Monday, March 9, 2009

Twilight News 1

I had to visit Bukit Antarabangsa to check my client's completed project of "Built & Sell" homes which were completed long before the horrifying avalanche. As usual me, so kay poh and went ronda-ronda to comb every road many rounds until the policemen also looked at me suspiciously like a grave digger!
I drove to the site, trembling a bit coz got few people died mah. The tinge of sadness was there as I could imagine how the dwellers of bungalow homes were jolted by the loud crash of earth boulders that fateful day. To stay in high rise is not safe but here landed homes also not safe pula. 
They have quickly cleared the debris and cleaned the roads plus opening up alternative routes. I actually love this area coz it has thick virgin forest reserves with heavy mists and fogs every morning and night time or after rains. It is so heavenly to live in this refreshing sanctuary. Years ago, I nearly bought a studio unit condo from our client but didn't managed to. I thank God he made me broke and ill afford to cough up the down payment then.

I also loved those abandoned 3 storey link homes that command the panaromic breathtaking view of the entire greens of the forest reserve. It is like a remaking of the Gardens of Eden picturesque.
Apa itu Eden when all the earth and rumah roboh habis in seconds?! 
That was more like Gardens Of HORROR lah!
This is my kawan's rumah and they were spared coz the rumbling earth swept away all his neighbours on the left! After the landslide tragedy, they never moved back to their home! 
WHY I ASKED????????
The impact of crumbling earth was so mighty great that it shook their whole house away by 4 inches! Surely lah, no one dare to live inside again as the tiang-tiang might roboh again. So scary wor! Moved by 4 inches, no way can shift back to original 4 inches location. LOL!
Better be safe than sorry!


  1. "Apa itu Eden when all the earth and rumah roboh habis in seconds?!
    That was more like Gardens Of HORROR lah!" Eden after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit lor......being chase away by the archangel.....hahahah

  2. maybe if Arumugam Twilight were to stay in there, then there wouldn't be any landslide ever~~ because Arumugam is always blessed by God Siva!! :)

  3. this is one natural disaster that i would never sympathize! sorry~

  4. Aiyu, must have been inspired by the reporters after your visit to The Star. This post might as well as be the launch post for Twilight News. :P lolz


  5. Wow... the house moved 4 inches... that was some mighty landslide huh..

  6. A bit confused here with the mixed language in your post (Malay and English) hehe.

    So your project is to rebuild those houses or reconstruct some new buildings on that land? Or what?

    Just trying to understand a bit more =)

  7. twinkle... I don understand.... Enlighten me ;(

  8. High rise not safe, landed also not safe. Maybe we shall move back to stay on the tree. :)

  9. the news really upset me. it showed how corrupted malaysia is...

    but i like your image that wrote Bukit Antara Sampah LOL

    guess the land price there has dropped drastically...

  10. reading abt is one thing but to see the pics n read it on yr blog is another. it is terrible.

  11. I had no idea this happened in Malaysia coz I am a suaku Singaporean.

    How was it measured? The 4 inches.

    Its quite scary.

  12. Trembling a bit only meh? Got ghosts there you know. Hauntings from restless spirits demanding justice!

    It's not a natural disaster. The cause is entirely man-made. I hope they will stop blaming the rain. This is what you get when you don't respect nature.

  13. this is funny, bukit antara sampah ....

    back to ur comment in my bubba gump post: hmmm...even men eat vege are horny ler...maybe seafood got extra performance and longetivity...hahaha

  14. Paul J - You are so imaginative but I think they missed the jambu. That's the only hanging fruits there and Adam & Eve never enjoyed it.

    SK - Oh thank you if God Siva always bless me! I also want God Siva bless SK Thamby.

    JD Cole - It was actually man made disaster, so all the more you ought not sympathize.. I sympathize that there's humans with lack of wisdom but greed out there.

    Anton - I thought people always said I do news reporting and not blogging. Now which is which?

    Perky - i refused to believe that his whole house moved 4 inches. So I went there to see with my own eyes and I think it was more than 4 inches!!! It was the whole chunk of land that moved together. So geli.

    Rad Sujanto - My agency handles property developers and we do all media advertisements for them to sell. Faham now?

    Jerry - How can I enlighten you? I happened to check the landslide area near my client's development. Then I viewed my friend's house which the landslide shook it 4 inches away. So it is not safe to live inside anymore. It has become a shit hole too.

    KEENYEE - You must be a monkey to think that. LMAO!!!

    Willy - You are so clever. The price dropped rock bottom but nobody wants it. Siti Nurhaliza lives there too. Gone case liao.

    Begngbeng - Being greedy has its cause and effects. Sibu is so safe from landslides.

    A Common Singaporean - The earth came tumbling down in huge landslides and many bungalow homes were crushed killing several victims. My friend's whole house was pushed aside by 4 inches. The whole garden also moved and there are many cracks on the house now.

    Foongpc - of course I saw the ghosts there hiding under trees. Lost count! I agree that it was man made disasters since the Highland Towers. They never learn enough.

    Vielentino - Aiyo eat sayur also can be horny ka? LOL... Ha ha ha ha! I heard that seafood makes your genitals itch... hence......

  15. Oh I see.

    Anyway it's paham not faham :P

    Time to learn Malay I guess.

  16. Rad Sujanto - LOL.... You always tickle my ribs! Paham?

  17. nowadays really countdown for the disaster as well ... like everyone need to face up the coming world war lol ... this is very sad for everyone now ... do these world war ends one day as well ... ??? ... life time for next decades is short ... u will not know what is next and what is going happen on u next ... everyone is live in a bombing area ... no one will know who are going to disappear as well ... '' IS CRUEL AND SAD TRUTH NEED US TO FACE UP NOW ... !!! !!! '' ... ...

  18. pity those rich fellas ..... and most probably they wld have gotten anor piece of land or bungalow somewhere else

  19. wow! mist in the morning?! coolness!

  20. wow! mist in the morning?! coolness!


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