Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Worst Nightmare

I have been eating so much since Christmas through Chinese New Year till Valentine's Day! I was eating so much Santa's Turkeys, pies, ice creams and tossing endless of Yee Sang for prosperity! Worst of all, I didn't go to gym for almost 2 months and Jackie Chan was laughing hysterically all his way to the bank coz I paid buta-buta for his gym fees.

Then Valentine's Dinner plus munching pop corns in Gold Class till 3am watching Benjamin Button movie! Sure my nightmare began right after!

This is Twilight!
Layers of Wobbly Fat and big tits! I screamed in my dreams when I saw myself in the mirror! My shocked mirror just dropped off from its hook and fainted onto the floor.

I met 4 Fugly Ballooned Ladies in bikinis by the beach. I cried and ran far far away but they still  chased me all way with their fats pounding the ground thunderously. Help! Help!

When I woke up, I was panting in cold sweat. My nightmare was real coz I am so fat now! Please don't invite me to eat anything again. Let me run on the treadmill like a mice for 3 months. 

Everywhere I turned, I heard complaints about over eating and fatty thighs! OMG! 
What is wrong with everyone for complaining so much? We are what we eat and let's just be happy with our size. Being fat and obese is nice sometimes, agree don't you?

How to loose weight in the quickest way?


  1. haahhahaah you are so funny!!

    Are you seriously looking for fat burn tips? For me its just exercise and eat right.

    And I just want to add, as long as one is healthy, its ok. But those pics you posted... NOT OK!! That's obviously unhealthy zone.

  2. Thru the old fashion way - exercise!

    Hehehe... don't go for any diet plan or taking diet pills. Those don't work (even if it's coming from those who swear by it).

    I doubt you're as obese as the ones in the pic, so you should be able to work the extra weight out :)

    Perhaps you could cycle to work? *lol at the thought of you cycling to work*

  3. I starve myself from rice. Then go running.

    Then pengsan. :P

  4. Dude, join lifebook to the gym and eat like lifebook :) Or you could join me to workout in the gym together... hehehe :p

    I'm working hard to get rid of my 3.7KG of Fat so that i could be 16% of Fat to mark the excellence and perfect weight for my age ... kakaka :p

  5. We discuss going on strict diet together at our bakuteh gathering ya? lolz :P


  6. tsk tsk tsk arumugam twilight borrenge.. if you think that we are what we eat and let's just be happy with our size, and that being fat and obese is nice sometimes, why are you hoping to loose weight in the quickest way then? as long as dela loves you then it's fine, right?? :p

  7. first a very very super cute post on koala. suddenly i see pic of 4 super fat lady wearing bikinis.


  8. Ah, only wish there was an instant weight loss technique.

    Whoa. Watching a movie at 3 am?!

  9. chiu~ saw your post last night but dare not come to have a look coz of the title~ ingat scary story lagi~ haha but turned out it's obesity pulak... haha

  10. - no more dinner after 8pm...
    - everyday have salads or fish soup for lunch
    - no rice for dinner, just some vege, and chicken breast, no red meat!

    do it for at least 1 month... plus alot fo exercise. i think u can slim down.

    i know it is tough... cos i myself cannot tahan too! so, end up still the fatty ET here! hahahahah!

  11. LOL! This is so funny, Gosh! I just can't imagine how the chubby guy make love with the fugly ballooned lady...Oh no! It must be a very tough job right:-)P

  12. walau~ u r not tat fat wat....i think u should eat more MORE....

  13. You've commented on mine saying I've grown up..Ahem. And now you're writing it about yourself. Just in case you found some secrets of losing weight in fastest way, share with me ya.

  14. i lost 1kg for v-day....probably caused by the stressed of being lonely~

    anyway, there's few types of injections u can try to get rid of the fat ;)

  15. Don't tell me the reason you didn't put your picture there was because you have even bigger body than anyone in the pictures! =))

    Hmmm sometimes chubby can also be considered cute =) I like chubby babies

  16. Try to eat less rice say reduce by 30% on each meal and more on veg and fruits. First thing in the morning drink a glass of fresh mix blended fruits of and kind 3tpyes eg. painapple, banana & apple or any other fruits add some milk if you want. Drink lots and lots of water the whole day through. That should be it no gym required. It WORKS...

  17. waaaaaah... those pics are more like obese~!!

    How about try to get some jogging?

  18. since i was in KL i have gained 7kg. it is amazing how the weight just increases when i stopped going to the gym. no shortcuts, you need to gym

  19. The fastest way to lose weight is to exercise, exercise and exercise! And eat only vegetables, vegetables and more vegetables day and night! Sure to lose weight fast! But don't know you can last or not lah! Haha!

    Btw, first time commenting here, coming from Rad's blog : )

  20. I think I understand clearly now what is mean by "fat chance" lol

  21. all yr meal - 20%, all yr exercise + 20% = lose weight

  22. LOL hilarious!

    Go do 3 hours of BodyStep at the gym, support my classes! HAHA

    And since you are so curious, I was from ACS-MBS!

  23. haha.... as if you don't know how to lost weight.

    The question is just: You can do it or not?

    Strong mind people will take action, weak mind people will get carried away by their desire.

  24. Eat with ugly woman~~!!!

    sure can sleep down fast.

  25. you look nice in the first pic. My oh my. You have changed so much since our secondary school days ;)

  26. A Common S'porean - I have been eating rice & exercising like a mice on treadmill. My long hours at work gives me no luxury time to hit the gym. Can you hire me? Maybe shorter hours.

    Perky - I won't dare eat diet pills now. You must have tried it to sound alarmed? Good idea to cycle to work in tie & briefcase. LOL

    Sam - I agree that rice is the culprit that triggers fatsoism in me. The Malay stall's makcik always cooked too yummy and irresistible curries! Must report to DBKL to demolish her stall to trim me down.

    TZ - Aiyo you are our blog's fitness guru lah. Your frequent visits to the gym made me so GUILTY wor. Good for you and can you show us your 6 pacs?

    Anton - You ain't fat so you can laugh har. I really don't know where is Klang's best Bah Kut Teh. My friend brought me to the stupidest stall.

    SK Thamby deh - Dela wears saree which hides all her mutton fats and Michellin tyres. I wanna wear the clothes I bought from HKG last October. Too ketat and priak! Vanakam!

    Medie007 - So mahal to do liposuction lah. Can you do it in your hospital for me free? LOL

    Ncholas Rashidee - I am very gila in blogging, often gave ppl heart attack and get criticized in return. What a poor grandma I am.

    Savante - The Benjamin Button movie started at 12mid and lasted till 3am. I was paranoid.
    I think there is no instant slim machine anywhere that I could put coins and do it. Advise me! Help!

    Fable Frog - You are not Legolas, takut apa? I so admire and jeles your skinny torso. Can we exchange?

    ET - I tried this early dinner before and it worked but deadline is 7pm, not 8pm. You will look cute if you are fatty.

    Daniel Ng - I must learn to love irons like you coz it keeps your fat away. Why don't you post your muscle flexes to show off sometimes? I am sure many would drool off the chair. LOL

    LeuMas - You didn't pay enough attention on me lah and it was dark at night too. You were beezy looking at hotties. How come never see you at the gym one??

    KEENYEE - You grown up alright but still look prim and trim. That is the reason you are so proud to camwhore. When you gemuk, you sure run away from paparazzi!!

    JD Cole - You big joker! 1kg on V day alone, amazing! When I am depressed, I eat 1 tumbler ice cream. How I wish I can wear plunging low V neck like you.

    Rad Sujanto - You banyak kurus and kacak, sure you love to show your pixs. When one is babi like me, sure hide in the caves. I will post my photos when I am skinny like you. I guess it never happens.

    Weejino - Is that the diet that keeps you so slim like pencil or you actually keep cacing in your tummy? i will try your style.

    Pikey - I often leave office at midnight, cannot jog lah sure tidur by roadside. Wknds got errands and functions, so my gym fees are buta payments.

    Bengbeng - I agree there is no shortcuts and I am what I eat. I have managed to force myself to visit gym at least twice weekly at least.

    foongpc - Wah your stress diet and exercise is like a new nightmare for me. I hate most vegetables. Why can't vegies be sweeter like fruits? Thanks for coming by here. Come again and again okay?

    plusmy - Yeerrrr i don't want anymore fat chance. Slim chances would be nice word. Are you fat or slim?

    lionking - Mana boleh 20%? i think need to be 50% to see results. You indirect cause for my fats! ... LOL

    Joshua - I don't hate MBS farts, so why hate SXI intellectuals? LOL
    Where is your gym for me to sign up? FF, CF or TF?

    Guardian Angel - O bless me O Angel. I wanna slim down faster.

    Michi - I would puke eating with fat ugly ladies and they might rampas all my food away.

    Bengbeng - Who would still look the same since secondary school days? I looked like a horrible nerd at school.

    William - Hey you are so skinny I heard. Can I see your facebooks? LOL I know you swim a lot, that is good man!

  27. mo tak kau (you are beyond help) lah, better yan toh wai mit (euthenasia)....

  28. i have gained 8kg since i was last in KL :(

    Mrs BB has complained i am heavy :(

  29. Twilight, I wld love to. But you must be super expensive to hire right? Plus if I hire a CD, then poor me only an AD must make coffee for you? ;P haha.

  30. really got such as ... so fat people around the now ya ... such a sad story lol ... if i really become fatty like them ... i think i will kill myself lol ... wahahahaha ... actually ... slim down really a hard work lol ... thos who want to slim down , they must have a strong mentality as well ... then they can slim down if possible lol ... '' DUN GIVE UP IF IS RIGHT '' ...


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