Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ladyboy Toilet

I have to update you that Thailand has been introducing 'special' toilets in many schools specially for Khatoeys or Ladyboys. Soon it might go public and you might be confused with the sign.

Well, no harm using it when emergency.

"Hong Nam Yoo Tee Nai?"
(Where is the toilet?)

In my earlier blog about Ladyboys Of Thailand, it has shown the public acceptance in their kingdom. So far none of my many Thai relatives & connections is a ladyboy otherwise I would interview 'her' and blog here!


  1. Dude, have you visited this toilet in Thailand ... since i like to explore new stuff... will look for ladyboy toilet on my next trip to Thailand :-p

  2. Is it only for lady boy ah? or any sex also can go? What about dyke lei?? hmmm i guess tomboy not famous in thailand~

  3. hey... i am going to bkk for the new year count down, let me go and see see look look then!

  4. this is called moving with time. really too bad you dint get to interview a true ladyboy!

  5. just curious is it for lady-boys or boy-ladies?? :p

  6. haha... this remind me the Hatyai trip... the songkran festival (thai's new year)... the travel guide teach us "Thai" along the journey to Hatyai... "hong nam-toilet"... "du lan" - reverse... very funny la!!!

  7. hur hur hur... piccies!!! wanna see the toilet! :P

  8. i think the sign need to re-design!!!

  9. hmm..... if somehow or rather i dont feel right to have such toilet and with that signage!!

    why not just Unisex?

  10. Hey u! Just to let you know that I gave u an award :)

  11. tz - I saw this toilet many times. Make sure you wear a wig to enter and squat inside.

    fable frog - It is strictly for a ladyboy whether cut or uncut. Tomboys are also worldwide icons but ladyboys are more interesting.

    e.t. - Need tips on where to shop or chill in BKK? Need a chauffeur?

    seefei - I will try my best to get a ladyboy to be interviewed! They love attention.

    sk - Eh you confused me lah. Lady boys and Boy Ladies not the same meh? You mean it is a cut and uncut thingy....aarr? HELP!! Anyone got answer pls?

    jammy - Oh I miss Hatyai. It is small but easier to go around.

    ah bong - I will get the photos very soon!

    lionking - Yeah I agree their design is weak. It should be a man with boobs wearing skirt and hairy legs. That will be fun.

    william h - They were often abused inside genuine male and female toilets. So lost until they had to scream for another jamban & they won!

    perky - I am so happy and so honoured to win your award. I thought I am just new and foul mouthed. Thank you so much!! (Twilight bowing humbly after wiping happy tears)...

  12. janet yeoh being similar to froggie? lol

  13. Wow, really surprise that my little blog can gave you such an inspiration. It's my pleasure. It's kinda touched for you to gave your slipper to the fisherman. Nice job man. About our Malaysian bond girl, at least she has proven that "Malaysia boleh" become an international star.


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