Monday, November 3, 2008

My Sunday Afternoon

I received a sms from a business tycoon, asking me to go and donate blood. It was held at his Buddhist Dharma centre in a quiet corner off Jalan Klang Lama. I had never met him but we only spoke on the phone & tru emails. I could still collect freelance's money without meeting this tycoon. This client must have trusted me a lot. 

Trust is very important these days!

After filling up a lengthy form that I have no AIDS, HIV and other deadly disease, they weighed me. OH MY GOD! I weighed over 220lbs! I looked at the bloody weighing scales and scolded the stupid looking doctor upside down. The scales were damn ROSAK LAH! 

So I laid down with my toes pointing at the man. How creative!

The nurse pricked a fat needle onto my hand and I screamed of course! Everyone looked at me in great disbelief. I loved such silly attention! Heeeeee!

OMG!!! MY BLOOD!!!! 
After 20 mins, I donated this bag of A+ Vampire Blood! Niak! Niak!

I walked around the small peaceful Tibetan Buddhist temple and offered my thanks to the Buddhas for making my life so happy always! I wanna go to England again next year, I prayed. I think they will bless me, as they never failed to bless me. Have you ever asked for 1001 things like me? Do it lah....!

This is their Rinpoche and I heard he is visiting their centre on Dec 15 for a month long praying sessions. Maybe the Dalai Lama might visit them someday as I saw his photos everywhere.

Trust me, I have attended countless of other Tibetan Buddhist praying sessions all over East & West Malaysia and Taiwan, where I felt that they were very powerful. I often saw many divine blessings that looked like rain falling from the skies, heavenly deities and blobs of wavy colours which were so amazingly uplifting. I am not crazy yet, okay? Maybe I was just lucky only lah, so must share with you lah.

They even built their own Stupa in the garden. This monument is usually built in memory of the Buddhas or to house Buddhist relics or even commemorate significant events.

They have 4 Dharma Wheels at the corners of the Stupa. I love to spin them and the words OM MANE PADME HUM would generate the frequency into the air. I will never ever forget that I learnt this words from someone's car sticker and it threw the ghost away from strangling me!!! EEeeeeeeee!

Please remember this OM MANE PADME HUM when you are in trouble or feel spooky. It is guaranteed to help anyone!

Hope you will have a Happy Sunday always!


  1. poor doctor... maybe the weighing scale machine not rosak le... haha.. :P

    wow... you really see many things ar... next time show me too...

    happy monday to you... hoho

  2. I also dare not step on the weighing scale ..hehe

  3. william h - The weighing scales was seriously rosak after a hundred elephants stomped on it. I saw it was pointing at 11lbs instead of Zero. The doctor just laughed and nurses panicked as all others earlier probably have wrong readings too. Malaysia Boleh!

    sbanboy - I am normally weight shy too. Being 6 footer has its disadvantages too. You have a good trip to India!

  4. did u OM MANE PADME HUM when seeing your blood draining drop by drop into the blood bag?? :p

  5. can anyone just chant that and still works? don't you have to be like~ you know a believer?

  6. (SK) - Gosh! How did you guess right that I was chanting?

    fable - Whether you are muslim, Singh or Mat Salleh, you can chant this mantra which is a universal sound. It is Guan Yin's heart mantra which is so powerful to call the universe.

  7. Been so long since the last I stood on the weight scale machine. Blood donation is good for you, you might have saved another life. :)

  8. They never checked properly the scale before use.. very dangerous. sometimes a small different can give big effect.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  9. keenyee - I try to donate when any opportunity comes. I just hope that I will not have to depend on donors, in other words be healthy.

    bruce - I won't freak out if the readings showed that I was lighter by 10lbs.

  10. was reading ur previous post on visiting hell and the visit from hell... gosh... so scary lei... why u always encounter the yin?? is it okay one ah?

    to think i actually have one near me... I'M BLARDY STAYING IN THE HOSPITAL!!!

  11. I tengok orang derma darah pun want to pengsan already. Anyways, I've never donated blood becoz I've always been underweight.

  12. ah bong - I count myself lucky to be near to the spiritual world. Sometimes they talked to me & share things. Cinemas have more ghosts than hospitals. Their number run into hundreds of thousands.

    perky - Weak hearted people are usually very kind. You must be one too.


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