Thursday, February 5, 2009

The World Of Orphans

How often do we sit down and think about the poor orphans? We rather sit down and dream about money, money, money and money. Excuse me, I am talking about myself lah, so please don't scream ok.

The word "orphan" is a Greek word meaning the child who lost his parents or being abandoned by them, whichever. I have personally met the 1st orphan, Mary when I was a kid and she was being left outside the convent's door step with her milk bottle by her parents on a rainy night. It sounds like a typical drama show where you need rain drops to spice up.

 So the kind sisters took her in while she was still sucking the tit and Mary promptly grew up into a sickly child with a big hole in her heart. One day, the MP of Bukit Mertajam made a charitable visit to the orphanage and learnt about her urgency to have the heart operation. The MP's wife took the child home and arranged to send her to Melbourne's Children's Hospital at their own expenses for her successful operation. Mary was later adopted and became my cousin eventually. The painful thoughts of being abandoned by her natural parents never ceased from her daily life. Today she is happily married with her own 2 kids and she shields them like a Lioness protecting her cubs, showering them with all her love and care.

Mary shared a lot of her thoughts and sadness during her years living in the convent. It taught me to appreciate my parents who had given me so much comfort and luxury in life. It is only fair that I should help the orphanages whenever possible. I am not here to seek your pat or publicity but with the hope that you guys could spare your time and thoughts for the less privileged. 

Time and tide waits for no man.

Notable orphans include world leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Andrew Jackson; writers such as The Brontë sisters, Edgar Allan Poe, and Leo Tolstoy; entertainment greats such as Louis Armstrong, Johann Sebastian Bach, Marilyn Monroe and Babe Ruth.

"Where is my mummy now? I wish I could just hug her for once," 
said this orphan who lives in a KL orphanage.

"Our world might be grey to you, but the smiles I have, is shared with my brothers and sisters in the home", 
added the child.

This is the special classroom inside the orphanage where the kids eagerly wait for the voluntary teachers to help them cope with the normal school they attend. They are deprived of many educational materials including revision and work books.

My heart sank below the floor when I heard about their plight. I just made some noise with Lifebook and another friend. The money suddenly dropped and fell from the skies like rain. So many people chipped in and so cepat! Instead of helping just 1 class, we are able to cover more classes now!

Now the orphans are all so HAPPY!

Sangka Chee Yengga Porreng Ngeh? 
Thank you Lifebook Blogger! I can study now!

Haaah haah haaah! Ngo hoi sum!
Thank you Blogger Keenyee!
I can dream to become a doctor now.

I am very shiok to hold this mathematics and I will promise to study very hard!
I will become a taukeh banker one day! Ha ha ha!
Thank you boss Mr Lai Kok Peng (CIMB Corporate)

It is so easy to make one laugh, cry or scream. 
The choice is ours!


  1. i used to do some charity works during my uni years but that's it.

    i think, age and the problems that come with it is the reason why that passion somehow faded from my life~

    it feels good to read and be inspired back by this :)

  2. Must thank little motivator and K|E|E|N|Y|E|E... :P Also, my colleague..

  3. my horoscope this year says that i must do lots of charity in order to reap the benifits..

    hahhaa.. i have already done quite a bit of charity in jan.. and this month i have gave rm150 away..

    seems small money but i feel so good la.. hehe like the more money i give, the more i receive! (angpow money keeps coming in!)

  4. Thank you very much for the donation.

    It really helps the kids to have enough workbooks to train their mathematics skills.

    Mana of them didn't do well in their study because they don't have anybody to coach them after school, so end up they pursue their dream when they finish their SPM.

    The orphanage trying to change this and make it possible that their ophans also can do well in study and contribute back to the society one day.

    Thank you again.

  5. I mean, they cannot pursue their dream after SPM, if they didn't do well in their study

  6. This blog really touched my heart deeply. I wouldn't imagine my tiny contribution could make such a different for them. In fact, I'm kind of paiseh for my little tiny contribution given. Anyway, thanks a lot to Lifebook (you have my trust man), and of course to you... Mr. Twilight.

  7. Very commendable. It is always good to do some charity, but not bcoz of reaping the karmic benefits or being pressured, altho' it is still better than not giving. Juz fm the sincere heart, no conditions attached. Having been involved b4 in these works, PLEASE try not to give via 3rd parties, but obtain the addresses of the organizations and go directly or bank in to the org's bank account. Juz my 1/2cts worth of advise.

  8. great to see you guys doing all the charity work out there.. sure have good returns for your good deed.. or maybe twilight bulana just want to do more charity to reduce his sin?? hahaha!!! just kidding :)

  9. Hey bro. thanks and feel touched and inspired by what you did, you not only have a sense of humor but you also have an angel heart!

    It is more blessed to give than to receive.

    Count me in If i can help!

  10. U hv a big heart Twilight.

    This has been a very meaningful chinese new year for you and for those you cared.

  11. nicey...

    if i have LOTS of time to spare, i MIGHT think of charity. hahahaha...

    having said that, it's not that i'm not into doing charity... maybe time is not here yet. :P

  12. To *Anton*

    I do not agree to you.

    Sometimes it's not a good idea to bank in the donation directly to the charity organisation. I will explain why:

    1. Example, if there are a few old people in the old folks home need diapers, and you bank in the money to the organisation for the purchase of diapers, do you think the old folks home will really use the amount of money buy the equal value of diapers for the old people? They may use the money for other things which to them is more priority than buying diapers.

    2. I personally knew a few charity organisation paying sky high salary to the staffs... A general manager of a charity organisation that I knew earning RM8K a month. What charity and volunteer work is this? You want to bank in money to them? I rather buy the exact thing that they need, then give them money until they misuse it.

    3. Some charity organisations encourage people to call for donation for them. I got a friend, came to know an orphanage from a girl who went table by table in a coffee shop to call for donation. My friend donated and took down the address of the orphanage. It was in Ipoh. One fine weekend, she drove all the way from KL to Ipoh, to visit the orphanage, and to find out more what else she can contribute, do you know what the principal told her? He said: "Oh, you want to contribute to the orphanage? Can, I give you some receipt book, you help to collect donation, and you take 20% from the donation that you collected." *faint*

    4. There is always argument, how should we behave then only consider as doing charity? Don't take money or commission? But when the organisation had charity food fair and invite the volunteers to go makan, the volunteers will go! It's another form of "taking money" what? But then you ask them don't go makan meh? Who on earth really doing charity work? Even some people working for some religion bodies as full time nurse or doctor, not taking any salary, but they still take accommodation and food from the religion bodies. Can you scold them for doing it? I mean, it's something that cannot avoid for survival sick.

    5. If anybody collect donation and pocket certain commission, then they will bear the karma themselves. I believe our friend here will not do this type of thing, since he is such a religious person and can see hantu.

    6. This money collected really is used to buy books for the orphans, and it's really to their needs, I think it's being use wisely and worth-ly... Not like those just donate blindly like the tsunami case in twilight's previous post, just simply donate food and clothes until so much wastage, and not to their need.

    7. We must learn to trust people, have a simple heart, don't think of people as so complicated. Even people take advantage on us because we are simple and easy to bully, then they are the one create the karma, why worry? You are such a religious person, you sure know this theory right?

  13. To Bruce, thank you so much. It's great of you for providing so many beneficial pointers. I lack the wisdom, so it's great to hear from a knowledgeable person like yourself. My mistake for not elaborating further. I wld also ensure the org is not a 3rd party collector. Also, i would call up to let them know I've banked-in and for what purpose. We will never know where the money is apportioned to, so that's where the trust to the mgmt of the foundation comes in. You are right, we have to hv a certain degree of trust. many things cld still happen. At the end, what matters is that we give from our heart, and to also use a little caution to minimise risk of the monies not reaching the intended destination. Nevermind karma, compassion has no religious boundries. :)


  14. Gosh! I have taken eons to reply the comments today. Please put my head on the chopping board, guys! LOL..

    JD Cole - I guess everyone does charity at some point of their lives. You are now enjoying your merits by enjoying the freedom of being jobless but still surviving. I would be dead if I am jobless. Debt ridden I guess. LOL..

    Lifebook - You have 2 great friends here. What should we do next? Put on your thinking cap please!

    Takashi - You are so big spender and RM150 is peanuts to you! How about increasing to RM1500? That would help more folks.

    Volunteer Teacher - We would love to donate more in future. Tell us their needs. We wanna see them more successful than us today.

    KEENYEE - I was surprised that you really chipped in so fast as we targeted to help before CNY. Thanks a million for placing trust on ME!

    Anton - Whatever reasons one does for charity does not matter actually be it karmic benefits or clearing. We just need to have this habit cultivated often. If you have been involved in NGO stuffs, you should be aware that they cannot be trusted many a times. It is better to buy or provide directly to the needy urgently instead of the long red tape. The case of tsunami, I shall never forget that donors often donated what they wished and not what the victims needed urgently.

    SK Thamby - I appreciate your very kind and good wishes. I think my life has been very good since the day I was born. I felt that I should give back to the society always. Knowing you great bloggers must be due to my good merits too. Yende SK Thamby deh?

    Daniel Ng - Thank you for your kind wishes. We will count you in next time for sure. I know you are taukeh and I am taugeh. LOL..

    A Common S'porean - My size is XL big but my heart is still small. Will try to expand it often. LOL

    Medie007 - Many people talk like you "No Time".... Hey, common man we have time to laze, wank and window shop! So put aside some minutes to help others lah! I know you can!

    Bruce - Phew! Why so long winded grandma? You will scare my distinguished bloggers like Anton away. I will blame you ok!... Anyway thanks for your honest thoughts. I think Anton has heard you loud and clear :)

    Anton - Stay cool man. The world is free and my blog welcomes Freedom Of Speech. That is why I don't impose those pre-owner's approval. ;)

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