Friday, April 17, 2009


Once I was strolling aimlessly at Mid Valley Megamall during a crowded weekend sale. A lady tapped my shoulder and I turned around to look at her. Under her huge dark shades, I could barely recognize her.

I thought she was some Paris Hilton replica under heavy make up and kinkily dressed to kill.

OMG she squealed in her thick Penang Hokkien and I was jolted to my senses!
Aiyah this woman sells the Best Curry Mee Penang style in Klang Valley!

You won't believe me that she's a transformer on weekends and proudly boasts that even her relatives hardly recognize her when she removes her kitchen aprons.

You know I don't blog about food coz I eat like a pig and everything is always nice! However, you gotta try this Penang Curry Mee!

Minus the pig blood, she adds chicken meat and char siew meat instead for under RM5.oo per big bowl. I love it so much and you can try this yourself this weekend! If it tastes awful, get a refund from me!

It is located in her corner house at Sri Petaling - Jalan Perlak 1.

You won't miss her Negara Ku flag coz she celebrates Merdeka 365 days!

Happy Weekend!


  1. In the faintest moment, you had the hots for her right? hehe

    Have a great weekend, Twinkle. ^_^


  2. i think the pig blood is the secret ingredient in making it more tasty than her competitors~ XD

  3. Wow Twinkle I'm drooling over it already, hope it is not too spicy...

    Paris Hilton eh..Self proclaim isit LOL, kua chiong betul!!!

    C'mon lets sing along Nothing in this world can stop us tonight, I can do wat she can do so much bet~~~~~~~

  4. yummy! yummy! look so delicious!Let go makan one day!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. You make me hungry with this post. I think the best Penang curry mee is by the river at Air Itam market. She squats there with her pots and stove. No stall or anything. This old lady hasnt changed her recipe for decades.

  6. I am trying to resist the temptation of curry mee since my detox program last week. I'm trying to eat more healthy food now. Hehehe...

  7. Not bad leh, these days all the blogs including mine talking about food, food, food. Wakao everytime always drooling one! LOLOL!!!!!

    Nasib baik your lady friend don't add pig blood cos I'll be too scared to eat it. xDDDD

  8. is the penang curry noodles got delivery service? can i order from spore?

  9. Hi Twilight Zone, it is so nice to be back here in your blog. I enjoyed reading your post.

  10. cheh...i still thought was really Paris Hilton!!!
    but hor...its not actually the Penang Curry Mee la...cos Pg Curry Mee doesnt have the "long-bean"

  11. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    why is everyone blogging about FOOD lately?!?!?!?!!

  12. I shouldnt be reading this post.

    I can only see, but I cant savour the great dish from where I am.

    Still, I can imagine the taste and flavor from the pix.

  13. hahaha... i won't not going to drool.. just got back from Penang... blek!

  14. the curry mee is delicious and juicy oh although i dun like much lol but i highly recommend this curry mee to my friends too... haha... if you buy some ''yau char guai'' and dip some curry, this is will be perfect oh... haha ... try it on as well lol...

  15. wei wei twinkle...when wanna go makan with me? ask my god mum go also can?

  16. Corner house at Sri Petaling? Not aware of this le. Anymore landmark? Aiyo...just invite all of us along next time lo.

  17. Anton - Hots for her, no way lah! Her taufu pok maybe, LOL. Tell me if you like that curry mee, else refund assured. The Choice Is Yours! (oopps!, not again)

    Queen B - No pig blood lah coz she said the ones in Klang Valley are not always clean. Maybe the KL babis are perverted & lunatic!

    Jerry - It is not very spicy, so normally have to tambah the chilly paste! I would sometimes buy 6 packets to freeze them and slowly heat up to eat at home. Paris Hilton doesn't eat them coz her hair will catch fire!

    Daniel Ng - Yum! Yum! Makan sama-sama ramai-ramai!

  18. Bengbeng - I thought that Air Itam stall no more liao, boss kaput liao! Am I talking about same stall?

    Calvin - Oh curry mee would harm your detox! Must refrain coz so spicy and oily. You must be clean & light by now. Good Calvin!

    JL - My next blog would be about yummy food again! I ramble too much grandma tales, so need to be sensible.

    Sam - Pork is nice! Without them, they are not called good food. Errr I am just talking about how Cina pek thinks. The Choice Is Yours! (Not again Anton)

    E.T - Oh we can freeze them and hand carry to S'pore for you! Quick, take order!

  19. Hi! I'm Grace - Oh amazing Grace! Where have you been? Drop by more often else I forget you. Ha ha ha!

    ryan - I agree that Penang Curry Mee has no long beans but that green stick vege sure made the taste superb! Try lah! BTW you also Penang kia?

    Media007 - Better blog about food than emo stuffs guar. Food makes people fat, obese and happy! The Choice Is Yours! (not again Anton)

    A Common Sporean - Come to KL and Anton would host a Curry Mee banquet to honour you! LOL

    TZ - Cleber to make me jealous hor! Bluek!

    Shelly - Eat this with Yau Char Guai? Walau eh, this is something new to me. Then I can also celup with toasted bread, nantou dumplings, Marie Biscuits and Prawn crackers? In that case I just buy her soup gravy will do. LOL...!

    LeuMas - You organize a weekend treat and we all go to makan free ok! Quick!

    KEENYEE - Spot on! LeuMao will organize for all to makan before his bowling treat!

  20. Ehhh! I think I know this place! Seri petaling!? So close to where my house is! But damn it! I'm few thousand miles away from home now! GAHHH!

  21. Can you pls tell me why in heaven would you imagine her to be Paris Hilton even for a second? LOL!

    Really good ah, her curry mee. The address valid or not? Cos I will go check it out and if it turns out to be a hoax, I will ask you for a refund of my petrol money!

    And if it's real, but the curry mee taste awful, I will ask for a refund + petrol money : )


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