Monday, March 16, 2009

Expired Blogger

I think bloggers come in many categories and I've fallen to the ranks of "Expired Blogger" coz I am always late! SK Thamby puts me to shame always. Bah!

Well, the good side is that our economy is sliding downhill but my office workload has escalated. Don't believe me, you may ask Anton coz he often accompanied me as "online buddy". Oh dear, we have never even met but talked anything under the sun like old mates. Heeeee!

So the long weekend 2 weeks ago, Sam had a fun sleep over session while Cole was earlier being seduced by a pervert admirer at Market Place, I went home instead to Penang to visit my old parents - Dad being 81 years old and Mum is 79 years old. Let me update you about them since the last posting about Mum & Dad in December.

My Papa Twilight wants to go online again and to read blogs of RPK, Tun Mahathir and blah blah. Old dad is so forgetful that he cannot remember where's the ON/OFF buttons and many others. So he bought his latest Lenovo PC and pasted very ugly orange stickers all over! Old dad is still quite brand conscious at his age. I think JD Cole would be the same at 81 years, still shopping for LVs.

I was so stunned that he bought a new 42" Samsung LCD for just RM3,000 net! That was so fucking cheap man! The shopkeeper swore that he's selling the cheapest sets in the country. So head to Penang to buy the cheapest electrical stuffs.

Not forgetting Mama Twilight who still waltzs ballroom with Papa every week, so she has many dancing shoes with suede bottoms to glide on the floor like an old Thai swan.
All her Imelda Marcos shoes are custom made and you won't believe that Jimmy Choo's father used to make her earlier shoes, many decades ago! This month's end, old Mama Twilight is co-hosting the YMCA's World Ballroom Competition in Penang. Twilight is being invited to the black suit ball! Yay!

My journey back to KL was so peaceful and serene with the morning drizzle. It was so freaking cool at 22C degrees with heavy fog like the rolling Guilin mountains in China. You only get to see this after Ipoh with the limestone hills beautifully run across like a dragon ascending from heavens.

Then suddenly hor....

I saw a corpse lying on the roadside motionless in badly torn clothing. I could not figure out the gender coz the bra chested was so mighty flat like a man, so I aimed at the genitals instead coz the Levis 501 was ripped apart like that!

I stopped the car and got down to discover a muscular Malay hunky man still alive! Eeer Yiaks, his flesh were ripped torn with open wounds oozing blood all over. His fingers were all broken and pointed all directions at North, South, East & West! Shrieks! He was numbed in silent pain!

2 female bimbos also got down and related in hysterical manner on how the man crashed by himself onto the side railings! He was speeding straight and the strong crosswinds blew him to the side, crashing on the metal sides. He was thrown off from his bike and fell onto the highway with his bike gliding towards passing cars! So the bimbo couldn't brake on time and ran over his bike!
So hysterical she was, kept pleading with Twilight to be the witness that she didn't hit him cos the victim was in great agony & pain to speak. Kaneeneh asked me be witness? Sorry, I didn't see how it happened exactly.

So many kay pohs stopped by, causing massive traffic jam on both sides! Someone pulled the victim's pants up to cover his pubic hair! Ambulance was summoned and the stupid receptionist asked us which hospital we preferred to summon their ambulance? WTF! How on earth do we know whether Slim River or Tanjung Malim?

The policemen arrived shortly but parked their truck on the other side of the lane. The stupid Bimbo pleaded hysterically again to the police that she didn't hit the victim but he fell by himself. I would have just shut my fucking mouth if I were her. Ended up the police had to examine her car and question her thoroughly.

Half way through, another accident happened on the same spot. OMG! A speeding motorcyclist rammed onto the police's truck which was parked stationary. There was a loud crashing bang and the motorcyclist was thrown off, onto the road. He got up in a terrible daze and smiled to the policemen.


  1. Thamby will now blog less, so to save more faces for Arumugam, hehe!! :p Arumugam's parents are indeed very up to the trend huh!! reading blogs (and when will he start his own blog) and ballroom dancing, salute them really!! :)

  2. .. and do they do the bollywood dancing (or rather chasing each other) steps also?? kekeke :p

  3. Hello Twinkle... Ur been away for so long... Glag to hear twinkle dad and mom doin fine.. Limbo Di Yi Dian... Though they aged but their mind is still catching up eh.. Gotta let make my mom be that way also haha...

  4. OMG!!! I can't watch accident and the victims cos it's scary and I will definitely feel pain and sad in my heart.

    Since when you and Anton became so close? What sparked up the friendship? Similar liking in feng shui or religion?

  5. Wow,if i were you,i'll just speed by cos i hate those motorists,especially those mat rempits. My car got hit by one of them last year.
    Ur good samaritan,twinkle.

  6. Sry alot typos, "They're aged" , "gotta let my mom think that way also"

  7. Twilight dude... what an interesting weekend u have ... I was enjoying my long weekend in Meow Meow city... :p

  8. omg!! i seriously can't stand accident!! so scary!

    anyway, the guy kinda look hunky ;P


  9. Wow you actually stopped your car, got down, and took pictures.

  10. Evann ~ coz Tan Sri Dato' Sri Dr. Grandma Twilight is the perfect blogger, seeking every event and opportunity to find material for his postings. Launch of Twilight News soon?


  11. of it all. seems so unreal except for the pics which speak for themselves

  12. dude why nobody tried to move him to a more comfortable position instead of letting him lay down on the rough asphalt like that while waiting for the police? I mean I do understand people with very few knowledge of helping someone who just had a crash better not try to help to not make the situation worse. But from your pictures those people were like watching him lay down on the road asking questions. Poor him.

    Anyway I just changed my blog URL:

  13. cool! are you supposed to be anonymous here?

  14. I am one of the "expired blogger" now, I have less and less time to blog and visits others blog as well!

    Shame on me!

  15. Not dare to say you are "Expired Blogger" as I'm not much better. Keke, knowing you and Anton are so damn free lor.
    Anyhow, you went down just to take photos wo, at least help the hunky man to adjust back his bra la. Banyak sexy la him.

  16. OMG, you cannot imagine how loud I laughed when you talked about JD and his pervert admirer. I nearly fell off my chair. LOL.

    If I were superstitious, I'd say the spirits were up to no good the other day - with all the accidents happening.

    But I might say that it was a grave day of human error then. Hope they're okay now though, those people - wherever they are.

  17. haha... how lovely your parents are... ur parents are good and healthy to buy this and buy that or have a dance together somtimes as well... your parents is lovely and perfect match oh... haha... by the way, after i had red the accident article, i feel my whole body is very damm pain as well... eerrrreeeeeeee oh... i got met an accident at Klang highway, i saw a motorcyclist was under the trailler... after i seen that accident, i had no appetite at all at that time lol... '' NO TAKE 2 IN YOUR LIFE AND BETTER TAKE CARE OF YOUR LIFE '' lol...

  18. Holy cow! -->to the accident

    How can you call yourself an Expired Blogger when you have stories like that to write?? ;)

  19. you no give first aid ah? take pikchures nia, sell them to newspapers lor!

  20. lol twilight, i never expect you stop by to keh poh lor...

    and your parents are cool leh... especially your dad ^_^

  21. hi twilight ~ i'm back !!! jst as wat i have promised u :P

  22. sigh... another accident on the road.

    u actually stop the car and take pic there? hmm... i never do that.

  23. How I wish I can do ballroom dance too ... wait till I retired, I will want to pick up dancing... haha

  24. SK Thamby - My dad was Gold Medalist from Royal Ballroom Dancing School in London. Hollywood film producers approached him to coach Chow Yuen Fatt & Jodie Foster for the "Anna & The King" but Papa Twilight declined. Crazy!... He cannot remember how to send or receive emails, so i won't teach him how to blog yet. WIll ask him read SK's blog for now.

    Jerry Boy - That will be good to tell your mum to think and live with young heart. That's the secret to longevity too.

    Calvin - You should know how popular Anton is. He is just like a flower that attracts honey bees and flies! I am those housefly.

    Ichimaru - I seldom stop when there are victims lying on the road but that man was alone for so long and no one STOPPED! So we called the ambulance and his family too.

    TZ - I am always so jealous that you are always going everywhere! LOL What a good karma you have to enjoy life.

    JD Cole - That Malay was hunky & handsome even when lying on the road. LOL

    Evann - I stopped not by choice but that poor fella was lying alone for so long with hundreds of passing motorists! Malaysia Boleh!

    Anton - You funny dude calling me names! It gets longer by the weeks I know you. LOL

    Bengbeng - Life is just like illusion. Now I don't even believe that it actually happened.

    Rad Sujanto - We could not moved him coz he broke his shoulder, leg, 6 fingers apart from ripped open flesh on his arm, hip, legs and shoulder. How to move???? At least we diverted the traffic for him and called ambulance.

    Audrey Ser!!!!!! OMG! What a surprise to see you here. Wakakaka!...

    Daniel Ng - I was also wondering what happened to you? Miss your postings.

    KEENYEE - I always look forward to your blog postings but you have slowed down too. Oh his T shirt torn until looked like Bra.

    Sam - I didn't realise that it was funny but I am certainly glad that you fell off your chair. ha ha ha! You know that pervert admirer, alrite.

    Shelly - You have got lovely and caring parents too. So you should be happy lah! I didn't know that you can drive car.

    Perky - My working hours are so long and I often dozed off when I am updating or reading blogs. My eyes were tired.

    wuching - He was broken all over and we dared not move his body at all. His broken fingers which pointed every directions was scary enough.

    Willy's Diary - I believe you will stop when you see the victim alone lying motionlessly on the road. I was disgusted that no one helped to call ambulance. In Taipei, people could be more helpful sometimes. When my dad was young, he could have been your Class "A" type. LOL

    LeuMas - I am glad you are back! But your blog is silent with cobwebs!!! Ha ha ha LOL...

    E.T - You never do that coz there's no such accidents in Singapore?? Or you can pengsan to see blood? LOL

    Michi - I think retires dance a lot and better with the free time availability.

  25. fuyoo... live experience of an accident eh? so how's the man in the end?

  26. shucks man....pity that guy...but i hate those motorist...who speed and love to overtake....

    wah, u r hardcore starbucks fan! hahaha...dun worry, i drink all kinds of coffee one....but i still like san fran....

  27. And the jam must have been terrible due to the accident? The bimbo must have been terribly annoying, did you slap her face?(unofficially accounted for in your post?) I might have. Save the bugger first lah, talk later.

    You have very stylo mum and dad. When I grow up, I want to be like them. When I told my dad about "email" the very first time, he mentioned he cannot find a direct connection between a gigantic bird(Emu) and computers..

  28. haha... am i really look under-age ya...? haha... juz kidding to u my dear friend... wahahahaha... actually i have my car licence since 2006 lol but leh i really seldom drive on the weekdays time as well oh... my working place so near my residential place so my mum or my brother will drop me at my office lol... i will drive on the weekends time oh... sometimes i really feel scare to drive bcoz i had seen a lot of the road accident as well... haha... '' OUR LIFE REALLY DUN HAVE THE 2nd , BETTER TAKE CARE OF UR LOVE ONE AND URSELF OH '' ... take care much oh my dear lovely friend... haha...

  29. *gasp*! you photographed that poor fella? So are you considered one of the kay pohs? OMG~ what a long weekend you had!

  30. Twilight just to let you know I enjoy reading your blog and I added this blog on my google reader. :)

    In short, Keep blogging.

  31. Medie007 - I kena many accidents myself and good samaritans helped me countless of times. So I gotta help others too. I guess that victim is in good hands as the police and ambulance took good care of him.

    Vialentino - I often rated Penang motorist as the worst coz the love to overtake left and zig zag. Slap me hard for being a Penang driver too.

    A Common Sporean - I think your dad is not that old yet. My dad never remembers how to use the computer yet he still upgraded to 2 GB!!!!!! I wanna faint.

    Shelly - Wow! i never guessed you have a license. You dare to fetch us to ronda ronda sometimes?

    Fable Frog - My wknds are always jam packed with kay poh chores. LOL

    LEon - What a nice compliment, thank you!

    Paul Rainbowpluboy - yeah it was 2 accidents on the same morning. I had seen a 10 car pile up accident once due to oil slick on the road. No injuries!

  32. I think I was more interested in the LCD TV. As for the accidents once again it's a product of Malaysian carelessness. Biar cepat mati pun tak apa.


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