Friday, November 7, 2008

Nature's Killers

My client requested for an advertising billboard & hoarding to be placed at the construction site. They are building a high-end tall luxury condo suites in the KL's Golden Triangle. So my colleague drove me there to inspect.

I was so bloody shocked & horrified!

What are they doing?

OMG! They have just raped a big old tree and killed it. It is so huge and old that they had to use road drillers to blast it after unsuccessfully sawing it to the core. The tree stem is so damn huge and too hard. Why chop it when it was still strong and alive?

How old do you think this tree could be? 

100 or 200 years old?

Why chop a tree just to widen the road? They could just slice off the green grass area across the road. No wonder we have Global Warming and fighting a losing battle. Some nature lovers from foreign countries came along to snap photos too. 
We will be in trouble!

My mum used to say that when you are old and unwanted, nobody wants you!
How true!


  1. omg...
    wat are they doing?
    this mother earth oredi so weak sudah... dunno how long she can stand for this, why we don't love her and sumore hurt her so much... ><

  2. Money over nature... Which one do you think is more important... For me i think nature will be more important than money... but For Malaysia Government... money is more important... who cares about the greenery...

    I was sad when i saw the old tree being cut down... how many decades to get the old tree back... sigh!

    BTW, I was enjoying so much greenery and fresh air in Kampala, Uganda... there are much more better than Kuala lumpur in term of trees and greenery.

  3. It took hundred years to build a strong base but it takes only a second to destroy it. It's very sad to see such thing to happen.

  4. KL was once a special city because of the number of old trees growing side by side with modern buildings. No other city have this. I saw tourist taking photo of the twin towers with big old trees in the frames. Now... KL is just another normal troubled city. We need more architect who know how to build around the old trees, not over dem'.

  5. jammy - I was so disturbed by the tree cutting. There was a small crowd of Mat Sallehs snapping photos at them too. I think in their country, it might be a big offense.

    tz - I would vote for greens & fresh air. Don't tell me you will migrate on Kampala someday? Please post more daily photos of Uganda lifestyle. I love to see them! Take care!

    keenyee - So true, it took hundreds of years. Believe me, that tree had old spirit in it and they chopped it! Die lah!

    fable frog - KL is a concrete jungle, soon becoming botak like BKK and HKG. I will move to Seremban & be your toad neighbour soon.

  6. OMG! OMG! Rape! Rape!

    How could they chop that old tree!!!?? KNNCCB!
    It looks very huge after I stared at it so long. Where is that place?

  7. It's indeed very sad to see such a old tree making way for the road.

    It's usually very difficult to make a decision to improve accessibility and keep the nature conservation responsibility in the urban area.

    Just wondering when will the urban dwellers "pay for the price".

  8. u leave me breathless, between disneyland, blood donations, scary tales, merits , karma, your mind is always on the move. mayb that is hy when i come, i am usually waiting to b surprised :)

  9. Erggghh! Murderers!

    A friend once told me that we only 2% of original rainforest left in Borneo. All this while I thought there was still plenty left but turns out those are secondary forest.

    Hey, if they can get away with it in the thick forest like Borneo, they can definitely get away with chopping down trees in the city.

  10. rape victim - The place is near Times Square!

    Louis - We don't have Ministry Of Environment like Singapore. That is the big problem. Thanks for visiting.

    bengbeng - I guess I am so unpredictable. That's how my brain works. I hope I can excite you to win your Butterfly Award next round! Cheers!

    perky - It's time you stood for elections and we will vote you to save our Mother Earth. My heart ached when I saw documentary about illegal logging in Borneo.


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