Monday, December 8, 2008

Queen E Fights Crunch With X'mas Cutbacks

I received this email from my sister in London this morning and thought it's worth sharing since the global economy is getting bad each day. 

THE Queen has ordered a festive crackdown to acknowledge the credit crunch— starting with her Christmas CRACKERS.

The frugal monarch is so determined the Royal Family is not seen as extravagant as the nation tightens its belts that she has axed posh gifts from inside the party favourites.

She has also put a £50 LIMIT on all family presents, ordered staff to RE-USE wrapping and told Sandringham chefs to serve up LEFTOVERS from the royal Christmas feast.
In past years, the family's hand-made crackers— or creckers as they would probably say in their posh accents—have contained items like Montblanc gold cuff-links and expensive lighters.

But Royal warrant holder Tom Smith, which has made crackers for the monarch for 100 years, has been ordered to use cheaper gifts this year.
A royal source said: "The directive has come from the top that the family must in tune with the rest of the country.
"She is aware that extravagance would not be welcomed at this time."
Each family member at the Christmas day lunch gets a cracker, meaning about 16 are made every year. The Queen has also urged grandsons William and Harry to keep their winter holidays as "low- key" as possible.

Festivities HM-Style
• THE Royals will gather as usual for Christmas at the Queen's Norfolk estate.
• They will open their presents on Christmas Eve —a German tradition— around a 20ft Christmas tree in Sandringham's White Drawing Room.
• They will then retire to dress for dinner—reconvening later for cocktails.
• On Christmas Day they will awake to stockings, stuffed with small gifts and fruit at the foot of their beds, before attending a morning church service.
• They then enjoy Christmas dinner at 1pm before settling down to watch the Queen's Christmas Day speech on the telly.


  1. hehehehe... Queens E could not affort to shopping in Harrods for Xmas... muhahahah :-p Maybe she have to start to shop @ Mark & Spencer or Top Shop :p

  2. yes extravagance is not welcomed this year! but i am hoping to get nice stuff, and nice stuffs are usually expensive :(

  3. she's the, what ever her royal decree says...her subject have to follow :)

    all hail Queen E...haha~

  4. How very noble of the queen. I think she's setting up a good example for her ppl :)

  5. that's good~ no? But even if they tune it down, still can be very grand kan~

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  7. Wise decision by Queen E.

    A friend suggested a great idea. Why not let the recipients know that their gifts this year will be in the form of donations to charities, all made in their names?
    Hope you guys will join me. ^_^


  8. Good move by Queen Elizabeth, I read the news that she even planning to cut back on her own spending by growing fruit, She spends hundreds of pounds buying exotic fruits for the kitchen and a lot more on cut flowers.

    So even Queen also can be self-sufficient, i think ordinary people like us should start to plant some kangkung, vege & padi in our garden to cope with the credit crunch.

  9. didn't know the opening present was a german's tradition. woooo

  10. TZ - I heard that QE boycotts Harrods on Al Fayed's matter. I never could afford anything inside Harrods except sipping coffee with free cookies. What did you buy, rich dude?
    I didn't realize that M&S outlets are cheap stores at with 7-11 to the Britons. Boring stuffs they have!

    Nothamsap - Buy them 1-2 days before Xmas when they slash prices.

    AJ - Her subjects hardly listen to her these days except poking tasteless jokes on her. Her power waning I guess.

    Perky - I agree that she sets examples worthy of quoting. When my sis announced divorce with ex-hubby, my mum freaked out fearing shame on the family. I told mum to look at QE and her divorced kids & sister, yet she held her head high with a tiara. It worked & my mum consented the divorce.

    Fable - Actually I suspected that she just merepek & what actually turns out inside the palace, we dunno lah.

    Anton - I definitely support that kinda charity stuffs inside of lavish gifts. In US, they started giving cash gifts to family members. I thought this what Chinese have been doing in age old traditions.

    Daniel Ng - She cuts the X'mas gifts and not everything else. Sometimes I think some monarchs often overspent & behaved like Gods. They are just like you & me. Their blood is red and not blue, isn't it?

    Medie007 - I am blurr in European traditions and they often argue amongst being the 1st to invent this and that traditions. Now where did Santa Claus come from?

  11. Would that be boring to repeat the same things every year? Maybe not for royal family though.

  12. how i hope our Malaysian government has the same thinking alike HRH Queen E2..

  13. mayb meet u around Christmas for coffee or something

  14. i thought christmas gift will open on 25 or 26 of december lol ... bcoz those days will be the boxing day lol ... haha ... nowadays the economy crawl so slow as well ... Queen also done the good job as well ... must cut down the expenditure lol ... we must learn from Queen's habitual lol ... rite ...? haha ... YuuHoo ... YiPee ...


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