Sunday, April 5, 2009

My New Shoes

When Nicholas posted his new Nike shoes in his blog, I thought it was hilarious that he shed a tear of happiness before he slept. I also encountered a similar emo moments when I bought a new pair of Reebok casual wear shoes! 

I got it at 50% from Why Pay More outlet, so fucking cheap lah! I thought it was very light with fanciful stripes for my traveling this year. Oh, I am planning to visit Phuket soon and ski in Korea this Winter, so need to build some arm and leg muscles ahead. Otherwise I might crash into the Mt. Sorak alps if the ski course sends me off track & kaput!

Actually, I was busy making dumps in the toilet when I admired my shoes and snapped a photo of it to show off to you. See, I so brave to pull my pants down. Ha Ha! Smell anything from my dumps? Honestly, I love to shit at Jacky Chan's toilets coz it is clean and the best part is when you habis.

The toilet bowl has this water jet to spray your arse hole! Whooooo! Put full blast and I will see my grandma in heavens. LOL..
Can you see my dump inside? It is actually a gold fish inside! Yeah, I shit out gold fishes sometimes. Bluek!

Recently I enjoyed their new bikes while watching the 3 miserable TVs while FF has plenty of TV screens! Ah, this bicycle has a seat to relax my back plus built-in motorized fans!! You can feel as if you are cycling with strong wind blowing your face. So real when I watched Discovery Channel showing Newport Beach in LA.

I am working out hard to stay healthy and lighter. That pic is definitely not me, coz I am not so ugly.

Good Health Is Good Wealth!


  1. Twinkle,suddenly I got smell someting stinky.

    Erm,u did caught any anak ikan by chance?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. That pic is definitely not me, coz I am not so ugly.


    now we can see why empress dowager twilight is so fcuking rich!; u shit gold fishes~!! XD

  4. Twilight dude, when r u coming to join me in FF... :p

  5. my my...

    stalker! no wonder TZ is so scared of you. hahahaha

  6. Its dangerous to have those water that jet spray ur arse after u habis... U know sometimes fire power too big and Miss spray, they spray the leftover all over ur legs... or buttock area... Nice mince meat of dumpling everywhere on u MM MMM Degalicious!!

  7. Shit out gold fishes..then you have the talent to perform like those Thai girl wo. Very bad of you, said that guy ugly...CHAM!!

  8. Another crazy granma story! lolz

    Eeeeecks! The shoes looked similar to a pair I saw when shopping for Ching Ming items for my ancestors. CHOI CHOI CHOI! *slaps ouw mouth*

    Have a wonderful week ahead! ^_^

  9. Healthy is costless for everyone lol... Exercise more for fitting-up our body, built-up our mmuscle lol... GAMBATEH oh... wahahahahaha... stay healthy and take care much oh, mate... :)

  10. haha... how come the gold fish is in the toilet bowl ya ? that is cruel for treating the fish like that as well lol... :(

  11. eh, gold fish wor... you didn't catch the fish and steam it ah? so wasteful lar you twlight hehehe

  12. willy, i think twinle papa jst grab the goldfish up and swallow it alive.... :P

  13. Wow, 1st class toilets at FF. And my, who put that goldfish there? xD

  14. seriously how did u photoshop the goldfish there?

    Anton and keenyee's comment made me laugh out loud :)

  15. Why did the goldfish enter the toilet?

    To get flushed to the other side!


  16. I see u r quite a regular gym fanatic!!

    Yeah, pumped it up for your trip!!

    Shoes not bad.

    We used to have Why Pay More in Singapore. But they disappeared from the island somehow years ago..

  17. Oh, cheap sales at Why Pay More? Until when?

    You shit gold fish? So scary, better see doctor!

    So Jacky Chan gym or FF better? No need to compare toilets cos I hardly use them! : )

  18. do ppl still buying reebok shoes?

  19. Ichimaru akira - Wah my sai could reach your nose? LOL What fish I caught? They were from my anus.

    Queen B - My wealth cannot compare with your hidden royalty assets in Siberia mountains.

    TZ - My CF membership not yet expire lah.

    Media007 - I didn't know my stalking scared TZ. He is so strong & muscular, sure any grandma is fearful of TZ.

    Jerry Boy - Okay I make nice delicious mince meat and you eat them! LMAO.

  20. KEENYEE - Oi you naughty devil went to watch Thai Harimau shows guar?? They got squirt gold fishes out meh? I only know can shoot darts and drink coke! Muahahaha!

    Anton - I also had same thoughts that my Reebok looked like "Kong Tek" shoes for the dead. Yeeerrr!! Phiak! Slap you.

    Shelly - Hey I did photoshop and pasted the gold fish inside la. I will exercise more often now.

    Willy - Whoa! Where got steamed gold fish? So tiny and just 1 bite LOL.. You are drunk boy!

    LeuMas - You silly LeuMao thinking I am into cannibalism meh? Ha ha ha!

    JL - That was the toilet inside Jacky Chan's California Fitness. The gold fish is Jacky's.

    Bengbeng - Aiyo I did the photoshop lah coz I am expert in graphic softwares! Keenyee and Anton always pull my legs, tail and now thumb ...!!

    Sam - Someone pooped the gold fish's eggs in the WC, so they were born inside toilet bowl. LMAO!

    A Common S'porean - I waste my money signing up gym member coz I could only attend on wknds. Then I could disappear whole December month!! The Singaporeans won't buy cheap shoes, so they buy from "Must Pay More" outlets

    Foongpc - Your comments made me laugh! I think FF is better though smaller coz they have more branches to choose. Look at TZ hopping all over to carry same weights! He has loads of fun!

    Silly Guy - Why won't people buy Reebok? I just bought them.

  21. Haha, dont cakap so kuat la. So shocked to see gold fishes came out from "there" and still alive ler. Really pengsan!!!

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