Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Monday Morning!

Today is beautiful Monday 
and the weather is wet and so gloomy. 
Let's be happy and think positive! Think of your happy weekend and good buddies who made you laugh. Happiness or sadness are just frequencies all in our mind, so let's keep & think of only the good frequencies always. When our body and mind are happily positive, we can vibrate good frequencies to attract luck and healing powers.

I normally try to wake up very early and sit in front of my altar to pray for a good day. I also pray for my colleagues & all blogger friends to have a happy & healthy day so that they can blog happily too. Some blogged nonsense and made me puked. I am not talking about you coz your blogs are lovely. My whole altar has more than 15 statues, so I am very confident the heavenly deities will grant my wishes and bless you too!

This is my typical day, doing trouble shoot jobs in an advertising agency, anything from print media ads, newspaper ads, outdoor signs, billboard and even TV commercials.

Last weekend, I had to follow my comrades to climb a steep flight of 6 floors! The huge building is still under construction, so we made our way up without safety helmets. So much dirty water dripped from higher floors into my mouth! I was gasping for air, so I had to open my mouth! So much dust also settled on my golden hair. Oh yeah, my hair is gold, brown and black like a toy dog found in the Toys R' Us store. Creative mah!

I was given safety helmets to wear but they were all soaked with smelly Indon sweat in the linings inside! Oh boy, you would reject them too. After smelly ketiaks, this one is smelly topi kepala. Shit, no way lah! Bluek!

When I reached the roof top hor, my head started to spin & pening when I looked down. Out of breath and stamina, I wanted to vomit and pengsan right away. Twilight is just like an old grandma in crisp office outfit & cheapo Bata shoes. Hey, so muddy site, better put my Ferragamo shoes at home lah.

The building far behind is Summit Hotel! Can see aarr?

The workmen had arrived earlier and spread the big giant banner for Twilight to inspect & give thumbs up.

It was okay, so they started cutting triangle holes. The holes would help break wind & it could withstand strong crosswinds when hung outside. If the angin blew it off and fell on the passing cars, Twilight will surely mampus & hung up on the police station's tiang. Don't play-play! Big tanggungjawab!

Now we walked down and stood right in front of the building to monitor the workers lowering down the giant banner. It was no easy task and took so bloody hours long. Twilight had no umbrella and sun tan UV oil, so I baked and roasted like Chinese funeral pigs. My head had migraine as usual. Aiiyoh!

Bingo! It was nicely done and tied safely at last! The size is 30 feet X 50 feet, no joke!
It is offering 0% Downpayment for this Condo Suites in Subang Jaya. I definitely might buy one!

Maybe Dr.Paul & his charming Calvin could consider this place too because it was snapped up by many2 Singaporeans who knew about this reputable developer who delivers! I like it because it is just less than 2 mins walk to the new LRT station which will be built outside the Summit's area. I can use skateboard and reach there in less than 1 min!

Have A Good Day Everyone & Smile!!


  1. yaya ... really '' HAPPY MONDAY MORNING '' ... have a great day to you as well lol ... if going to hilltop to see the whole view of Kuala Lumpur ... lagi syok lol ... wahahaha ... WOW ...!!! that day u went to Impian Meridian consturction site oh ... so dangerous lol ... i din went up so high before which is under construction lol ... so scary lol ... you are so brave oh ...

  2. Mentioned about your golden hair...
    D hair got anything to do with feng shui or d colour just make u look hot and more lengZai~

  3. Happy Monday Morning?? Hardly happen to me... no monday blue here, but never have happy monday morning too! :p

  4. Dude, interesting job you have ... i don't wanna to use the skateboard ... I wanna to rollerblade to the station can ah?

    smelly safety helmet ... errrrrr... dude have no choice but have to wear it... coz of safety. Sigh!

  5. What a interesting monday morning you have there.... Suggest you to buy one safety helmet of your own, so next time dont have to share with the smelly indon one mah...
    Quick tell lahh... the colour of your hair has anything to do wt feng shui? or you discharge too much good frequency untill like tat..hee ...hee :)

  6. That's a nice account of your typical day. Interesting.

  7. Your job is interesting but you also have great responsibility for your job.

    I won't dare to climb that building.. i scare of height somemore construction site looks unstable.

  8. Hey man, always be on safe side by wearing those safety equipments. Please buy one if you don't wanna have the same smell as those workers. But I'm glad you were still in a piece to write this blog. Thank god.
    Anyway, a very interesting but dangerous job you have. Have a wonderful week ahead as well.

  9. My experience from construction sites tell me that there are ad hoc loos everywhere too.. :S

  10. to b honest i am afred of heights in a situation like this. i will feel so vulnerable

  11. Look like people here are more concerned about the color of your hair more than your safety, hehe!

    "my hair is gold, brown and black like a toy dog found in the Toys R' Us store. Creative mah!"

    Creative? or just look like Ah Beng?:P!

    Btw, did u got any commission to promoted the condo? hehe!

  12. hello, u all can try this matter, every monday morning, went i reach office, i will on my SKYPE(you may use msn or yahoo massenger) to send a greeting msg to all the contacts in my list, it make me feel so good when everyone replying me, it make my very good monday!!!!after all, it is FREE hahahahhaha.....

  13. pray for all friends all relatives and even all bloggers, you should have prayed for yourself too maa, lao ah mah~~

  14. I don't know how you managed to pick up the courage to go up 6 floors of a building still under construction. If it was me, I'd probably pay the Indon to do my job for me while I wait on the ground floor sipping my Starbucks & not damaging my Manolos ;)

  15. Shelly - Next time I will bring you to climb all the construction buildings too! It is both fun & suffering.

    kenlin - Of course my hair colour brings me luck. Before gold, it was red and people called me Rambutan tree. I think gold is really better. Why don't you try?

    E.T. - What a boring fellow, neither blue nor happy? You are so young & oredi behave like a grandma. LOL!

    TZ - Only the return journey you can roller blade coz got slope. Okay I will buy my own helmet soon since I visit sites sometimes.

    Stephanie - Sigh! Me discharge more frequency? I never realised that idea... Yeah you should colour your hair too for more money! Hey you must add more gold ingots to your ship until full. 2009 will be better hopefully!

    Nase - Thanks doc! My blog is FOS topics. Thanks for visiting!

    Bruce - It's time you examine your balls! Still so coward meh?? :)

    K|E|E|N|Y|E|E - Phew! It's an Art to type your name! Yeah, I appreciate my life each day to be able to read your blogs with all your camwhores! My good buddy just died of colon cancer last Friday. A young handsome lawyer, so sad.

    William - YIAAKKKKSSS! I really believe the water splashings could be from the loos! Later back at office, my colleague asked me why I smelled like urine! Oh shit! I am taking another bath now.

    Bengbeng - I climbed all kinds of telephone poles and buildings. I should join Fear Factor- climb, jump & eat worms too. I consider myself a daring person by nature.

    Daniel Ng - I talked too much feng shui to friends until they suspect everything I did was Feng Shui related. I should start selling ornaments like Lilian Too. Fat hope if I could get ten ringgit from developer. Anyway I can get you discounts if you buy lah! Wanna be my neighbour?

    Lionking - Amazing idea you have! Sharing happy frequency enhances our well being. I used to skype the AE dept every morning and some females were like having daily menses! The guys were having pre-menopause. I need to skype new fellas then.

    SK - Hey! I prayed and you really came! That means lao ah mah's prayers answered. Thank you Amitabha

  16. Wah!!! you really doing your work...the banner had got his contact number and you even promote and together with contact some really always do extra to satisfy your client... if your boss and your client view your blog... i think you will more busy and less time blogging... haha

  17. The real person might be more artistic than the name, haha. You can always simplify it as "Keenyee" next time. About your handsome lawyer, I'm so sorry to hear this. Take good care man.

  18. Perky - You are a damn smart lady with brilliant ideas. Next time I will consult you before doing foolish things again.

  19. Jason - Can you please call that developer's number and tell him read my blog? And then ask him gimme a free unit! Bloggers can come to chill out every Friday.

    KEENYEE - I know you're very creative & wild in reality. With just an apple, you can do wonders! LOL..


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