Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Eve Bang!

It was the most memorable New Year's Eve bang I ever had! I will never forget the jolly ride in a truck too. I was in a festive twilight mood & drove out for lunch. Up along the slope, a fucking bastard car driven by a bloody Fatso swerved out from the side yellow line and KABOOOM! BANG! Twilight had a terrible car accident while squeezing one tiny pimple on the rear mirror. I did not even realise what I had hit at or rather being hit by. Then I realized a monster had rammed onto my car from side ways.

I got down from the car, feeling damned Too-Lan in my dark glasses looking like a Mafia ready to kill anyone. Chinese New Year popped up in my mind, escalating my anger. New Year's Eve bash fueled my fury & temper further. 

Fatso driver: Wei, didn't you see my indicator?????............
Twilight: Fucking Head! How dare you park on the yellow line?
Fatso driver: ...............(speechless!) .........................................
Twilight: I don't wanna point fingers now, accident is accident!
Fatso driver: I just finished eating ice kacang & u banged me!
Twilight: I haven't had my lunch & you ruined my apetite now!
Fatso diver: I just serviced my car yesterday to make a trip back
to Penang for Chinese New Year. Now my car is gone!...
Twilight: Will you shut up! I am also going back to Penang and
now my car will have problem to get imported parts. @#%& you!
Fatso driver: Oh you Penang kia also, Hokkien lang aaaarrr?

10 minutes later, a bitch pulled over in a Wira. I had a shock that she was 6 feet tall like me and wore an even darker sunglasses. She is the bitch gal friend of that fatso driver who only knows how to eat her and ice kacang. She started swinging like a monkey throwing her nasty fits & tantrums hurling abusive language. The Fatso kept begging her to cool down and not to say a word to Twilight. Fatso mumbled to her - That Twilight guy is so damned PISSED now, please lower your voice honey!

Another 15 mins later, my friend's Tow-Truck vulture came to lift up my poor car and towed it to the police station. It was my first time sitting in such a tow truck and it was funny! It was wobbling like HELL all the way.

The Fatso driver and his Waja! See! He was at the yellow line and his ice kacang stall was behind. My car tore off his whole front bumper onto the road. He looked so NAKED now! Tonight at midnight, I will go and torch that illegal stall to ashes & powder for causing so many accidents after his clients ate his ice kacang!

My poor car, punctured with cracked bumper and broken head lamp!
Good luck to you guys and may the cuddly Teddy Bears give you big hugs and comfort for a Good New Year 2009. Thank you for your kind wishes & support in reading my blog!

I must buy a new car in 2009, what should I buy? CRV, 318 or Nautica?



  1. o,im so name is thr...thnx ya....
    happt new yr...

  2. dude... thanks for the teddy bear of me still being the tribal :) I like it so much :)

    Anyway, it's good that no one hurt... I was not so good in Year 2009 too *sob sob* I got sick the first day of the year for the first time. Without even going for any countdown party :(

    May year 2009 be a good year for you.

  3. hello, i think it was a good sign to change yr car to NEW HONDA CITY. thank you for the lion-like bear! happy 2009!!!

  4. Oh dear, the car looked badly damaged huh, so sorry abt that. Hope it will be fine soon.

    Thanks for the cutie teddy bear.

  5. hey, the teddy bear is so cute~!

    will you produce it? I'm sure if you make every teddy bear so personalize, sure got lots of orders....! good income for you in 2009

    sorry to see the car torn until like this, if you believe in energy healing, find me, i'll charge your car with healthy energy, so that your car will be full of positive energy, and there will be no more accident in future!

    Happy 2009!

  6. hmm.... now i am a teddy bear with a tie! charming!!

    Well, why not make it as a new year with a new car? great and brilliant idea isnt it?? ha ha ha

    Anyway, good luck to u in year 2009! Happy new year!

  7. eh~ why such an odd accident~ his car is parked? hmmmm well anyway~ thank god no one got hurt, though i know you wanna hurt that fatso and his bitchy wife~ wahahaha

    Happy New year~ and thanks for the teddies~ ;)

  8. Happy New Year to you! I'm sorry to read about the car accident. Well, think it this way, all the bad lucks has been banged away and you will now enjoy good luck this year! Hehehe... This time you got my blog name right. But how come you put my blog name and not my name? I just wonder. hehehe...

  9. haha! my hat got a love~
    thx ya man!
    happy new year man!

  10. so sorry to hear abt this accident...

    hope u're doing fine...

    anyway, nice artwork u got there ;)


  11. oh sorry to hear abt the accident. hope insurance covers it.

  12. hey i am included . i got a teddy bear too. thank you very much. it is so nice of you.


    Wuahaha..LOL...I can imagine how macho and tougher look of Twilight and the Fatso suddenly become like a chum...a so cool man!

    Anyway, sorry for the accident but in Cantonese we said, "spend some money to avoid the big disaster" probably after this accident, all the bad luck will go away and you might hit the jackpot or kena 4Dleh..

    Bro. I really feel so warm and happy to see the teddy bear u make for's so sweet, I love it so much, can i give you a bear hug..:-)

    Happy New Year and have a prosperous and blessed year in 2009!

  14. I have LV and A|X this time.. hurry!!!

  15. aiyoh, buang all the suey things laa!! new year new car new luck new twilight!!

    and thanks for two SK teddy bear, first one sitting there so helplessly surrounded by shits, and the second one how come so fat one?? sob sob~~ :(

  16. Ah well, there's this saying that goes... well it's a Chinese one so me not so comprendo...

    Haha, many great things will follow a minor mishap?

    NEW CAR... WAHSEYYY!!! then drive all of us go pusing2 haha

    Happy New Year and mucho gracias for the cutie teddy bear! awww got apron somemore...

    word verification: fable HAHA

  17. You may have lost a few pieces of car metal but you haven't lost your artistic flair. Very very nice. I have long wanted a martini ever since my baby daughter arrived. This is such a good icon:) I love it.

    Sorry to know about the accident. That fat ass has got a nasty look. I dare not imagine how a 6foot bitch look like.

    Perhaps ursher the new year with a nice 318?

    Still, Happy New Year Twighlight!

  18. Same as Daniel, I laughed when i read the Hokkein part. Lolz

    Thanks again for the sweet teddy. The ring above makes me look kinda dazed.

    OMGawd, AJ has a heart-shaped cb! LOLZ


  19. haiyo~ so many bad words in the conversation~

  20. hey, why some of the name appear 2 times and my is only once?? so unfair!!! :p

  21. go to a roundabount and circle it a few times..
    It will buang suey..

  22. Tom - Happy New Year dude. When are you going to blog in banana language?

    TZ - I cannot help associating you with tribal Uganda now. Last time was Idi Amin, now it's you leh... LOL

    lion King - Happy New Year to the King of the Jungle. Me too big sized for a Honda City lah!

    Dr Nase - I am perfectly fine! Happy New Year!

    Michi - Yeah next time let you do Reiki Healing instead of towing to workshop... LOL

    ET - You are handsome, so your bear must wear tie like you!

    Fable Frog - I was shocked to see the police report that Fatso is just 28 years old! I should have bashed him up that day.

    Calvin - There are at least 5 bloggers here with the name Calvin but the bear is only for you.

    Vincent - I am glad you are HAPPY!

    AJ - I am fine after making so many bears!

    Bengbeng - The fatso's insurance kau tim as he was wrong.

    Daniel - I was just being myself with a filthy mouth.

    Lifebook - haiyu, you shopping Queen!

    SK - I didn't even realise that I made you 2 bears and got ET so jealous! I guess I was still sore from the accident when I drew the bears.

    Joshua - You bet right! I will fetch you to ronda ronda when I get my new wheels.

    Legolas - Got a hankie? Sniff! Sniff!

    A Common S'porean - I wanna yam seng with you and talk ghost stories someday.

    Anton - You always appear as a Holy Angel to me!

    Vincent - When you grow up into bigger adult, I hope your mouth will be filthier than Twilight's.... LOL

    ET - Sorry I was so mabuk and sore from accident that I didn't realise SK's name appeared twice. I will throw his 2nd bear outta soon! Smile ET!

    Emo Happiness - I always love your blog name! Sure round about can buang suey? I will do it!

  23. wah... I pun dapat teddy bear. Man, I sure missed a lot of things while I was away huh?

    Sorry bout your car. Fatso's an idiot, but at least everything settled oledi right? Get a silver volvo c30 and take me for a ride (or let me drive it, or... let me keep it! :D hahaha wishful thinking ;) )


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