Monday, May 11, 2009

Horrible Beings

Lately I have been thinking on how horrible humans could be for raping, murdering and robbing helpless beings. Willy's BF got mugged in JB, my assistant got beaten up & robbed by Mat Rempits at 6:45am outside Secret Recipe, Pregnant Women being robbed & killed as reported and the old case of air stewardess Canny Ong being raped, murdered & torched! Seems no where is safe for anyone be it males or females.

I have been too cautious that when I walked on the streets, my eyes would scan the whole street for any would be robber or even stalker. I am going to buy a tongkat or cricket bat to place inside my car so that I could fight those who are armed with parangs. You guys ought to safeguard too and warn our mothers, sisters or even female colleagues to be extremely careful as the bad sliding economy would only hatch more deadly robbers overnight. Sadly only 1 type of race seems to be the main culprits as reported.

A prisoner being led out for his caning.

I often despise those rapist who could behave worst than beasts to rape young daughters in the presence of their parents. It happened once in PJ many years ago. Another case was a mother and older daughter being raped by foreign workers inside their home whilst the youngest one was being spared. It's so unforgivable and inhumane. They are such cruel bastards and should be stoned to death like the punishment in the Middle East.

The officer in charge would read out the convict's charges and the number of lashes on his ass.

Tied the convict to the wooden frame and stripped him nude in the presence of the officers and medical team.

A well trained whipper would do the job, caning hard on the convict's buttock. His screams could be heard miles away. What about the rape victim's screams and cries for help?

After 3 hard lashes! Ripped flesh showing! Great! Good! You deserve them!

After 10 lashes on the same spots, the flesh tears with blood oozing out! The pain is unbearable but does that justify the pain & torment of the victims? No way!

Now 15 canes later, I myself got the goose bumps at this gory sight! Are you guys laughing now?

Oh Oh, this is about 18 strokes later and the convict was nearing his fainting spells but there was no break or intervals!

20 strokes of caning and blood was oozing profusely down his legs. I am sure his dick shrank inside, no where to be found! I think he needs another 50 lashes!

He could still walk away unaided! Walau eh, he must be a super hero with iron ass! I can't believe that!

Lying on the bed in the sick bay, I hope they applied hot iodine on his wounds! 

I fully sympathize with all the fatal victims of barbaric cruel tyrants! Let's put on reminders to protect ourselves and our loved ones by taking extremely safe measures when walking or driving on the streets. I would often chant mantras when I am out on the road as that is the only thing I could do whilst hoping that my prayers could keep me out of troubles lurking out there. 

Prevention Is Better Than Cure


  1. Wah Twilight today your post so geng leh. Where you got the pics of the rotaning? xO

    You heard the guy jerit like chicken? xD

  2. But does the caning applies to murder and rape and such? i thought only imprisonment?

  3. i watched that clip before in year 2007. all of us stop working and gathered together to watch this clip...

    i was actually quite happy when i saw those rapist got canned!

    however i don't agree with you twilight. these rapist shouldn't be shot dead. castrate them and detain them together with naked ladies... LOL

  4. Ah Twinkle... Have u seen the video?? They are like while rotaning.. Prisoner's hands tied up and everything.. One Officer facing him in front telling him to relax himself and hang on while his face is being masked to avoid prisoner from seeing him...

    So he wouldn't get revenge next time... Humans...

  5. hmmmm.... maybe the robbery also should do the whip... then there will not have robbery :p

  6. agreed with willy, castrate them! ;P

  7. my bro got robbed by rempit once, and almost got robbed by a group of rempits (they brought parangs and all!)

    well, the police force came up with the idea of taking away rempit's motorcycles because without motorcycles, they can't rempit anymore.

    apply the same thing to rapists la.. take away the thing that they use to rape ppl: cut off their dicks. in addition, add some boobs and wig and send them to grooming class. who knows one or two can win miss tiffany?

  8. Those rapist defintely deserve this but, could this wouldn't help the victim. They still have to suffer for years to get over the nightmare. I agreed, we have to be more cautious and careful nowadays.

  9. Each time i read stories of rampant criminal acts carried out with impunity in Boleh Land, i feel indescribable rage (especially the case of the gang rape & murder of the young exec lady at Ampang Waterfront in Nov'2008. Her brutal death pictures are really heart wrenching & are burnt into my memory. And her murderers are still running free & loose! Yay. Boleh Land cops. Clap, clap, clap...).

    When back in town, have to equip myself & loved ones, with personal alarms & some 'street smart' knowledge. A can or two of 'Pepper spray' will come in handy too in desperate situations. At least i have done my part. Hope these mutherf@#kers burn in hell - soon! (My aunt was a victim of Mat Rempits. Luckily just bruises & scratches).

    On a lighter note, i'm surprised they call you 'granny' in some comments. Looks - mid-30s? IMHO, inner beauty far outweighs outer appearance, which i think you have aplenty. Must be their term of endearment for you ;)

  10. WAW。。。。such deep the wound...scare scare....

  11. Oooooo I can't imagine my wunderliciously smooth butt getting that harsh abuse.

    Heard hat rapist are hated in prisons, and they are abused with bottles and other objects.


  12. I have no sympathy for rapists and the sort. Unless they have a special case such as real mental disorder that can be argued about.

    The clip is indeed gruesome.

    Holding a glass of milk as I typed. I am perturb by myself for being able to still sip Meiji milk after seeing what you posted.

  13. Man... that hurts big time...

  14. I was once told (not too sure how true) that no one in Singapore ever "tahan" more than 4 strokes of the rotan most will pass out after the first 2 strokes. I know they done horrible crime but I think imprisonment is enough as a punishment.

  15. ouch....I can imagine how pain it is. When my mom cane me with metal water pipe, my ass so pain that I cannot sit on the chair for days!

  16. Nothing can ever replace broken lives.

  17. JL - Twilight is a brave grandma. Watch the video clip tak cukup, I actually photographed the scenes out! So my photos are original, never appeared anywhere as photos!

    Fable Frog - Oh I think they should cane the convicts for any crime that hurts fellow humans physically. I watched so many China YouTubes on robberies and I shuddered. Humans could be worst than beasts.

    Willly's Diary - Hey Leng Chai, should turn the convicts to you to castrate their dicks! LOL I think Taiwan is much safer than Malaysia.

    Jerry - Just ask the prisoner to see the YouTube and he can recognize who caned him lah! LOL... Yeah my photos came from the video clip lah. Nobody would allow me to attend the caning session to photograph them.

    TZ - I have said that all convicts and Mat Rempits should be whipped!

  18. Queen B - You and Willy have the honour to castrate them all and feed the snippets to stray dogs. Will the dogs puke?

    Nicholas - LOL Miss Tiffany? I am sorry to hear about your brother. Ask him to join the Mat Rempits as undercover and turn them in. That will save the humans.

    KEENYEE - Yeah we need to be careful esp when you go often jogging alone by lakesides. Don't get waylaid and raped dude.

    Savante - OUCH!

    Anon - Oh you should ask fable why he called me grandma and the name just got stucked like a birthmark. Hey Anon, time to reveal your flower!

  19. Tom - Yeah so painful la... take care dude! :)

    Anton - oh what cream do you use to smoothen your ass? I am just curious!

    A Common S'porean - Hey you such macho man also can feel shaky with milk? LOL! Ha ha ha ha...

    Medie007 - Sakit nye teruk! They should just learn to enjoy the spanking.

    Sgboy - Even 1 stroke is bad enough dude! It is sufficient to give permanent scar. Well they should be caned much more. The devils are multiplying more.

    Michi - Oh I hate your mom! So cruel of her.

    William - Mend back broken lives? No way rite. So add more strokes of cane la.

  20. twilight, the scene is gory. but imprisonment alone wont scare the die hard criminal who is used to the prison system.

    sad to say but caning has a role in modern society

  21. Caning is a very effective punishment, especially for sexual misdemeanors.
    When I was twelve I touched my (girl) cousin in an indecent way. My aunt dealt with me the way that a naughty boy should be dealt with - a severe caning on my bare buttocks in front of the offended girl and her sisters. i remember the fear and humiliation of standing naked in front of those giggling girls as my aunt lectured me, flexing and swishing the cane, before ordering me to bend over a stool. My fat schoolboy buttocks wobbled and clenched with nerves and I could feel pressure in my bladder and bowels.
    From the first stroke the pain was terrific and made me cry out. After eight of he allotted twelve I could no longer control my functions and defecated massively in front of the audience, much to their disgust but also amusement.I then peed everywhere and farted loudly

    Auntie made me face the girls, my tiny winkle on display as she told me what a dirty fat little slob I was. Then she made me kneel on the floor and pushed my nose in the steaming pile of poop I had done.

    This was the making of me - I have never even dreamed of touching a girl or lady since except with their consent.


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