Monday, April 27, 2009

My Saturday Outing

It was so blarrrdy expensive for a RM120 ticket with Chinese dinner while I being a Penang kiamp-siap paid RM60 just to rent their chair to sit without food. Whole night I was staring at the diners tucking hungrily on the buttered prawns, 4 Seasons Cold Dish and fried rice. They were eating like gluttons while I stood and watched them eat like Hungry Ghosts!

Luckily there as a free flow of fruit punch and I drank over 10 glasses coz it was FREE! 

I was impressed with the contestants today as the number of hours they invested to fine tune their steps rigorously paid off. Judges would give scores on their step variations, showmanship, costume appearance, techniques and etc. I recalled that I actually grew up around the dance floors as mum & dad used to waltzed their nights at various clubs while we toddlers played with other kids, not knowing why our parents danced so much.

Next weekend, I will be watching the World YMCA Ballroom Dance Competition which would be held in Penang. My old mom is one of the organizers, so need to be around to lend support.

This Japanese judge received her gift token, bowed lowly and almost wanted to kiss the baldy's hands while murmuring - Yes Yes Hai Hai Hai I am Sor Hai.

This is Alfred Choo, cooly showing off his T-Chested assets while prancing on the floor before tossing around his sexy looking kitten. My jaw dropped without a blink and cheered for him to win!

His younger brother who has his Xerox copy looks but shorter height danced aggressively the whole night, with his snarling looks and scary gnashing teeth ready to sink like a pontianak di luar jamban. OMG I was soooooooooo impressed by his garangnism!

Oh you should look at this flamboyant contestant No 10 who happily smiled the whole night belting out his jive, rhumba and latin dances with his revealing open shirt. Look Ma, see my big nipples!

CRASH! He slipped and fell onto the floor! He grinned & his kitten had to yank him up to his feet again. So damn malu lah! I would have hid under her green skirt!

Oh Oh this Eeeeeeeeevon was whole night shifting her bra straps no less than 30 times. Oh yes I counted them coz I was planning to buy Mega TOTO today. Her steps were so-so but her facial expression was like those hungry sex kittens who performed at the Bangkok's Calypso Cabaret shows. The audience loved her showmanship but not the judges.

Oh Momma! I think my bra snapped lah! Aiyo! Aiyo! My tek tek jatuh nanti.

Heh! Heh! There were 2 kid- couples doing their jive numbers and this pair won obviously. The other pair were like toddlers shaking their asses out of tune and lost their steps to the roaring laughter of the audience! This boy kinda amazed me coz he is jiving now, long before he is wanking. LOL!

So many groups performed the different categories and these are the finalists of Latin Dance parading before the winner was announced.

Alfred came 2nd whilst the Champion trophy was clinched by contestant No 24 who looked like a junkie with his partner whose back had so many big mosquito bites behind! They won because they danced very gracefully and smoothly to the tune of the music. Here looks are not so important but the way they carried themselves count. So buy an imitation LV bag and the way you carry them could pass off as a genuine. I always stress on the importance for one to carry themselves well to look & feel good.


  1. Which did you do 1st, jive or wank? lolz

    Another classic granny twilight tale! ^_^

    Have a wonderful week ahead.

  2. Wah! You so high class ah! Go watch ballroom dancing competition some more but not sitting at the dinner table. Hehehe...

  3. Everyone all so sexy sexy, I'm amazed if anyone weren't aroused, ah I mean bothered. Hahahahaha!!!!!

  4. wow... what an "atas" activity! always wanted to go and learn ballroom dancing, but cant find any friend to go with me! :(

    But when i think of wearing those high waist & tight pants... i just feel weird loh! Ha Ha Ha...

  5. Medie007 - Oh yeah they were sexy male & female dancers. You might go GaGA seeing the real thing.

    Anton - Of course I wanked first lah. You have a happy and blissful week ahead.

    Calvin - Next time you can also attend if you like to watch them dance.

    JL - All eyeing at the voluptous & shapely dancers. The male dancers were either too kiddo or ugly whilst only 2-3 were the ladies favorites.

    E.T - Where got tight pants? It looked loose to me. Maybe you have been watching the ballet dancers! LOL

  6. FYI, Granny is from high society.

  7. Dancing boys - an indication of homosexual inclinations. Hahahaha!

  8. we wish we were there dancing our cleavage heart-out! xD

  9. Granny, can you dance as well? Those dancers look great!!!

  10. i watched it recently ( years )dont know when. this international dancing contest. it was in Penang n like a big indoor stadium somewhere Bayan Baru or thereabouts i think

  11. I have tried learning the salsa but failed miserably! I think ballroom dancing is not for me. I like to watch the dancers dance, but I don't like to dance myself. Much prefer freestyle dancing! haha!

  12. why don't you join the competition? ^_^

  13. Lifebook - What hai society you talking man? LOL

    Evann - Most dancing guys there have girlfriends and wives lor.

    Nicholas Rashidee - Look Ma, he sat on the floor! LMAO!

    Queen B - It would be lovely to see Your Majesty stride & dance across the ballroom with your fabulous long train. Walau eh! Niak Niak!

    K|E|E|N|Y|E|E - How the hell could you think an old grandma could not dance? Of course I could do breakdance and Tongkat Moonwalk too.

    Bengbeng - Wah you are like antique museum, recalling yesteryears. need to live in the present la.

    foongpc - I think I prefer to watch Salsa dance compared to Latin Dance. Try again dude!

    Willy's Diary - I am so big and clumsy to join. Further more gals are so short.

  14. Fantastic night out.

    I am charmed.

    I wish I could dance. But I can't coordinate ever since I was a teenager looming in discos. My head would turn in the same direction where my hands and legs are moving. (doing it all wrong)

    And Yes, i forgot to move my buttocks...

    I hated Darth Vader ever since.

  15. Looks fun...wei your comments are quite funny. U are not afraid that they will read your blog and sue you.



  16. A Common S'porean - You sound like me! I used to frequent the disco like 3-6 nights weekly! Apart from boogie, I was also boozing & took part in Beer Yard contests. Oh what a wild grandma! LOL

    Derek - You gave me a FRIGHT coz I was thinking of you tonight and here you appeared like a ghost! Where have you been all these months? Let's meet up again. They sue me? Choi! Choi! Choi! your blardy mouth.


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