Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Is Coming!

Hoh! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

Yoohoo! Yoohoo! Woohooo!

It's only 21 Days more to Christmas!
Have you guys bought my Christmas presents??

I think I am not really in the mood but I have to fake it so that it won't be dull in the blogsphere.

Smile and Have A Happy Day!


  1. Dude, what r u going to get for me? :p
    Hey, my 42" TV is not delivered yet... Sigh! cannot watch the Xmas special movie and drama :-(

  2. Yeah, i don't have any Christmas mood too! The economic is too bad for this year.. ><

  3. I always very busy during Christmas and this year i just want to celebrate Christmas in very very low key, I still lazy to do the Christmas decoration for my house and blog, you see after Xmas u have to do the CNY decoration, very SIAN one, so save time, save works, NO DECORATION.

  4. twilight zone, where is my x'mas present??

    i always love and hate x'mas. to me, x'mas is meant for giving, but at the same time, is a big hole to my wallet!! in my list, there are 46 presents to buy! oh my god!!!

  5. Your shortest blog yet :P

    Still, loved the picture. :)


  6. TZ - Santa complained that your taste is so expensive and the economy is killing his pockets. Can you take a paper TV made for offerings? LOL....

    Victor Kiu - Radio blared this morning that retrenchments have started in Malaysia. Made my mood even worse. Cheer up dude, let's pretend that everything is good!

    Daniel Ng - I normally over decorate my father's house & cars would slow down to take a look. That is how crazy i could be. This year he lives in a condo, so should be easy.

    E.T. - You are so rich lah to buy 46 presents! make it 47 to include me pleaseeeee (Clasping my 2 hands in prayer)

    Anton - (Shy) My shortest blog yeah. I thought too long blogs could annoy you guys.

  7. you have bought MY christmas present?? hehe..

  8. The greeting came 21 days too early I think. However, guess we all need time to develop the x'mas mood, don't we?


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