Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hello? Can You Hear Me?

It was a rare Sunday and I was in a frenzy mood to clean up my whole condo. Call it Spring cleaning before the coming Chinese New Year. I ended up cleaning myself thoroughly inside out too before settling down for a gourmet vegetarian dinner at a nearby trendy cafe.

I unfolded this paper and made an amazing discovery. Take a good look and make a guess! Believe me, they all came out of my eardrums! Yes, my E-A-R....! Heard me?

Many years ago, I went for a massage and the masseur suggested that I had the Ear Candling done. I paid RM35 to have both ears drained and my ear shit came out like wheat meal fibre. Nice to stir them into your Hot Milo cuppa! Yum! Yum!
So last week, I stumbled into this Ear Wax Candling sticks at an outlet at Times Square. For just RM12 for a pair, it was a real bargain to DIY since it's so damn easy.

Just light up the end and insert into your ear. Get someone to hold it for several minutes and allow it to burn till the black line to stop. While burning, it's advisable to massage the back of your earlobe and around your ear including the sinus passage areas of your face.

After waxing both ears, it's so good to see all my EAR SHIT! OMG! OMG! Twilight is so full of shit. My sinus was cleared and all the very thick dirty Petronas oil came out alongside so much dust, dirt and SHIT! I had seen someone else's shit which included a tiny insect fossils that crept inside and died inside his ear drum after getting mummified with the ear oil and shit.

Hey guys, time to Spring Clean your ears to breathe in a BETTER 2009!


  1. OMG! OMG! OMG! Eeeeeeeeee........this is so disgusting! I mean to see another person's earwax? But I am wondering how does burning that piece of paper help remove the wax from within out of your ears? Can I just use any paper? Hehehe... If I burn the paper on my own, how do I see when the fire reaches the black line? Lol...

  2. Really we have so much dirt inside the ear... could not imagine :) errrr...

  3. O_O Actually got such thing 1 ?!?! I didn't know! I thought have to go to the doctor or something. Gosh, maybe i really should go n get one. My hearing is not getting any good these days. LOL

  4. Sorry, my name is Alvin. Not Alvinh =_=

  5. Oh~ available for consumer to buy for our own use liao ah~ I know about this lah~ always wanted to try but scared i'll scream like a baby at those beauty salon~ wakakaka Hmmm but the ear wax looks so beautiful lei! like cinnamon ~

  6. omg.............such disgusting...geli...
    y so many ear wax 1???

  7. Oh no! I should read this post after my breakfast..yark! yark! yark!

    I tried once in the massage center also, kind of "organism" when all the shit come out:-) and I think you might addicted to this shit.

    I can't believe you still keep your shit, very unique collection leh,bro.

    I can just skip my breakfast today, yark......

  8. ewe~ u never clear ur ear-shit de issit? so disgusting ...

  9. that was really totally disgusting to me... but i dont mind to give it a try leh! hahahaha

    not a nice blog to read before a meal... i should have gone for my breakfast first!! so regret to read ur blog early in the morning! hahahahaha

  10. This is disgusting, but I think I shall try this..So that I can feel myself clean like a baby again..hehe.

  11. Calvin - Cannot use normal paper to burn coz it wont suck out all the shit from your sinus and lymphatic glands tru your ears. It has a plastic tube at the end tip. We have so much particles and oil trapped inside.

    TZ - When you live in Uganda, there will be more flies, dust and pollens to fly inside your mouth and ears! LOL

    Alvin - Yeah it is good to clean inside our ears! This practice originated from North American Indians and spread tru Tibet and Egypt as well.

    Fable Frog - 1 friend's shit contained a tiny dead insect. Another friend had teaspoons of powder came out. They were pollens!

    Anton - Bluek!

    Tom - This shit is trapped deep inside and no way you can dig them out! The candling can suck them out tru the help of heat.

    Legolas - Twilight is a weird person, isn't it??? :)

    Daniel Ng - Sorry I spoilt your breakfast. Next time I will put up a warning sign for the faint hearted. Can i send my specimen to you?

    Lifebook - I know I was deaf but not anymore...

    LeuMas - You will be shocked that you might have a dead cockroach inside your ears too. LOL

    ET - Better read my blogs at midnight to be on safe side. can I send my specimen to you too?

    KEENYEE - You are so beauty conscious fella, so better clean up your ears too. You want my specimen too? LOL

  12. you are so disgusting!!! guess you are the next one full of shit besides me, muahaha!!

    put those ontop of the ice cream on your roti canai~~

  13. I've been told it's quackery and dangerous.

  14. OMG!!OMG!!!

    where can i buy this ah? ;)

  15. holii shitttt!!

    its that much gold and titanium in our ears.

    i think when im broke, i sould go find a gold digger to dig my ears... with luck some creature might sitll be alive . i have to do it fast.

    Happy New Year to U and all the Blogers out there... eye's bling ;)
    ears full of untouch gold.

  16. Holy Cow.. At first glance I thought u are blogging abt some crispy fried delicacy from a swanky chinese restaurant.

    Feel damn shiok to clear it out doesn't it.

  17. SK - Hey Thamby you so naughty asking me to put them on my Roti or ice cream nay. Wait till I pijak your toes & throw in when you open yr mouth deh....

    William - Bahaya kan if our hair ignited into flames! Please advise me the danger otherwise I will do candling every fortnight lo.

    JD Cole - So many enquiries now, so I should sell them online & let you do home candling for any hotties that you day dream about. LOL
    Can buy them from the shampoo/hairspray shop on Level 5 Times Square. Nama I lupa but it's next door to Kedai Kasut Boss!..... (Not Hugo Boss hokay)

    Stephanie - I thought Gold only comes out from our Nose Shit and not ears. Check out with Bloomsberg!

    A Common S'porean - Yeah I never realised the air I breathe is so fragrant till after doing the candling. Buy from Malaysia, so cheap lah!

  18. everyone else seems to be disgusted by the idea, but I actually find it amusing. does that make me a weirdo too? I was staring at your ear wax and wonder what mine would look like. lol!

    is it painful btw? i've been meaning to try but takut that it hurts.

  19. I have tried ear-candling before but did not manage to look at the "results" ... they always throw away before i ask ... haha

    Next time i must insist to look ... then can compare with yours .. heehee

  20. No wonder we are so hard of hearing these days... LOL

  21. i dare not try out this little experiment of yrs. what if something goes wrong. prefer to let the barber do it. :)

  22. Thanks to you, I went for an ear checkup yesterday at Soundtex, since they are providing free checks.

    Result, Yay! my ears are clean and shiny & good hearing at avg of 20 decibels (as per their comment).

    Probed further and found out that only people with excessive production of wax need to worry. Was advised that the procedure should be carried out by ENT doc, & not by using this tool.


  23. good post! didnt know such thing exist. can start a biz on ear & other lobang waxing....

  24. Perky - I am so glad that you are not another hypocrite and can see the logic. Thank you!

    Homely Guy - Yeah next time ask to see everything that oozes out from you. When you cum, you also view it mah! LOL

    Las Montanas - When you jog all over the city, sure got habuk collected inside the ears too even if you don't open your mouth. LOL

    BengBeng - Barbers only korek few nestum grains out. We need to go deeper cleansing up to nostrils.

    Anton - Ear checks is only like Testing! Testing! Hello? hello? Doctors sure tell you let E&T clean for you to make $$. I can do it FREE for you guar.

    Seefei - Other Lubang? I never thought of it wor. Good idea, which hole can I try?

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