Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year Rush

This is my 2nd blog post in 1 night and that is so unusual of me to do so!
When I heard SK Thamby complained about boring CNY, I can't help getting a confused reaction. My local KL born friends complained the same thing yearly. I asked myself whether I love rushing home to my kampung? Will LeuMas enjoy being in Penang like me? The answer is YES! I love going home if there is no jam and I escaped the jam yesterday coz many were smart to leave before 5pm rush hour.

Penang is full of Chinese community and the festive mood is definitely there! You can hear drums and cymbals clashing almost the whole day with so many lion dances prancing in every street. The fire crackers are lighted up like nobody's business with loud bangs & booms throughout the 2 days. The smell of burnt cracker's gun powder is lovely with shreds of red crackers paper strewn on the street is a lovely sight. The mood is always here in Penang.

I am not pure Chinese but speaks like Banana and believes strongly in Taoism & Feng Shui. So I hunted for a Cow underwear all over Klang Valley until I found this Moo-Moo in a shop. I believe that I must wear a lembu undies on the 1st Day so that my bradder will become a strong bull like Rawhide! Rolling! Rolling! Rolling! Hee Yah! Giddy Up!

On my huge sofa, I packed so many shirts and only jeans for this year. I carted home with lots of special cookies and beer to serve the many guests who come to wish my parents.

Before I left home, I prayed my Tu Di Gong with lots of Gold Paper, food, fruits and the most important "Nien Gou" so that the sweet glutinous rice would stick his mouth when he reports to the Emperor of Heavens that Twilight has been a good boy lah for 2008. Forgive him for his bloody mouths, driving on emergency lanes and yakking on the phone while driving. Please bless all the bloggers who post comments in Twilight's Blog too!

The feeling is always lovely when we arrive home to Penang on the bridge with the welcoming Golden Sunset!


  1. i got stucked in the jam after the Juru's toll~ but luckily not tat jam :P

  2. OMG! is that a thong? hahaha so geng ah you, rare items also can find!

  3. haha! wear cow underwear on CNY!!! so funny lah u man!

  4. i also find it bored for cny leh... not really a cny guy here! somemore this year, i am sick, having flu and cough now! :(

  5. wah....undie pics on an armchair?

    so classic twilight~

    anyway, hope u'l hv a bullish new yr :)

  6. u said ghost will jumped out of pics right?
    do they will tumpang at other ppl house?
    i spotted 3 faces in the drawing room already, geli...

  7. OMG, that red bull thong is so kinky!! Yende Twilight Bulana, you notti notti horrr~~

    KL is like a dead city during CNY, i bet Penang must be a lot merrier lor.. haiz, this is what most of the KL-ites will tell you~~

  8. A red color moo moo underwear you also can find.. you really geng.

    Wish you will have bullish year with your moo moo underwear...

  9. Why you want your "little brother" to be strong like a bull? Who are you gonna use it on? Lol...

  10. Tu Di Gong also a version of Fortune God will bring you lots and lots of Wealth this year.

    That is a beautiful sunset scenery of Penang.

    Home Sweet Home.

    Enjoy the warmth of family Twilight.

    Nice undie, heh heh.

  11. That undie! I dunno whether to say "sexy" or "ahbeng-ish" *haiz*

    Btw, I like your altar, so colourful. ^_^


  12. happy chinese new year...
    the bull underwear is such funny lal...

  13. That undies is real

  14. hey twilight..wishing you and your family a very happy chinese new year!

  15. LeuMas - It was just timing that I reached Juru earlier and no jam. How come you let a lady drive instead? Big bully! LOL

    Fable Frog - It was so tough to find a Cow Thong cos there used to be plenty in past years. Dunno why? Next time got Frog, I'll buy you ok. Apa size?

    Vincent - What is so funny? I am cute wor..... LOL
    There are good ghosts and bad ghosts everywhere. They can travel faster than your sms too.

    ET - Where is your kampung? ET must be from other planets. Ha ha ha....

    JD Cole - Thanks dude for your kind wishes! Have a Happy New Year too.

    SK - Next year go and buy a Tiger thong to wear for yourself. Then spend CNY in Penang for a change! You can watch Lion Dances everywhere whole day.

    Bruce - Happy Niu Year to you.

    Calvin - If my brother becomes BIG then only can post in your blog lah.... LOL

    A Common Sporean - Gong Xi Fa Cai! I hope your Tu Di Gong will bless you too!

    Anton - My undies look Ah Beng really. Have you got altar at home??

    Tom - Happy New Year too. Blog English pleaseeeeeeeeeee!

    Jason - Next year I will sell Tiger underwears! Wanna buy? Happy New Year to you too! ...

    Charlene & Kevin - Gong Xi Fa Cai to you both! Are you back in Penang?

  16. Haha, does the red thong brought you any good luck? Agreed with SK that KL is kinda dead, but luckily I still have a bunch of local friends around. Quite a busy CNY for me. :)


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