Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Snowmen @ Christmas

I know I am late in wishing all the readers and bloggers a very MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Twilight was so busy working so bloody hard and running grandma errands. I waited for enough snow to fall from the skies so that I could make snowman. See! See! I have made so many snowmen below since last night and still making.

First of all I wanna thank Froglicious Fable Frog for bestowing me with an AWARD for all my fabulous grandma stories! Aawww!... Even rambling crappy and nonsensical gossips could get an award! I am so touched inside my pants and veli happy lah. I am just a newbie, 6 months old blogger who speaks from the brain, not mouth. Earlier Perky has awarded me the first one too. I am fully motivated to kick start to a better blogging tru the New Year 2009.

I just sketched with a mac mouse, so it looked hilarious to me. It should be better sketches if I had done it 10 years ago.
The thoughts just came to my head on some bloggers who have strong and distinctive essence on their character.
I always thought that snowmen could talk and these snowmen indeed could blog & entertain me daily. So nice and keep going yeah!
I hope you guys had loads of fun and cum during this festive seasons! While posting this, I ran to toilet the 3rd time coz I ate and drank too much since yesterday. Once again, Twilight wishes you all a Happy Christmas & don't stay sober alrite!


  1. OMGawd! Darned cute. You must hv spent a lot of time on it.

    Really nice, looks like a huge family album.

    Lets now wait to receive 2009 together, probably with less money and certainly more love and goodwill. ^_^


  2. Thanks for putting a snowman under my blog's name but sorry to say that you left out one alphabet. Hehehe...

  3. hey~

    thanks for the snowman!!

    happy christmas to u!! =)

  4. wow, that is so sweet of you!! vanakam vanakam~~

    how come so many shits around me?? but luckily shared one with K|E|E|N|Y|E|E, muahahaha!! and the scarf covering my mouth means??

  5. heyyyy...i'm one of ur snowmen too? lol. thanks a lot. btw, why do i look so similar to ah bong geh?

  6. tough!!! it should be more round cos i keep gain weight !!! die one lah!!! but it's cute !! TQ! haha merry x'mas and happy new coming year 2009!!! ho hoh oho!!

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  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. That's very nice of you...
    Thanks for your effort.

    Merry Xmas and wishing you a fruitful New Year ahead!

  10. Oh, me with headband? Nice.... Thanks man. I love it.

  11. hahaha....thank you very much!!! i need to comment why my face did not look happy geh? .....hahahaha next time make all happy face ok? well done!!!

  12. Wow I made it as one of the snowman! How Cool this is by far the best and creative Christmas greeting I got so far!!!

    Merry Christmas

  13. thats so cute!!

    ahahaha.. but i prefer my snowman to be dressed in rainbow colours and cover up kukujiao :)

  14. Merry Christmas to you and family.

  15. that's so lovely snowmen^^
    Merry X'mas ^^
    & a Happy New Year

  16. Thank you for the snowman for me!!

    Merry Christmas to you and family!

    Cheers ;)

  17. Hi T.Z. just stopping by to tell u how much i love the snowmen you made and i used it as the photo of my profile..

  18. Hey, that's so cool! Thanks a bunch!

  19. why i am a flip flops snowman? becos of the creeey flip flop encounter?? hahha

    anyway, thanks and is so cute! i love it!

    happy new year to u!!

  20. That's so cool!! Thanks Twilight Zone!! I like my snowman so much!! Damn cute and cool.. Lols.. Thanks!!

  21. WOW!!!!!!

    I didnt know I will look this good in a snowman suit!

    Thats commendable effort!

    Merry Christmas And Happy 2009!!


  22. OMG! the tyre rim! :P thanks Twilight~ Merry Christmas~ Happy new year~ happy holiday~ ;)

  23. omg , i didnt notice sweet of you!! Merry Xmas and have a blessed new year of 2009 thnks for the thought ;)

  24. Kreatifnya! I look so cheerful. Hope you had a great holiday season.

  25. Oh Yar, I thought I must share this with all the bloggers over here.

    Its a minigame :

    Have a Happy and Partyful Holiday!

  26. Soooo sorry to have not noticed this wonderful caricatures of snowmen as tribute and wishes, very sweet & kind of you. Thank you.

    Wishing you a happy new year!

  27. yerr....y mine have to cover up 1 eyes?

  28. Lifebook - Well, you're the top shopping queen I ever know. Be proud of it!

    TZ - Webale Nnyo! Back to Uganda?

    Anton - I spent more hours trying to upload the snowmen than drawing them. I had to resize all and spilt into sections. So mah-fan wor....

    Calvin - I was probably drunk trying to type your name. Soli leh... So you are going for the No Undies New Year bash??

    AJ - Thanks for your wishes! Look out for my New Year posting!

    SK - I will always remember you for the dump mess you created in your classroom. So your snowman is you lah!

    Joe Tan - You & Ah Bong will become doctors, so looks gotta be same.

    Jazone - I will make you bigger for the coming New Year icon.

    Louis - Happy New Year to you too!

    KEENYEE - Your headband thing etched into my head forever. You've been funny dude!

    Lionking - I tried to make the Lion Snowman but didn't work out. You are so happy in real life, that is most important.

    Sgboy - Many loved your snowman & thought it was damn funny!

    Takashi - I will remember to dress you up in rainbow colours for New Year.

    Tikno - Happy New Year dude & thanks for coming by.

    Jammy - Look out for New Year greetings and the panda.

    Homely Guy - Happy New Year to you!

    Daniel Ng - I am glad you liked it till you made it your icon.

    Alex - I wanted to strip the snowman and let him sit on the WC like you but he melted away.

    ET - Hope your flip flop will fly again this coming 2009 New Year!

    Victor - you seem so happy and I am glad to know that! Hppy New Year!

    A Common S'porean - Happy New Year dude!

    Legolas - Whoa Whoa Whoa! happy New Year to you & Paul.

    Fable Frog - You got to many poses that I remember but the tyre rim is latest. What is for New Year??

    Kenny - I tried so hard to make a handsome snowman like Kenny but didn't work out. Happy New Year!

    William - I had a great time, thanks! I hope you will have a bashing New Year!

    Nase - Happy New Year doctor!

    LeuMas - Don't be sad dude, your face is thin and the hat just covered one eye. Very Sexy kan?

  29. i discovered this so late. wow. thanks!!!! Happy new year to you.

  30. hahaha
    since when TZ becomes an aborigine? LOL
    gosh the snowmen are so cute lar. :P

  31. Now i feel so lonely :c
    you left me out from the family snowman photo album!!!

    merry xmas and a happy new year to you and blogers too, cheerio...

  32. Just saw my snowman. Thanks so much, I really liked it! :D


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