Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's Finger Lickin' Goodiest!

I know it is weird of Grandma blogging about food again. Maybe I should only blog about food like others. At least I don't blog about my bad emo series, menopause and global retrenchments! I talk my emo woes & cry in the toilet alone instead of screaming for the world to hear. That is why someone thought I am eternally happy & drives a Merc. How flattering!

Hey, I tried the recent Roast Chicken from Kentucky outlets and I've nothing to brag about it except their baked potatoes. The potatoes are cheaper coz they sucks! Try Wendy's baked potatoes & you taste the kilometer difference!

This latest gourmet is from KFR! They dipped with finest honey & grilled over perfect flames for hours to give the crispiest skin. Sink your teeth in & the floor will be wet with your saliva. Ooooh! Yummy!

It is so fucking delicious & aromatic that you don't need any more sauce! The most is just a dash of the fried salt pepper seasoning to bring up their sweet honey taste!

The lean meat is so white & tasty that you would be chewing till the bones & sucking its juice essence! Adam & Eve never had it so good!

See how their deplorable kitchen prepares the KFR food. When you enjoy the food, it's best to avoid seeing their preparations! You might puke!

After chopping and marinating they would fry lightly first.

Now before that, they hand picked all the rats first! Who said it was chicken? Did I say it was chicken? I just said KFR!

To my horror, they used the flames to torch the farm rats to remove its hair! Now did Jerry say the same thing about torching his facial hairs too? LOL, smart Jerry!

Now KFR is Kentucky Fried Rats and please don't ask me where to eat them! 


  1. Oh I've seen this before, always makes me wary of food on the street whenever I'm out abroad. :P

  2. Ewwwwwwww :(

    Twinkle did u really eat those rats and does those Paris Hilton alike always let u go into the kitchen and interview their process?? LOL

    Anyway, U did rant about the traffic!!! and alot middle fingers!! haha gotcha...

    Gdnite papa

  3. twilight dude... when i see the nice roasted food ... my saliva is nearly dripping but as i scroll down to read more my puke is out ... What the .... blek!

  4. that is freaking crazy!!!!

    i thought you were blogging about KFC... but it turned out to KFR eventually LOL

    lost my appetite for my breakfast already lar... you to be blame ^_^

  5. Will not be my favourite I'm sure. Haha.

  6. i read abt this long time ago liao la~ ntg special... last time i saw how they cook dog...poor puppy...

  7. do u know u r a weird but astonishing woRld class bloggeR~

  8. Uncle Twinkle,congrats in making me puke.Maybe I shuld serve u the steamed variety

  9. as long these are not from the street, eat good food and clean~ i don't mind geh~ i'm sure they are not much different from guinea pigs and rabbits. ;)

  10. KFR is nothing special for thamby laaa, we have got loads of it back in our motherland, remember arumugam?? it's so common, kekeke :p

  11. gosh you really had me there I thought the "chicken" looked funny! It is enough for me to go veg for a day.....

  12. Oh! My goodness!
    My mouth was so watery when I read the first part, then I swallow my saliva after I read the end of it!


  13. I think rat meat is nice, so as long as they are really farm rats fed with grains. Then again, we never know what the animals we consume are fed, right?


  14. eee. so horrigible. rats are so cute how could one possibly eat them? :(

  15. we heard that rats taste like chicken! XD

  16. I have never eaten fried rats before. Wonder how they taste like! : )

  17. Looks tasty lor if don't look at the last few pic. If have chance to, try it and let us know how it taste like ok.

  18. after looking at the pics for the 2nd time, still EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW

  19. iiks.. i definitely dont want to eat this. prefer yr emo n ranting any time

  20. aiyoh.....is rats...damn it...i poison them with rat poisons...cant imagine eating them back again

  21. Hehe, available in China, right? :D

  22. Yuck!!! Eeew.

    Now I'm losing my appetite!

  23. Sam - Just close your eyes and eat them. You won't die so easily.

    Jerry - I didnt eat the rats but kicked them many times like football. Paris Hilton really took me into her Curry Mee kitchen. Me your Papa??

    TZ - Hey you are seasoned traveller, probably seen cannibalism in Africa too. What the heck?

    Willy's Diary - Soli Soli! Spoilt your breakfast. Will compensate you with Kellogs.

    Legolas - I thought you knew those rats were eaten in Beijing? I thought you ate scorpions, worms, snakes and rats as well there. LOL

    LeuMas - You ate the dogs? Woof!

    JL - Try some and you'll ask for more!

    Kenlin - Thanks for your complimentary insult. Ha ha!

    Ichimaru akira - I will join you after you demo in eating steamed ones. Heh heh heh!

    Fable Frog - Yeah I think it should be clean coz I eat lots of fried frogssss! (Sorry ate your siblings)

    SK - Yeah you ate snails at Champs Elysees while I ate rats cum shit in Chennai slums! Not fair!

    SgBoy - Hey i thought you eat raw & wet stuffs! LOL

    Robo - I wish I can be a serious food blogger like you! :) I enjoy your blogs!

  24. Anton - Very true! I hear crabs eat dead & rotten poultry plus pigs eat dog meat. Yiaks!

    Evann - Mickey Mouse is cute of course! LOL

    Queen B - Yeah it is better than KFC!! Try lah!

    vincent - Gross? You still drink milk and eat sweets?


    foongpc - Let's try together over Fear Factor game! Okay?

    K|E|E|N|Y|E|E - Yeah I also think it is tasty! Wanna try?

    Medie007 - EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW! You so cute!


    Nicholas Rashidee - You and Bong are lovers kah? So same feelings! LOL

    Bengbeng - Okay no more food from me! I am not suitable to blog food stuffs!

    Silencer - Hello Joe! What a surprise to see you here again. Shall we got for rats?

    Vialentino - Yeerrr! You so cruel! Dont believe in cause & effects meh? Smoke your house and they will run away.

    Chen - Oh you ate them in China? I didn't lah.

    Savante - You lost appetite? But you are doctor la!

  25. HOLY shiet..
    LOLSs it looks nice but
    it scared me wen i saw it was a rat.........
    gahh LOL


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