Thursday, November 6, 2008

Road Tax RM2750 !!!!!

I had a lovely dinner at PJ Hilton and stepped out to my waiting dream car.

I glanced at the road tax disc which says 
My God! My dream was dashed away instantly.....


Looking at its plate, I had guessed that it belongs to a barrister Sam Choong whose uncle was the veteran All-England Badminton Champ - Dato' Eddy Choong

Again, I asked why I cannot own this car today?

Answer - I don't have enough merits yet.


  1. Genie - of the Aladdin lampNovember 6, 2008 at 7:02 PM

    Dare to dream~~!!

    It will be yours one day...


  2. i am sure u can have it.... but in ur dream! ha ha ha...just kidding. i am sure u r just being humble....

  3. well, i bet you didn't pray hard enough for it... Coz' if you did... sure you can get one too!

  4. you can have it already la...

    just depend on you, want or dont want... or it is the right time or not...

    how is pj hilton food? what you having?

  5. since when u become so humble...
    no need dream lah, just go ahead & take me a ride!

  6. Gasp! How you know it's my car?

  7. Soon.. one day you will have enough merits to own one of these supercar.

  8. genie - Please let me rub your lamp and make 3 wishes. $$ Quick!

    e.t. - I dream a lot & always. I even dreamt that I struck 1st Prize TOTO. Not yet happen.

    fable frog - I will heed your advice! When kena, I will take you go ronda ronda.

    william - The food in PJ Hilton is very good and costly. Got people belanja, so I went.

    melvin - Economy is rotting away, I might buy kancil.

    sam choong - Of course i know your plate

    bruce - Can you transfer all your merits to me?


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