Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Am Thirsty

When I read the newspaper's front page, I felt sorry for that furry thing. Hell's breaking loose at Down Under with lots of scary disasters like big floods and fire! 

I could not help believing the Singapore's Feng Shui Queen who said that the countries in the south will experience difficult times. Very accurate and fast from the minute it was uttered out.

Then I recall receiving one email which I quickly skipped tru that contained Koala Bears too. I spent hours opening up a few hundred past emails to find the Koala Bear which I thought would be the right topic which touched my heart today.

The koala bears were so bloody hot and thirsty, so they entered many private homes in Victoria, Australia.
This owner has kindly prepared a pail of clean water.

The koala bear promptly headed to the water to chill out.

It just kept drinking non stop to quench its thirst! Awww...Poor thing!

Finally, it had to climb into the tub and relax to chill out.

Muahahahaha! Come join me guys!


  1. Still cant figure out what furry animal in the headline news in the first picture is. What is it?

    So what causes them so thirsty and hot you think??

  2. @ Rad : It's a koala!

    @ Twilight : I got the email about the koalas too! Really touched my heart when I saw how bad the state of these koalas were after the bushfires - but I'm pretty glad that everyone is also doing their part to help not just people, but the animals too.

    But this is where I go: SCHOOOO KIUTTTTT!

  3. i can email u my palm privately lor if u're so interested. haha

  4. Owh poor koala bear. Whenever a natural disaster strikes somewhere, my first thoughts would be the animals. I think i have more empathy towards them than I do towards humans.

    I pray that God sends the rain to Australia...

  5. oh it's a koala?

    I couldn't see it clearly even though I knew you'd been talking about it. It was only the first picture that wasn't clear to me, the rest were ok.

    Rain can be made actually, it's only a matter of water supply, they can also make a big pool for the koala bears. So there are options.

  6. Hi Twilight, look like all the signs who predicted end of the world are taking scary! we really don't know what will happen tomorrow!

  7. arumugam twilight borrenge, did you send some water to them?? or maybe adopt them at your house for feng shui?? :p

  8. oh~! and i thought Koalas don't like water! So that means it's really really hot out there down under!

  9. Eh Mr. Rad:

    Don't act stupid la.... you cannot see the picture clearly on the newspaper, at least you can get an idea what animal is that, still need to ask meh? gerrhh...!!!

    And you think so easy to make rain meh? If not it is too hot, you think the koala will jump inside the pool? idiot la u...! I think the government won't know it was hot until like this, until this phenomenon happen... I think by now they will make a pool for all the koala bear from all over the jungle loh, ok?

  10. Pity the cute little Koala... they hardly open their eyes but now they are force to chill in the water ...

    Please stop the fire fast ... to save our cutey friends.

  11. oh gosh~ i thought koala bear suppose to be cute... but after it got's not cute liao :(

  12. The koala is so lovable I feel like hugging it.

    I had the lucky experience once in Australia more than 10 yrs back. A couple of years later they stopped allowing tourist to carry them.

    Yah, hoping the drought and fire goes off soon..

  13. Poor koala! But it sure looks cute huh! =) Gosh hopefully the fire will be out soon.

  14. LOL twilight, wanna shower toghether izzit? come lar, i at kepong now ROFL

  15. Poor little cute kolar bear . Soo khor lian . seem like they can finish drinking up the whole pot of water.

    If i can adopt one, i would place the cute little kolar bear on my chest out like those Tze Tzu dog all around town. Sure girls will croud me everywhere i go ....hehe..

  16. Put a blue shirt and a pair of glasses on that koala and Voila!..... cute Twilight! lolz


  17. Gee.... and I thought koala are very shy creatures... in the final pic, the koala really got style, far different from hanging stonely at the branch...

  18. OMG!! the koala looks so cute!!

  19. Rad Sujanto - Hey were you in a drunken state not to see them as Koala Bears?? LOL... Big fires raging there lah.

    Sam - I think Rad is sober now. i think the Westerners treat animals better than our folks. once a chicken coop caught fire and the villagers were busy picking up the roasted chicken home instead.

  20. Medie007 - Where is your palm prints for me?

    Perky - Your powerful prayers answered. I heard that it rained.

    Rad Sujanto - You are a comedian. Why don't you fly there to help the koalas to swim? LOL

    Daniel Ng - I was told that the world would end when we are no longer around. Better lead a meaningful life now so that we don't reincarnate again.

    SK - I never heard of Koalas being good for feng shui. They are so lazy animals which would hardly move. They sleep all day long Zzzzz

    Fable - Frongs are better survivors than Koalas coz its fur catches fire so easily. They are good for sleeping and make good stuffed animals.

    Cutey - Why so garang? Rad was just tipsy and high I guess.

    TZ - I hope you can help by going there since you are not working yet. When are you going to Kampala?

    LeuMas - Yeah wet koalas are ugly. You can blow them dry with hair dryer like how you set your hair always.... LOL

    A Common S'porean - I heard Koalas spread disease. Do they? Have you played with kangaroos or you acted kangaroo?

    Tekkaus - The flame has died I think coz no more bizarre news. It is like an annual flaming matter in Down Under.

    Willy's Diary - Wanna shower together in Kepong? Kham would kill me la.

    Weejino - Better adopt crystals to be your pet. They don't need feeding yet they emit good frequency and luck to you.

    Anton - Koalas look like me? Maybe ugly kan?

    Pikey - I was amazed too that Koalas could take a bath themselves. It was over 40 degrees and so damn hot.

    JD Cole - I never carried or seen koalas before except kangaroos. Can they be eaten or barbequed?

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