Saturday, November 15, 2008

Size Does Not Matter

This cool evening, I had my late lunch at Nandos - Jaya One. That was my first ever visit to that complex as my regular hangout is MV. My friend Kien Lin, a DJ wannabe popped by for some updated palm reading! I didn't realise that I have a fan. I must start charging next time.

I ordered my favourite Pita Chicken as I love anything bread and their Hell's Extra Flaming Hot sauce substitutes my Thai diet cravings. Naturally I gulped down 3 glasses of bottomless Iced Lemon Tea until my bladder was soo bladdy FULL.

Waaarr, I ran like hell to their jamban below to make an emergency pee.

I was hysterical, so my mobile cam shook lah. Sorry for blurry images!
I was surprised to see their cheeky poster hung on the wall.
Their London graduate lady boss must be hamsap or intelligent to share some chilly fact comparisons with the guys!

While I was busy drawing ZORRO lines in the toilet bowl, I studied the 

Bird's Eye - 1 to 2.5 inch long

Italian Long - 5 inches long

Corno de Toro - 6 inches long

Numex Sunrise - 5 to 7 inches long!!

12 inches long!!!!! OMG! So spicy leh!

I stared at the chilly right below.


  1. OMG! Mexican's one is big and fat! looks appetizing *slurps*

  2. what size is chilly rite below??? LoL...

  3. .. and what you saw was a Bird's Eye?? hahahaha!! :p

  4. i never equated 'it' with chilly before...wat a cute comparison hahahah lol

  5. On the contrary, the bigger the size of the chilly, the less hot it is...

    Ok, I don't know why I said that XD

  6. 10s a lot for the free publicity, make me feel so shy, kekee~

  7. *blushing*
    Big Jim is really BIG. and THICK. AND LONG!

  8. sbanboy - I am glad you laughed your blues away!

    fable froggie - You tried Mexican wan before? LOL

    keenyee - So loyal man! You hoist your flag at sunrise?

    TZ - Like a 4D......Big & Small also got.

    Lifebook - What salah? It is Betul alright..... :)

    sk - Naughty huh.... it was an Eagle with bird's eye! LOL

    bengbeng - The Nandos owner was a female architect and does all her own interior designs. I heard the ladies' loo also hung similar poster to teach them about us, perhaps! :)

    mark - I thought the bigger the merrier! So you are also Penang kia? Welcome!

    kenlin - Make sure you go on air soon!

    ah bong - Ever seen any Big Jim during your ward rounds? Too damn big can be mah-fan.

  9. Lol!!! Wah.. the mexican one so big. Can die lah like that ;)

  10. u read palms? can i get a reading? i could send a palm print thru the net. in return i promise to come faithfully to yr blog for a year? :)

  11. Haha, could be very patriotic that singing "Negaraku" every morning.

  12. Perky - The Mexican wan is to put in our mouth and eat, not play-play lah.

    bengbeng - I am accurate in palm reading but I normally see it for my own fun & interests. Since you asked, you can email me the photo of both palms - front & side views.

    keenyee - Nature is funny and I often wondered whether old men still sing "Negaraku" in the mornings? Any idea?

  13. cool thanks a million. i will do it soon as I can :)

    but the reading has to b just between us :)

    make it two yrs of faithfully coming to yr blog :)

  14. bengbeng - I will never reveal to anyone otherwise I will kena impact like those fortune tellers. Most of them who revealed the client's life span will themselves suffer later. My email is

  15. I think the smaller the chilli the hotter it gets.. just look at the chili padi.. so hot for just a small size.

  16. haha ... spicy stuff i like very much oh , although i know my stomach cannot stand for , but i will insists to eat it as well because i thought that '' no spicy for me that means no life lol '' ... haha ... i really crazy about it le ... SPICY ... SPICY ... SPICY ... yuMMY yuMMY oh ... muack ... *

  17. bruce - it makes sense on its size! Look at you as good example, small bastard! LOL

    shelly - I think all gals love to eat spicy stuffs. Good for slimming and bad for skin.


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