Monday, January 19, 2009

Twilight Doors For 2009

Chinese New Year is just a week away and so many of you are so fully prepared & ready. I went to buy stuffs to upgrade my house Feng Shui so that 2009 would bring more windfall than 2008.

Many Feng Shui masters believe that this "Hulu Gourd" is a very effective tool to trap ghosts if the cap is left opened. Many ghosts are afraid of this and avoid getting sucked into this one-way entry gourd.

If your "Hulu Gourd" has a closed cap, it will attract Wealth into it. I have a number of them & am convinced that they work well for me. You have your rights not to believe me, so diam lah.

All my doors at home were painted Yellow to suit my favourable colour elements then. I am tired of them already and someone commented that they looked like temple's doors. Kaneeneh! I have cursed that fella's mouth with lightning for saying that. That means I am the Twilight Deity inside the bedroom, kan? Ha ha!

So tak boleh tahan, I quickly painted the doors to Everest Pure White bcos I saw so many show houses where White Door is very 'in' now. I must be ahead with time lah.

Suddenly my whole house so terang with white doors and light purple frames. Macam so heavenly feeling and girly colour! Yo! I have to wear sunglasses now.

Twilight took out the biggest dinner plate and used as template. Took a thin brush and dipped into green paint to draw curves. After that paint Hulu Gourds and Birdies! Why burung? So that can travel often. Someone gave my father a Chinese embroidery with 108 Flying Birds and since then everyone in my family has been traveling almost weekly!

Look at my NEW DOOR for a New Year! Cantik kan? Comment please, good or bad never mind. I won't bite you but I might curse you if you said it is crazy idea. LOL.

I believe all my doors will attract so much luck that I will strike Mega TOTO! Then I will laugh like this nerd in the above banner. I will belanja everyone to eat Fatman's Steamboat by the roadside...


  1. wah~!!

    i didn't know u're so creative ma~

    but then again u're a creative director, of course!!

    i think it's very cute but i wouldn't do that to my own room's door ;P

  2. Wowie, Twilight is so artistic!

    Very feminine-lookin', but I like the door. ^_^

    Have a wonderful week ahead. ^_^

  3. A bit too girly for my liking but I am very impressed with the art! Coming form a person who cannot even draw a stick man I am amazed how a dinner plate and some crafty hands can do.....

  4. hei twilight you so kedekut lar, strike mega toto but belanja fat man steamboat only ah?

    the door is artistic leh... ^_^

  5. hey twilight, never know tat u can draw so well...pretty nice...

  6. wow, so creative of you, but i would NOT do that to my doors lorr.. anyway, hope you not only strike toto, but also magnum and dmc!! i'm waiting for that fatman steamboat~~

  7. o, such nice...
    bt i dun think i may do like that for my door(becoz i stay at hostel,so if i do like that, i ll kena saman)

  8. Hi bro. I must admitted that you are so talented...the drawing is beautiful & the color look bright & harmony, sure will give you ONG this year, so when can we meet for the Fatman's steamboat???

  9. wah... what a masterpiece from u! well done dude!!!

    very impressed by your creativity!

  10. Wah~~Wah~~Wah~~ very creative!! very nice leh!! i like it v much..when can u help me to do one har?? ;p i aso wanto travel every weekend...i aso want more $$$$ & more "ONG" in 2009 leh!!hehhee....Happy Chinese New Year to U & Elea... ^-^

  11. Oh my~ is that glitter on the Hulu Gourd?? wah! But ya, that door very creative! use plate as templete some more! geng!

  12. wah! very the nice leh... I think i'll do the same... but dun call me copycat ya!!

  13. OMG! You're so talented and creative. I mean from your look I thought you would be just a simple guy with a simple job but didn't know you have such artistic element in you. Hehehe...

    Did you draw that on every door or only your bedroom door? I wonder how bedroom looks like since you're so creative.

  14. Wah... you sangat creative lah! I wish I could do that to my door. If I do, sure will look like some kanak-kanak lukis on it. hahaha

  15. Wah, so artistic of you. I like it so much le. Mind to come over and paint for my door as well..FOC wo ok. Anyhow, I'm waiting for the FATMAN!!!

  16. JD Cole - You can always paint LV, AX and YSL logo prints on your door. Gianni Versace would be green with envy if he's still alive.

    Anton - I could make the door macho and erotic, depending on the inside. My prayer room will have mantras outside like the "Hum" seed. When devils see all these, they may not enter lah. Maybe paint door deities outside my entrance ya?

    Sgboy - Hey I can design erotic icons on your door like Adam & Eve eating bananas in the Garden of Eden.

    Willy - Sawasdee Nong Chai! I will hire the 8 Fatman stalls in Puchong to give FREE makan to every Tom, Dick & Harry. Then I will go to UK to dine at your restaurant lah.

    LeuMas - Thank you dude. I can draw your warrior figurines guarding your door too.

    SK - Deal. You would be the 1st guest if I kena 4D within CNY ok.

    Tom - Oh you live in hostel? Then paint the inside part, they won't know lah. heh heh...

    Daniel - Thank you for the ONG and when the ONG lai, we will go makan! I not yet kena, how to make dates la. Pray harder!

    ET - Thanks for your praises, my tail goyang non stop now. How about painting many flip flop on your door? LOL

    Emily Yee - Thanks for your kindest wishes. I wish you & Lawrence a blessed CNY too. Anytime I can paint for you!

    Fable Frog - Yeah I used the kiddies glitter colours. I should use the nail polish glitter so that dry faster! Why dont you draw frogs on the lilly pond? That will be nice!

    Jamie - Hey you can get the patterns from our studio kan? Ask Betrand paint for you.

    Calvin - Me simple? I am flattered to hear that coz I am wild like monkeys! Every door will have different pattern. When I finish all, I might post again right!

    Vincent - Thank you dude! You can paint your Goldiva chocolates on your door!

    Perky - You got many stuffs to paint like your trademark fans and alcohol bottles! Muahahaha!

    KEENYEE - Amboi... After paint your door, have to belanja Fatman somemore? Rugi lah Twilight! Closed shop liao.... LOL

  17. think I prefer adam and Steve eating bananas on my door...ha ha

  18. That door look better with the new design. You are creative.

  19. Thats a nice motif.

    It has a modern but asian feel to it.

  20. so sissy looking.

    Bird theme? I tot gay like birdy

  21. Interesting post! I like! I like your sentence:You have your rights not to believe me, so diam lah.
    Love this!


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