Sunday, May 3, 2009

Eleventh Hour

I hate it SO MUCH coz every year it has been same rush rush routine and Malaysians have been blamed for having this blardy habot of last minutes. SO what? I like to dilly dally till pressure mounts up. What is wrong with us guys? The coffin's lid would be shut at 12 midnight sharp and yet you could still see a stream of mourners rushing up the steps to drop their paper lies.

The police were everywhere as it there were gold bars and this orange man was still at the counter shaking his kondek turban in confusing state. His name is obviously Confused Singh!
I swear again once more that next year I will submit my forms early! Can someone teach me how to do it faster? Better still how not to pay any cukai? Some friends never submitted and they are still safe!


  1. if u believe cause n effect, u better pay. else u owe whole country, plus interest. die lor. i duno how many times u got to die to repay that.

    u have ur options dude. eg insurance , charity n books n magazines are all deductables.

  2. Do it early lah, I submitted in February. Nothing to cheat, a earnest salary earner.

  3. Yeah, use e-filing. But even so, must do it early... if wait last minute (like I did), the LHDN website takes forever to load!

  4. i never worry for that, cos my sister will do it for me! :p

  5. anyhow you still need to submit, why have to drag till last minute?? you thot you are a "drag queen"?? hahaha!! arumugam, use e-filing laa, save time save petrol save worriness, get it done in 2 minutes (errmmm, for grandma maybe 10 minutes)!!

  6. use e-filling lor... wahhh twinkle you so outdated hor LOL

    you need to plan for your tax if you want to pay lesser... like kolar bear said magazines and books are deductable (porn magazines are not entitled lar okay) LOL

    ask your parents to get receipt everytime they consult doctor...

  7. Just do it earlier! Do not procrastinate! It's almost the same every year!

  8. teach u not to pay Cukai... sound so salah... blek!

    hehehe... doing online is nice but i still enjoy going to the IRB last minutes to see how people panic and lost on how to file the tax.

    I'm so.... :p

  9. E-filing is a nice choice dude. If you know the way for not to pay cukai, share with me ya...keke

  10. OMG! I thought you're tech-savvy enough to submit your income tax through e-filling? Gosh! Start e-filling next year and you will see how convenient and easy and time-saving it is.

  11. Simple advise YAB Tan Sri Dato Sri Granny Twilight ....... use outriders la next time, at least six of them and with blaring sirens too to scare off peeps esp Confused Singh! :P

    ISH! Another typical Msian! :P lolz

  12. I so kesian you having to go thru the rush hour, but just LOL how you talk about the singh. May I LOLOL again? xDDDDD

  13. Use e-filing next time. Easy to use but also cannot last minute cos it will all jammed up. Pay me $$$ and I'll remind you to file your taxes early next year.

    Or start your own business, then you can qualify for Borang B and only need to submit by the June deadline. Of course, if you still procrastinate till end of June, may God help you! : )

  14. i did it last minute too :)

    too difficult to access the server initially

  15. wei bro...use e filing ler...i used that ler....payment can make online also ler...very senang

  16. i dont pay tax. my gaji x reach taxable level. hehe. but i use public transport, pedestrian walks, government hospitals, etc. aka tax payers money. thank you tax payers. ngee~ *wink wink*

  17. Yeah, why not use e-filing! Kan senang. No queue.

    But hey, really ka the Lok Lok van so cheap! And buffet style?

  18. Queen B - I thought you don't pay taxes but the Brits feed your tiara shoppings? LOL

    KhaO-LAr-sEXy-PRESS - adoi kena cursed lah me for escaping taxes! Got cause & effect meh? So scary!

    gardenofadam - Good boi you, next time I ask you submit for me ok.

    Perky - Grandmas are malas lah! Those era Nenek where got pay tax one?

    E.T - I want a sister like yours!! Does your sister need another brother?

  19. [SK] Thamby! You dunno i have to declare all the coconuts and chapatti sales in our Chennai restaurant. Some more all the sarees you sold to all the makcik Kamalas. LOL Then convert Rupee to RM.

    Willy's Diary - I was so busy and drag drag till server so jammed always. Thanks for telling me all your tips!

    Legolas - You are hired! Next year you submit for me okay?

    TZ s- So bad lah you enjoy seeing people suffering! Soon you will pay in Uganda currency again.

    K|E|E|N|Y|E|E - Oh now I know can share all the receipts with friends, the more the merrier!

  20. Calvin - Yeah I am internet savvy but busy & lazy. You have paid taxes ka? I thought you are a student.

    Anton - Simple, I should ask Antonest & Young to submit for me to save outriders.

    Medie007 - I think panadol Dr Billabong! LOL

    JL - How nice , you are only one kesian me!

    foongpc - Okay you are hired, please remind me to pass my forms to you for submission. Thanks dude!

    Bengbeng - Now I guess it's Penang people who like to last minutes! At least I am not guilty alone.

    vialentino - I don't wanna shocked you but I just collected my personal cheque book like 2 months ago. I never owned any personal cheque book in Malaysia.

    Nicholas Rashidee - No tax to pay still bising kuat. LOL

    savante - I have guessed that Penang people are damn last minutes.

  21. Just don't do it last minute and you will be fine.

  22. GRANNY!!!! Your blog is EXPIRED lo...

  23. Cedric Ang - You don't do last mins? Well, I have headaches each year and only accountants could guess why.

    KEENYEE - Amboi duh! Your blog also expired la now! Ha ha LOL

  24. I am not qualified to pay taxes. Well, wages taxes.


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