Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Chinese New Year Tales

I had the most wonderful surprise tonight! Guess what it was? I am so happy and honoured to see my latest Blog Follower - Master Lynn Yap who is Singapore's No 1 Queen of Feng Shui and a well known TV Celebrity!!!!!! It is 2:00am and her presence brightened up my face like the fireworks. If you wanna hear the accurate Feng Shui advice, please read her blog or better still sign up to be her member. Please don't email and ask me coz I am not a sifu but just a 100% believer in Feng Shui. I better tidy up my blog and refrain from using my vulgar words which was actually spices to add curry to my blog.

I had a great time over the eve till the 1st day of CNY. I slept with new Red T-shirt to sleep from the Rat Year's night and woke up on the Cow's Year morning. I hope my luck will be good 

My family had our reunion dinner at my dad's new condo. Everyone was present except my sister & family who are living in London, so we placed the mobile phone on the table and chatted with her while we all ate like gluttons. I think she felt miserable and sad for not being around. Serves her right! Nobody asked her to migrate, so don't come & sob-sob like a baby huh! Twilight is not cruel but realistic.

My mum is 79 years old this year and could still lay 15 dishes on the table for us to eat. I always appreciate her cooking while she is still around. She has agreed that this should be her last year to cook and we should dine in comfort from next year. We will head to the nearby Equatorial Hotel instead for future reunion dinners.

This is a Thai dish called "Mee Krob" which is not available in any Thai restaurant in Malaysia and I don't know why. Let me share Twilight's grandma stories again. When Bapa Malaysia the late Tunku Abdul Rahman was alive and lived in Penang, he missed this Thai dish. You see, Tunku was once a student in the prestigious Thep Surin in Bangkok which is a version of Eton College in UK. He loved this dish and summoned our Thai Embassy to find any Thai who could prepare him this dish. My mother was the only one who could fry this well, so she was requested to cook just this dish for Tunku Abdul Rahman. He ate them regularly from my mum's kitchen until he passed away.

After dinner, I headed for a drink with old friends at the QE2 joint at the Church Street Pier which was my first visit. It was missing the usual crowd of Ah Kows and Longkau Poh. The Penang social scene invented a new name "Longkau Poh" for the young Ah Liens coz they are always vomiting by the drains after excessive drinks of alcohol abuse.

QE2 actually floats on the sea waters next to the Ferry Terminal and offers a lovely sight of berthed luxury yachts, ships and ferries plying across the harbour.

Twilight with Pino, an Italian hunk who is on holiday visit. His girlfriend Christine is a Penang-born former Miss Malaysia who now runs a swanky Hair Salon by the trendy belt at London's Mayfair. She was the one who taught me to smoke weed and try magic mushrooms in London during my Christmas visit. I fainted in her friend's toilet during the party due to substance abuse. Naughty Twilight! In my earlier blog post, I mentioned about meeting Boy George's clothes designer Dexter Wong, who is also a Penang-born lad who once operated his boutique in London's Hyper-Hyper. Dexter is Christine's friend actually.

The crowd was screaming when midnight struck and they threw balloons to usher the Chinese New Year. Luckily no one was thrown into the sea.

Look at the silly designed Men's Lavatory with urinal bowls below a view of guests walking outside. I call that Unique but Stupid idea coz I need privacy to pee lah! I am not a dog!

We left at midnight and headed to a Taoist Temple of Goddess Tien Hou to pray for prosperity and good luck. Outside the temple, you could see several transvestites luring for customers. It was a pitiful sight indeed.

This is the Temple of Goddess Tien Hou (Ma Chor) along Muntri Street. This Goddess is better known as the Queen of Taoism and is popularly worshipped in Taiwan and Macau. The word "Macau" is actually another version of "Ma Chor" too.

Here is Pino wishing everyone Keong Hee Huat Chye in Hokkien. I wish all my friends and bloggers a Very Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year too!


  1. wow! what a enjoyable Chinese 牛 eve... :) I'm in Penang too ... kakaka :p

  2. Wow! Your mom cooks 15 dishes? Did I just say WOW? Lol... incredible! But I think it's extremely tiring for her at her age. If you guys dine outside, the good thing is she doesn't need to cook, the bad thing is, you all are going to miss mom's cooking.

    Did you learn any skills or recipes from her? Must ask her to pass the secret recipe to her children so that it will not be lost. Your mother is truly a gem.

  3. waaa, your CNY so eventful one?? that means this year you are really HUAT HUAT HUAT already lor.. yende bulana~~

  4. Lovely indeed! And mom is highly commendable for coming up with 15 dishes. I had a good laugh reading the 'longkang poh' tag, so true! Hey hope you have a great time in Penang.

  5. You're a Penangite?

    That Thai dish looks like those economic beehoon where u can get one serving at RM1 or less. But I'm sure it tasted different!

    Happy CNY!

  6. wa, it sounds so fun!!!
    happy CNY :D give me ur ang paus :P

  7. TZ - Hope you are having loads of fun too. When are you going back??

    Calvin - It was done by installment and only required some frying and heating up. She marinated or pre cooked many dishes. I am digging a lot of recipes from her now.

    SK Thamby - Yengga Porengg Ngeh! Thank you for making me Huat Huat! May all your luck and wealth come to me too! LOL....

    Nase - Well you know Hokkien so Longkau Poh sure sounds funny. Lots of young bitches minus brains are stalking rich guys at Penang Road.

    Kyh - Yeah I was born in Penang but have lived elsewhere most of my lifetime. The Beehoon can't be Tunku's cravings la. ItMee Krob tastes very crispy and is the favourite dish cooked by the Thai Palace for their HM King of Thailand.

    Vincent - You are also having loads of fun. Why dont you share your ang paus with me??

  8. no gay encounter on cny eh? ;P

  9. learn how to cook the famous noodle dish. one day i will ask you to cook it for us

  10. enjoy ur chinese new year....
    o, u r at penang?so do me...

  11. haha I enjoy reading your blog and also learning more about Penang!! I am Penang born but left the island after finishing my education. Now I know what I can call my nieces who go clubbing and vomit in the "longkau" when I go visit them next week.
    I thought that dish "mee krob" looks like "jiu hoo char"... haha

  12. 15 dishes?? You have a super mom there! Can I try your mom's mee krob not? ;)

    Eh you quite happening lah :)

  13. Gong Xi Fa Chai
    Xi Nien Guai Le

    Wishes this year brings happiness to your family.

  14. Ahem ahem...did you bring home one of those pitiful gals? lolz


  15. I see you had a great great great time back home :)

    I kinda agree with Calvin that acquiring your mum's culinary skills is highly recommendable.

    Can you cook also apart from drawing and partying?

  16. I like the term "Longkau Poh", so funny. Glad to hear that you had a great celebration. Happy CNY my friend. :)

  17. JD Cole - It was typical Chinese New Year lah... boring kan?

    Bengbeng - I am learning to cook, so many, time running out...I hope not.

    Tom - I know you are Penang kia. Next time we must go wet together.

    rustee - The mee krob is crunchy and is not that ju hoo Char otherwise Tunku's maids could have fried them. I wonder where you have migrated to??

    Perky - I guess you are more happening than me wor.

    Tikno - Happy Chinese New Year to you and family too.

    Anton - I always cannot tahan Pondans like them, makes my hair stand upright with goose bums.

    A Common Sporean - I can cook and bake well but just limited recipes. I need a Signature Kitchen to get into the mood.

    KEENYEE - Happy New Year dude. Are you a hokkien kia?

  18. Nope, I'm cantonese. In fact, I don't know hokkien at all.


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