Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Night @ Orchard Road

Singapore has been beautifully decorating the city every Christmas since 1984! I believe they have the most exciting festive ambience in the world, beating London and even New York City. The madness bargains and throngs of shoppers crowding the whole stretch of Orchard Road was simply overwhelming and fun.

I advise non-Singaporean tourists to hop into their free open-top bus at the Singapore Visitor's Centre which is located in between Paragon and John Little along Orchard Road. Just show the reception your passport and they would gladly put you on their guided tour bus to see more lights without having to walk so long! So clever of their tourism board for making visitors happy!

You won't miss this big orange sign, yeah?! The bus stops there every half hour.

It was such a rush trip for me. I was there to do my MTV video clip outside Takashimaya and VivoCity. All the tourists just stood still and stared at Twilight who was shaking and dancing his ass off, swinging like a whore without any music! ha ha ha! So phai-seh & damn malu..

I bought some small Christmas pressies for my department only coz I grilled and tortured them all the whole year through! Christmas is time to bribe them and be forgiven!

I always love Singapore as they are so clean right from the streets to their Parliament house's tenants. You know what I mean lah. Too efficient government and Kiasu people but I love them all very much. Muak! Muak!

The streets along Orchard Road was so heavenly lighted up and even your foulest day's mood would disappear into thin air by its Christmas charms!

This is a very popular tree outside Paragon, judging by the number of shutter bugs and old Ah Liens & grandmas camwhoring all over the tree. It was nice!

Inside the Paragon, there were so many shoppers sweeping the shelves of the luxurious boutiques. Who says the economy is bad?

Next day, I went over to the Expo where there was a Tibetan Buddhist ceremony being held. It was the deity Kalachakra's Ceremony. I salute their Expo centre which was so well designed and damn huge! The 5 halls were opened up to comfortably accommodate 35,000 people inside!! Walau eh! The big crowds amazingly flew in all the way from Europe, America, Canada and all over Asia.

If one could diligently follow the God Of Time, Kalachakra's cultivations, the cultivator would be able to even call for rain or sunshine and even stop disasters too! It does not sound easy but some people could master it.

It is the best time to receive any good blessings when the world is so full of nightmarish disasters and gloomy economical woes. The ceremony was presided by the Living Buddha Lian Sheng who is so powerful with some 7 million followers worldwide including several country's Presidents who seek his blessing. A reliable source told me that even past President Clinton had private audience with him.

The 35,000 crowd was so huge but they were being so orderly guided and assigned to designated areas without any problem at all. I think it might be not so orderly in Thailand and Malaysia where some stampede might occur.

Who is visiting Singapore next? Keenyee! List out your Christmas wishes in his blog lah! Ha ha!


  1. now u finally understand why i keep shopping here and there! is SALE EVERYWHERE!!!!

  2. beautiful...realy Christmas mood there

  3. we don't want to see the photos, we just want to see your video clip widdle-waddling your fat ass doing the bollywood twist.. oh, there are lots of christmas tree for you to run and hide huh?? hehe :p

  4. Agreed Singapore beating London, New york for their festive ambiance, so beautiful

    Basically i am also curious about how u dance:P)

    Merry Christmas, Bro.

  5. the way u describe singapore's shopping fav strip made me feel like a tourist even as a singaporean... Merry Christmas! So yr dance dance revolution up on yr next post? (u can try hit chinatown come cny, do yr chinese dance also)

  6. So nice decoration in Singapore ... make me wanna to just get a ticket and leave KL for Singapore :p

  7. ET - You scare me lah by the way you shop. If I work in Spore like you, I will have to prostitute myself part time to earn extras....

    Bengbeng - Singapore is a smart country to have higher currency than Malaysia when they don't even grow palm oil or have enough water to drink. I feel so embarrassed!

    SK Thambi deh.. Yennga poreng ngeh! Yeah man so many trees to hide and swing my sarees! This MTV still editing and will go for competition leh.

    A Common S'porean - I love your republic so much till I asked why I was born in the wrong country?

    TZ - You know I am sooooooo jealous that you have so much free time. I would be in Tibet today if I were you lah. You can zoom your Red Sports Car to S'pore in less than 3 hours! Heh! Heh! :)

  8. where's your video? oh~ dare share other datins datins photo but don't wanna show your video lah~ hmmp!

  9. Oh.... i miss singapore....
    when i was young, i use to go singapore every christmas... love the decoration, but i heard nowaday the decoration is getting lesses...

    Your MTV!!! wow... please share it or you can mail it to me... hahah :P

  10. I would love to see the video as well, or you may considering to do a live performance fos all of us? Sh....don't point me out!! Spore, here I come this weekend!! Shall I do the same dance at the same spot too?

  11. Oh, i miss Orchard Rd so much!!! It was the best Christmas light that i ever see..

  12. I'm so checking Orchard Road when I go to S'pore this Saturday b4 my flight to Australia. It looks interesting (and definitely better than the deco we have in KL!).

  13. That is bcoz the Sg gomen servants love & are proud of their country whilst our gomen servants just want to fill their pockets. That is why their approach to tourism is so wonderful whilst we have our stinky KLCC toilets, murky Tasik Chini and dilapitated resorts.

    Ouch, am I being political again, or juz a frustrated citizen?


  14. i was planning a trip to s'pore this xmas...

    but hv to cancel it now since i'm already shopping like a mad woman here in KL...haha!! XD

  15. Fable - Wei i so damn malu lah show my MTV clip. Still editing for a competition leh.

    William H - Same comment as above. Please visit S'pore again to see the lesser lights and you will be convinced that economy is sliding but the shopping whores are still hyper active.

    KEENYEE - Yo! I dance live performance for ya all? Never thought of that. How much is the ticket you are paying? heh heh! :) Hope you have fun in Spore & don't forget my X'mas pressies!

    Victor - What are you waiting for? Go lah see the lights again & be happy!

    Perky - i advise you to leave your handbag in the hotel when you hang out at Orchard Road. You might get broke before touching down in Perth. I'm not kidding as their sales are slashing more this last weekend!

    Anton - What you have said is so true! Are you a member of DAP or PAS? Sorry to ask...hmmmn

    AJ - Hey mad woman shopper you are? Seems like men have taken over the female species as shop whores. LOL....

  16. Believe me, Twilight is a good dancer. :P

  17. why didn't u come & visit me when you are here...
    i can gv some advice mah. Don't u know i dance ballet before.?

  18. Lifebook - Sssshhhhh!.... You're adding pressure for me to post the clip.

    Melvin - Sorry lah deh! So rush-rush trip and I felt so bad to know that you had to work on so many weekends! Are you coming back for Annual Dinner?

  19. Video! Video! Video! We want to see the video!!!

  20. Wow Wow Wow....good dancer ya. Really awaiting for the video ler. Wouldn't dare to dance in Spore de.

  21. E.T. & KEENYEE - I beg you, no no no (clasping my hands) i am shy lah (kneeling down) Please watch other MTV yeah (head looking down shyly)...... :)

  22. Hmm... I better listen to your advice then! I wouldn't wanna fly to Perth already with excess baggage! Lol!

  23. Perky - My genuine advice given coz I think I can understand what kinda gal you're! Very sporting fun-lover and shopaholic category!

  24. You took much better photos than me!

  25. tolong! smaller pic size please. take too long to download. orchard road is the last place we want to be during xmas. so crowded and chaotic. it is also more dirty than usual with rubbish from all the merry making....