Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Twilight Birdies

I would ask TZ, "Have you seen white peacocks?" This dude has photographed hundreds of exotic animals from Zoo Negara till Sibu, right up to Uganda! He is indeed my own version of National Geographic photographer wannabes who has recently advanced to snapping pretty 2 legged birds as well. I bet TZ had never seen a white cock. LOL...!

My damn Sor-Hai friend Michael emailed to me and said that it would bring anyone good luck for seeing a white peacock. That reminds me of my growing years in Thailand where the folks believed in any myths that could bring luck and to strike numbers eventually. Thais are crazy punters for 4 digits and they also buy our 3 types of 4Ds weekly apart from their own gaming numbers. While Malaysia is Bolehland, we call Thailand as Mai Pen Rai (Never Mind).

Oh the Thais would round up all the white elephants to present to the King who would keep them in the private royal palace's zoo as they believe that the monarch's reign would prosper with the existence of albino elephants.
I was told by an expert that this bird is actually a Down's Syndrome animal like what we have seen some humans who have white hair, skin and eye pupils too. If looking at albinos bring me luck, then I should work or live next door to Kiwanis of Kuala Lumpur. You know what I am talking.
 Those who suffer from Down's Syndrome have much allergies to the glare and strong sun rays too. While I do sympathize them, a monk told me that it has to be due to their karmic matters.

I had seen pure white cockroaches a few times in my life too. The first time I saw it, my knees turned rubber and I nearly passed out from shock! FCUK I never want to see them again. I heard every cockroach would look pure white for a few minutes during its transformation process into adulthood. 
I am not sure how true that is coz I always failed my Science subjects! (hiding my face now)..... Have you guys seen any freaking white beings other than Michael Jackson?


  1. yet to come on Uganda birdie... stay tune eh! :p

    I never seen the white peacock... if i saw it i will never give the peacock a change to escape ... heheeeee from my shooting ... blek!

  2. urgh. hate those sort of email. spam. LOL

  3. i'm feeling lucky already!!

    those birds r beautiful~ and if i were to wear the feathers as part of my garment....than i will be more fabulous!! ;P

    p/s: when is twilight gonna teach me how to play 4D?

  4. anyway that white peaCOCK looks very stunning instead woh.. sure contrast with the natural skin color of Arumugam~~ :p

  5. Wow, that white cock looks fantastic!! Ops...peacock to be exact!! Got such thing as white cockroach? Those cockroaches at my house are all dark2 in color..hate it!! Hm..couldn't think of any freaking white being that I've ever seen. Let me think about it.

  6. u will turn white too when u r sleeping in the coffin :P

  7. wow... that is awesome! its beautiful! thanks for sharing.

  8. first time i see white peacock... but you can really get good luck from seeing that bird?

    i'm going to buy kuda tomorrow to proof it LOL

  9. i saw white peacock before wor~ i forgot where i saw them though but those poor peacock i saw the tail not so nice one~ feather falling off~ or maybe people pluck them for display at home! poor birds~ My hamster will turn white once in a while too mah~

  10. I saw the white peacocks before & I don't know it can bring good luck and Kena toto, Aiya..I miss the chance to become millionaire man!

  11. Waaaaah.. so nice the white peaCOCK!! I think i would love it.

  12. That would make a fabulous headgear for JD. ^_^


  13. Wah .. thanks for sharing about the albino peacock .. oppss ...

  14. White cocks should be quite easy to come by... :P

  15. TZ - I saw so many animals from your posts and lost track where they were from. Oh well, we will stay tuned for your exotic African birds.

    Medie007 - Next time I will direct spam mails to you too. Don't scream, they are worth reading!

    JD Cole - Oh Cole Diva looks every bit a queen with long flowing white peacock feathers on the back train while making appearance debut at Market Place. The pervert doc would be on hand & foot to welcome your majesty. LOL... Wanna play 4D? Sure can, must pray to Dato Kong Anton first okei..

    SK Thamby - Excuse me, I am fairest skinned of the Northern India's kashmirs. Shah Rukh Khan is way darker than me.

    KEENYEE - I know nobody believes there are white cockroaches! I swear they exists. Try google white cockroaches. Eat them coz you lost the bet.

    LeuMao - Choi! choi! Your soei mouth. I think you are fairer than the white cockroaches. LOL

    E.T - Thanks to you for sharing so many photos of the ads too. I love them, you know.

  16. i had seen this pictures before when i read my mailbox oh... the peacock is very nice, like an angelas well... haha... i will be shock if i saw the peacock in front of my eyes i think... haha... beautiful and gorgeous oh...

  17. Sam - Try to google white cockroaches and see for yourself to get goose bumps. Hope you faintz after seeing the photos. LOL

    Willy Lor Mak - Hey pls dont believe that crap. You another typical Thai. LOL. I hope you are getting happier everyday.

    Fable Frog - You saw the white peacock in my blog lah. LOL.... Your hamster can turn white? That is fucking funny joke man. Wkakakaka

    Daniel - Now you give me an idea to dye a peacock white colour and tie my TOTO tickets on its neck. Twilight Millionaire in the making. LOL

    Pikey - If I ever find the white peacock feathers, I will give you one!

    anton - I thought you would say fabulous headgear for Keenyee. Maybe JD could wear it to parade in mardi Grass! LOL

    Sbanboy - Welcome dude. You want a white peacock feather too?

    William - Where do you find white cocks so easily? Belgium? LOL

  18. Shelly - I would faint too if I see a white peacock at my door.

  19. There were a few white peacocks at the Spore Zoo and in Sentosa island.

    Erm,let me see if I can find those old pics of mine

  20. Last time the Star talked about a guy in Melaka who has an albino crow pet. He also said the crow brings him good luck - play 4D always kena at least consolation prize one. Pity it isn't in the online archive anymore.

  21. Yah, I heard about white animals being albinos from my brother (who is a quite a walking encyclopedia).

    I wonder what about the white tiger..

    And yes, the peacock is indeed very pretty. First time seeing this, even seeing it on a photograph it looks beautiful.

  22. Michael jackson was my idol.... once upon a time la...

    he got albino also? hahah... you are so funny!

  23. ichimaru akira - Where's your white peacock? Inside your pants! LOL...

    JL - Really albino crow can help kena 4D? I wanna keep one too. I have been keeping crystal trees and they are good luck givers.

    A Common S'porean - Where can I see the white tigers? I had only seen white cockroaches only LOL

    Michi - After MJ faded to white, his songs also evaporated significantly. Maybe being black produces better singing pitch.

  24. aiyoh...this bird got down syndrome....wat a pity

    back to ur post comment....
    i wish i can job hopping last time but love the job i am doing... at least u change 15 companies...meaning u get salary adjusted 15 times...kaya siul...

  25. You can see them in the Singapore Zoo :)


    I found out they are not albinos, its a gene mutation. Very interesting.

  26. alamak...down syndrome /= albino lah, & so do kiwanis syndrome is /= albino. They r no link. i presume u eat too much nasi campur.


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