Monday, November 10, 2008

Male Breast Cancer

Recently, I went to The National Cancer Society of Malaysia and my jaws dropped to the floor!
I saw a big poster of a man checking out for breast cancer!

This is the poster. Now guys, while reading on, you can lift your arms and examine your 2 breasts and nipples!

You don't pull your nipples like this okay

Raba raba around your breasts to find any hard lumps. 

Check if your nipple is big and unusual like the Pavilion's delicious Mr.Bao!! Haaarrr, then you must go for ultrasound to see what is the filling inside. It might not be kaya or custard inside wor.

It is usually common for men to have breast cancer after 60 years old and I don't know the reason. Once my freak friend had to remove his 2 nipples during primary school. I recalled him opening his shirt inside the Bas Sekolah to show his missing 2 tarts. He was a rare case indeed and he simply said "My tek-tek painful, so my mother take me see doctor lah. The doctor say got cancer and remove my tek-tek away lah!"
We all laughed so hard and stomped on the Bas Sekolah's floorboard.

Today it is no laughing matter guys!

Prevention is better than cure!

The National Cancer Society of Malaysia
66 Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz
50300 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03- 2698 7351


  1. hahah~~~!!!

    That's funny yet scary

    If i got lump, will they cut away my breast like those female have to go through?

    I no breast one woh, how to cut somemore? then my muscular chest will have one big hole liao

  2. wah, the photo of the man checking his nipple is sexy! go find out how or why men have breast cancer! it's an assignment! wkakakaka

  3. hmm... is quite scary actually. anyway, i just checked and i think i am clean and clear... :p

  4. This could be a bad news for men. Let me check mine now...Ahem..

  5. Anyone have more detail to check for breast cancer... do share so that i could do a self-check...

    How to differentiate muscle and lump :-p

  6. scary ar.....

    so how to check? who can demostrate?

    hur hur

  7. real man - Are you so flat chested?

    fable frog - I would have preferred using your photo if available. Hey you can google for this info.

    e.t. - Congrats! So you are safe! Sure or not?

    keenyee - Why don't you camwhore while checking and post them in your blog. That would be nice!

    sk - (fanning his face) Wake up! You fainted bcos I'm nuts. izzit?

    TZ - The lump is hard and obviously like an 'alien' object. You can visit them for ultrasound which is RM150. Very cheap.

    william h - This is rather new with guys and I think we gotta try by ourselves right now.

  8. Aha, another reason to feel myself now. :)

  9. dun compare this with "MR.BAOZ" la... ><

  10. Learn a new lesson... prevent better cure...scary to know about, better share with other..Tq..


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