Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday My Friend

In olden days, when you told anyone that you came from Samutprakan in Bangkok, the Thais would label you as kedekut fellas. Just like how Penangites are stamped as Kiam-Siap on the forehead. So my late grandpa was from this salt mining village which is actually near the present BKK airport. So when my grandpa retired from his last posting as the CPO of South Thailand, he lived in his retreat in Songkhla. Twilight spent his childhood living in this retreat home nearby the famous touristy Mermaid on the rocks by the seaside! Yeah, the house is still there along Thanon Laemsai (Seaside Road). Can you imagine how bloody boring and dead town Songkhla was? So quiet and crime-free then, until you could hear cockroaches making love on the asbestos roof! They would drag forward and backward like crumbling paper. Chieh! Chiieeh! Chiieeeh!... OMG!

My grandpa drilled a lot of Buddhism into my head by making me sit beside while he chanted 5 times a day in front of his altar. I often leaned against the tiang and all the photos of my late grandma & ancestors stared at little Twilight! I was looking at them back with my eyelids closed and saliva dripping on my lap! I was ZZzzzz of course. Most mornings, I had to wake up at dawn and my servants would carry me to sit by the roadside to wait for the monks to come. You know the Thais love to make merits by offering food to the monks, so lovely feeling. 

The Thais love to make merits so often in anyway. They would often hold ceremonies to release animals, fishes and birds. They also love to release their anger like the bloody clashes at the airport, parliament and Sanam Luang grounds. Amboi this is serious hypocrite lah! I really shook my head in disbelief! So make real merits and jangan gaduh or block airports lah!

Last month my friend went backpacking to India and I posted his Haunted House, remember kan? How come most of you didn't notice that the windows on his Drawing Room had several female ghost faces on the white window? 2 bloggers saw it guar! Of course, I saw hundreds of ghosts often floated around his house. When I snapped photos, they also wanna pose including the white Manchu Official ghost beside the opium bed! Look back my old post guys!

My bachelor friend arrived in India, fell sick and flew back the following week on wheelchair alone! He was supposed to come back during CNY but had to return earlier due to severe jaundice and suspected hepatitis! He was whisked into the UH's ICU by the ambulance coz he was so kaput and frail lah. So he is the owner of the blogged Haunted House, lying on the bed above. I brought him a mini Christmas tree which I actually placed on my office table, just to make him shiok & happy lah! He held my hands so tight and even asked me to hug him for the first time! 

Then hor, he reminded me that we shared the same birthday this week. Aiks I really forgot and promised that we must celebrate together! So he listed out all the vinegar pork legs, yam pork, roast pork, ice cream and desserts we will be enjoying later this week! The whole menu list made my saliva drip onto his bed! Tak boleh tahan! Ha ha ha!

2 days after Christmas, then hor..... I received a call.....

OMG! OMG! OMG! Piiiaaannngggg!!!

My friend died in his sleep! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!! 

I was attending a dinner and took the photos of the RM400 Mop Hairstyle to blog, remember? My dear friend's brother called and dropped the biggest atomic bomb into my heart! I was so fucking SHOCKED and raced to his family home to see a whole bunch of sobbing family. His old mother sat on the chair and wailed her heart out. My heart sank in disbelief. My friend died of brain hemorrhage in his sleep after being sedated earlier on to scan his internal organs. 

I went to the mortuary 3 hours after he died and looked at him lying on the metal tray. He was being dressed up and powdered by the undertaker. I knew he was dead but he could still hear my heart crying out silently. When you shut off your computer, the softwares will take a while to shut down 1 by 1. The same with human bodies, when our heart stops, all the senses may take up to 8 hours to shut down completely. Our loved ones can still hear us, sometimes their tears rolled out when we mumbled parting words.

At the funeral wakes daily, close friends came so often to chit chat. I think we all had a gala time gossiping and bad mouthing about my late friend instead of crying. Sorry friend! All these monsters just roared out in laughter with his siblings as my late friend had left behind lots of memories for us to joke about. I think my friend preferred us to keep happy memories instead of wailing our hearts out. Betul kan?

So back to the Thai Merit making habits that late grandpa hammered into my head. I would always try to make merits from any way - charity, religious books, donations, helping and maybe blogging too! I blog and you laugh, right? So that is merits too! LOL!..

Every month, I would round up several wealthy and kind friends to donate for any causes. I would get my Bruce Lee to buy up the various sutra books monthly and place them in many temples around Klang Valley, out station and even overseas like Macau and Hong Kong. This weekend some books will be hand carried and placed in temples around Guilin, China too.  

Behind the books, I would paste the names of donors and my deceased loved ones. I always wished that merits will be channelled to the deceased ones so that they could effectively reach the Land of Eternity. Several times I really dreamt of them coming back with acknowledgment and I wasn't having nightmare lah. I also hope that I will not have to suffer a hard life with sickness and poverty if I get to live till old age. Hope my fingers will always be strong to type and blog lah!! Ha ha!

Happy Birthday My Friend!


  1. hey how come i didn't any ghost in the red pic??

  2. am sorry about your friend and also a bit freaked out about the "ghosts" in the pic (not that I can see them but still freaked out)

  3. I had a look at the picture (your old post) again and I think I saw it! Now officially freaked out!

  4. omg! sorry about your friend~ well, if he left in his sleep~ that's considered peaceful right~ which is a good thing~ and i refuse to look at those photo of the house... scared.

  5. i jst read back ur previous post...and i saw the ghost in the 1st pic...shit!!!
    anyway...happy birthday to u...and dun feel bad abt ur fren who has passed away

  6. so sorry to hear about the mishap of your friend.. happy birthday to him and may he rest in peace..

  7. JD Cole - Alamak the hantu slept on his bed so how to snap them? Some more got wall behind, no lights and lousy phone camera of mine. Kindly look at the drawing room's white windows, you can see at least 4 ladies' faces in ancient hairdo! You know macam itu Curse of The Golden Flower garb.

    Sgboy - So you saw the hantu at the Drawing Room and Opium Bed's side?(Manchu Official) When we die, we also become 'hantu' so it is normal la.

    Fable Frog - OMG you are another Legolas! So takut meh? Your 2 balls are supposed to give you bravery and courage kan?

    LeuMas - Thanks for wishes & mana pressies? Yeah, i also didn't feel bad for my friend coz he has gone backpack all over the world many times! i think he has done whatever he wanted to in his life. I just miss his harsh scoldings! He was a corporate figure with Berjaya Group with ordering fingers.

    SK - My friend says Thank You SK Thamby! ( he really said that!)... Eerrr.... What about my wishes leh?

  8. when i refer back to your old post, i dont see any ghost wor... maybe i am not meant to see loh! :p

    anyway, happy birthday!! when is my cake??

  9. Please accept my condolence of your friend. It's tough to lose somebody close. Anyhow, those photos in earlier blog are quite blur. Couldn't see whether it's ghost or shadow though. Anyhow, it's always better not to see those things. :)

  10. Oh yea, before forgotten. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mr Twilight

  11. u want present arr? haha~ then belanja me makan 1st la...how to contact u?

  12. Yea, it can be pretty noisy at wakes, with peeps gossiping about the deceased, more so if he had lived a loud life.

    Keep up with the good work of getting peeps to do charity. The world needs more peeps like yourself. ^_^

    Oya, YAPPY BIRTHDAY! Belanja you fatboy steamboat soon :P


  13. sorry to hear about your friend's demise...

    and my grandmother is from Samutprakan and my grandfather from phatum thani... she's not so kedekut lar LOL

  14. Hey bro. It's great to hear that you doing a lot of charity works, sometime we need to thanks God compare with some people, we actually are very fortune, so why not within our capacity and ability we give our best to those unfortunate!

    Good works and keep it up!

  15. why i only saw one?! i spotted it last time and i still takut lol

  16. Oh dear, juz checked ur earlier blog again. The opium bed pic is really scary, with the long apparition on the left and an eerie looking face near the top right corner.


  17. sorry to hear abt yr fren. the part abt 8hrs before shut down touched my heart

  18. Happy Birthday to you!

    Btw, you are 32 or 33 this year?

  19. i had a terrible experience last night after taking drugs doctor gave me.i had difficulty climbing up the stairs so I slept downstairs. I woke up at three to see a spirit sleeping next to me. It was nude and had a deformed head. When it saw I was awake, it transformed itself into a beautiful being. it was weird. I pretended I had not noticed n went over to have a glass of water but nobody will believe this tale. i hope it does not signify something bad like a bad omen. Twilight Zone, i am not kidding. I was awake and I believe I saw what I saw.

  20. I am sorry about your friend.

    Life is so unexpected.

    But Happy Birthday Twilight.

    Stay cheerful, and charge forward to a strong and forceful bull year. Happy Chinese New Year too.

  21. Hi BENG BENG,

    I believe you.

    Just do not be afraid.

    You must show you are stronger than the thing. If you are afraid, it will have a upper hand.

    Happy New Year.

  22. Beng ~ spirits come in many forms and their presence is around ALL THE TIME. It is only that we do not see them.

    The reason as to why you saw "it" is because what Buddhist and some other religions explain as "low lifeforce" or in cantonese "see wan tai". Depression, stress and sickness can often decrease our energy levels , often referred to as "yang" force.

    Dun worry since it had not harmed you. Just say a lil' compasssionate prayer and dedicate it to the spirit for its wellbeing and ask of it to leave us in peace. Often, they need help of our prayers too.

    Hope my expanation helps. This was explained to me by a Lama.

  23. So sudden. Like a thief in the night...

    If there's nothing nice to say, better not to say anything at all... not nice to speak ill of the dead...

  24. hi im so sorry abt ur fren. but im sure with his own merits combine with the great dedications from all of u, he sure will b born in the pure land surrounded by the buddhas and bodhisattvas :)

    im so touched by the facts how u guys put in so much effort in doing all the good cause. i pulak at the other end, is very passive and normally only drop some money into the donation box. i guess i should try to b more proactive like u guys. keep up the good work, gambate!


  25. so sorry to hear abt your friend. I'm sure he's resting in peace :)

    And happy belated birthday to you too.

  26. DO u mind to circle where the hantu is/are? I stared at your old pics still tak nampak.

    Ya Buddha said the newly pass away person still can "hear" us. If u go often those wake ceremony, u will notice those family members cried out loud one,the decease's face look unpleasant by days, compare to those quite wake.

  27. ET - Thanks for the wishes and you can download my birthday cake in my coming posts. LOL...Ha ha ha!
    I think your flip flop will fly again since you can't see it. maybe you need to see on the Mac screen.

    KEENYEE - Thank you for your wishes! It is okay to see ghost after all when we die, we also become ghosts. So what is so scared about? nah!
    Happy New Year dude.

    LeuMas - You got my contact now, so you should know how to pass me my pressies! Happy New Year!

    Anton - I agree most funerals are gossip havens these days. Humans commit worst sins are their bloody mouths! Am I talking about myself? Oh dear, shut up Twilight. LOL
    I am waiting for my Fatman Steamboat.

    Willy's Diary - Hey my grandpa could be your grandma's secret admirer since they both come from Samutprakan.

    Daniel - Bloggers are definitely lucky lots to own so canggih computers and luxuries yet we still complain so much lah.

    Vincent - I remember you were the first fellow to spot it. Still scared meh? They can jump out from the photo into your house sometimes.

  28. Anton - Thank you very much for swiftly explaining to Bengbeng. I hope he is feeling better with your logic info. Spirits are everywhere but humans are so terrified pula.

    Your fans said - I am still a kid at heart lah.

    Bengbeng - I am sorry to hear about your infection and Anton has kindly offered some explanation. Hope it helps. This Common S'porean guy is a very experienced victim in such matters too.

    A common S'porean - Thank you for your kind wishes and I over ate this birthday on Arabian and Korean meals. Goodness! Thanks for helping Bengbeng.

    William - I agree that we should respect the deceased ones. We badmouthed only funny and silly things coz he didnt have anything so bad that I know of.

    Mikey - Every fortunate ones should give back to the less privileged society.

    Perky - Thank you for your kind wishes. Mana pressies aku?

    Plusmy - You must be a Buddhist too. How can I circle the parts and show you? Pls advise me then. Maybe you should view from Mac and it is clearer...

  29. har?! jump out of pics...
    this also can?!
    mati lor...

  30. Sorry to hear about your friend.
    I am salute that you doing a lot of charity works.

  31. Happy Birthday....
    I felt so sorry for your friend.


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