time with no frills.

    keenyee - I knew you are smart. It's opposite Amcorp Mall and under big high tension wires! Urgh!

    froggie - The public toilet was under renovation so you can cruise by the lake.

    tz - I agree that KL's air is not fresh anymore even after the rain. Our drains and roads are filthy! I think Kampala is better, right?

    yoga ghost - You're ghost and should have guessed where the park is lah.

    Lifebook - Hello? I wake up at 6:00 am every working day. Weekends also start my day at 8:30am except when I wanna run earlier.

    bruce - Keenyee already said Amcorp Mall lah. Bring your trunks to swim in the lake.

    Perky - I think these gym trend in KL parks are starting now. I wanna check out where else. With friends together, you will have loads of fun.


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