Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Dearest Grandparents

Last weekend when I was in Penang, I inherited a big chunk of history from my dad. He gave me over 1000 old photographs in Black & White and Colour. I wish they were dollar bills instead of so many big antique albums and assorted boxes. My dad was a veteran keen photographer who often competed in competitions during the 50s and swept away some trophies for his best shots. 

I flipped through the piles of almost cracking up photos and saw many interesting as well as idiotic faces. Let me start with my grandparents' wedding which should be made into a soap opera series.

Once upon a time, there was a tiny village in the Northern States of Malaya where both my paternal grandparents lived. My grandpa was born in Mainland China but sailed to our shores when he was barely a few months old. He grew up into a tall, dark & muscular hottie during his era. He was so damn dirt poor that he had to walk bare footed 5 miles to attend school daily.

My grandma was born into a wealthy family as her dad was a prominent towkay & headman who built his family mansion on acres of land. They had plenty of servants who waited on hand & foot plus many horse carriages instead of cars. My grandma rode her own carriage to school daily behind her shiny white horse which galloped through the dirt roads under big shady trees. Every morning, she cooly swept past this lanky hottie grandpa who must have moonwalked sexily like a dashing Shah Rukh Khan in her eyes. Always her romeo was perspiring in sweat beads with flexing muscular arms, grandma's knees went numbed like rubber bands with skipping heart on seeing grandpa! Whoooo! Peeewitt!

Temptation grew hungrier each day and soon, grandma offered a free ride for grandpa. It was so unacceptable in those days for a lady to fetch a guy. But I guess everyone said Grandpa was such a very romantic dude that grandma was so madly in love with him. I am not sure if they ever hid and played in the bushes sometimes. I found it hard to believe if they both never 'ponteng' school and went swimming in the river or held hands tightly under the chempedak tree, probably counting kutu.

After a whirlwind romance, grandpa promptly knelt down & proposed to grandma with a bunch of wild bunga kantan & lalang leaves as he was still poor. I bet grandma was hysterical and just grabbed him by his pants without hesitation and replied "Wahai my sayang hottie, kita mesti cepat kahwin okei". So they cepat kahwin and her father threw a big lavish wedding in the hamlet inviting all the prominent guests in town including a photographer to the house's banquet.

This real wedding photo was taken in 1924, outside grandma's family home. They were so Westernized wearing Parisian bridal attires with matching flower gals and page boy. In the photo you will see her brother Dr Teh Lean Swee who founded the first Chinese Maternity Hospital in Ipoh and the bride's maid sister who is the first wife of the Shaw Brothers founder, Runme Shaw. Sungguh cantik kan?

Anyways, romantic romeo grandpa had altogether 3 wives, 17 children and 58 grandchildren! So Twilight is one of the smallest stars still glittering and blogging craps here in English and occasional Tamil with blogger SK. 

Happy Weekend To You!


  1. Dude, you have an interesting story about your grandparents... so what next? Eager and looking forward to read the following entry... :p

  2. wow yende twilight bulana, didn't know you are from such prominent background with prominent relatives?? true one or not?? hahaha :p

  3. Hey guys, I have shortened my post after much thoughts. Of course, they were real stories and sometimes telling the truths may send out wrong messages that I am so arrogant as pointed by another closer blogger who knows me well.

    TZ - Thanks for reading so early, so you will hear more tales next time over a drink lah.

    SK - Vanakam!.... Yeahh laa, I should humbly shut my mulut leh. I didn't bullshit lah. This was only a small part of what I have shared. Yennga poreng ngeh..

  4. Dude, looking forward to meet you face to face... so when will you be back to KL?

  5. homygad~!! i missed the actual long version? ish! but so cool~ i dont have my grandparents wedding photos, my parents one got lah~

  6. Wow! That photo of your grandparents are a treasure to be kept safely. It's so valuable that no amount of money can replace it.

  7. Wow, shortened version could be such romantic as well...horses, bushes...very bollywood!! And such a big family for you to proud of. :)

  8. can u send me personally the long version...
    so curious!!!

  9. I love the black and white photos, so beautiful.
    From the photos, i believe your grandparent must be marriage in blind, you see two of them TAK KETAWA LANGSUNG...
    Wow! your grandpa so KENG one, got three wives & 17 childrens man!

  10. I want More More More! :)

    Trying hard to get Nase to stalk you le? :P Great start tho' Keke


  11. multiple wives was probably a trend. last i heard when our lawyer was looking for heirs my grandpas wives descendants popped up from all over the world. :)

  12. wah wah wah...

    and i thought there were photos of ur grandma's carriage. :P

  13. TZ - When are you going back to Kampala? Seems like a hidden secret of yours. I am always away every weekend.

    Fable - Please post your parents' wedding photo lah. I wanna see the Frog family and tadpoles lined up.

    calvin - yeah hor! I some more have the original copies. i should make money buy how?

    KEENYEE - I was often shaking head in disbelief more than proud when I was younger. That was part of the sensitive contents I removed.

    Melvin - Heh heh I've deleted the long version in the trash. One trash item was about my granduncle who founded Shaw Brothers & TVB. He died at home in Queen Astrid Park , S'pore. You can take a look at his big house after your work.

    Daniel Ng - We 3rd generations often gossiped about our grandparents' marital home woes and how the 1st wife fought with 3rd wife. I deleted that drama from my post. Now humbly leaking again, trickle by trickle.
    Those days the box camera had super slow shutter speed, so they were not allowed to smile for almost a minute.

    Anton - Want more, no more lah. You mean you read my post before 10.00am? Nase won't stalk me lah, I'm boring blogger.

    bengbeng - Seems like a trend to hear descendants appearing from no where when the will is read. We had similar but small conflicts that people still believe that wills could be faked or rigged. Aiyoh!

    Medie007 - Her real carriage almost looked like that one I posted. A story with no photos, not wild enough for our imaginations. Your blogs have excellent photos to make reading a pleasure always!

  14. this sentence really caught my attention--Anyways, romantic romeo grandpa had altogether 3 wives, 17 children and 58 grandchildren! cannot imagine... 17 children and 58 grandchildren!

  15. Wow! 3 wives huh? If it wasn't for that last paragraph, I would've thought this to be a very romantic story. Lol!

  16. OMG!!

    it's soooo like a soap opera....very very antique indeed XD

  17. i miss the 3-wives allowed days *sob2* should had been borned earlier!!!!!

  18. Wah...twilight grandparents are soo romantic. the story is so interesting, can blog the long version ahhh?

  19. such a romantic fairy tales oh ... congratulations ... yeepee ... nowadays very hard to find such a romantic guys as well ... haha ... Twilight , u must love ur dear much oh ... ho ho ho ...