Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Story Of Cinderella

I have just posted about “To Abuse or Be Abused” for which I am deadly against beings making other beings suffer the life they don’t deserve. I just finished watching Slumdog Millionaire which gave me lumps in my throat about further unknown human abuses in this samsara. Often we could just gasped and stare helplessly for fear of being victimized as well. We live in an environment where terror could strike any minute, anywhere!

Since our kiddo days, we were read about the Fairy Tales of make believes to thrill our imaginations or rather being fooled by nonsensical stuffs that prompted me to fly like Peter Pan or got bashed by my own brother to remake Tom & Jerry. I always ended up with bruises which are sweet memories today.

Never in my wildest dream that someday I would really meet up with Cinderella of yellow skins. Perhaps the Disney’s Cinderella never suffered as much as this one. A gal who was born into a humble family which made a living by brewing coffee and snack meals by the makeshift stall over a huge drain in a remote Kampar town. The parents toiled from wee hours daily till dusk to serve the long stream of gluttons and families who enjoyed cheapest meals of noodles, coffee & teas along with traditional toasted bread & kaya.

The matriarch of the family ruled with iron fist over the spouse & 1 of the offspring and often dabbled in the ancestral past time in Sungai Siput – Witchcraft Doctors or Mediums. The villagers regarded & engaged the medium as qualified doctors of all trades to tame their spouses, knock off rivals and even turn kids into obedient robots. Here abundance talismans and voodooism often change hands for cash payments.
Since birth, poor Cinderella was subject to physical and verbal abuses for being an unfavoured girl after 2 sons. Her greatest assets high wisdom senses and clairvoyance abilities prompted her to enhance her level of tolerance, endurance and better Buddhism faiths after reading sutra chapters since the tender age of 7.

Daily routine was to wake up before sunrise, to help toil in the stall to serve hot cuppas and food at the height that stood barely 3 feet tall which resulted in constant spill of drinks on table as she could not see the table tops. Cinderella was rained with slaps, knives and canes used from any nearest wood planks or iron pipes in the presence of horrified morning patrons. The bitch matriarch knows no kindness but greed and abusive vocabs. Along with the injuries, there were moments of being dumped at cemeteries, faraway lands and tossed over monsoon drains. The nimble fingered Cinderella still exhaustedly walked her way for miles to reach home for the further shelters. No friend or relatives could bring the matriarch to her sense for fear of being cursed with charms as well.
The bitch matriarch forbade Cinderella to revise any school work at home except to work at the stall and clear piles of housework. Her 2 elder siblings being of better genders enjoyed the childhood lives of any other boy kids in the neighbourhood. They took pity on their little mei mei but there was nothing they could do.

When the whole village was asleep nightly, Cinderella would pitch her tent on her bed using blankets and revised her school books with the help of tiny flicking candles, besides scribbling frantically to finish her homework’s fast for fear that the matriarch would be awakened. With the given barest facilities and support, Cinderella grew up into a truly brilliant student scoring straight As to earn the government scholarship to enroll into University Malaya to study Bio Medicine. Her parents were neither pleased nor proud, so she left home to further her studies at her own accord. It was the happiest moment for Cinderella to leave the clutches of daily abuses at home to see the bright lights of our capital city.

Her first 2 years of studies at UM was a daily bliss with the new found freedom and abuse-free. Cinderella enjoyed the daily lectures and experiments cutting up dead corpses to study their inner organs and limbs. With another 3 years to go, she could be wearing a mortar board with pride on graduation. Luck was not on her side as she teamed up with hometown mates to share an apartment. Hell broke loose once again and Cinderella was subject to the abuse of this Demon Darren. He was different as a womanizer on prowl tru nightly chat rooms and a fanatical believer who was also an impulsive gambler. Many a times he threw and locked Cinderella out of their shared apartment so that he could enjoy the one night stands. He swindled and stole her scholarship funds to gamble at the casino which he often lost stupidly. By now Cinderella’s study funds have dwindled to a big naught and had to feed on plain white rice on many rainy days. Frequent fights ensued and Cinderella was thrown out on the streets penniless.

Armed with just a small red Kanchil car, she could sleep inside for 2 long months at any parking lots or side kerbs often fearing for serial rapists or muggers. With little money and no friends in the city, she should be declared winner of the Aussie’s Survival Tests for living out like that. During the day she would take her baths at the public toilets inside the Cheras Leisure Mall, by using the small pipes. No bathing was allowed but she would quickly shower through the sprinklers when there was no other users. Goddamnit, I could never do that and would rather swim in the Klang River for my bath! 2 miserable months passed and Demon Darren apologized with humble invitation to invite Cinderella back to her old nutshell. It was a remorse period for him which lasted for weeks only. Just like Old Habits Die Hard fan, he was back to his gambling ways and womanizing tru victimizing surplus one night stands.

One near fatal night, the Demon mounted a quarrel with the fragile Cinderella and landed blows on her shoulder blades which grounded her on the floor crippled & dislocated. He threw her out and locked in between the wooden door and grill door like a caged slave. Cinderella was fortunate to hold her mobile and promptly connected to her white Prince’s mobile, sobbing hysterically in great pain pleading for mercy and help. He wasted no time and left office on his white horse which ran across the woods to locate his Cinderella.

She was rescued out at past midnight and taken to his safest sanctuary of happiness. Cinderella was being nursed and healed back to her feet with confidence & robust health within months.

After a whirlwind romance, Cinderella got married to the White Prince in a 5 Star ballroom atop the Equatorial Hills with all the closest guests and friends who showed up supportively to rejoice the marriage celebrations. The famous guests dined and wined with music playing for them to waltz till morning. The fathers of the CM & Carat Club’s owner crooned his songs of diamonds to the applause of the crowds. 

After many honeymoons across the seas, Cinderella is back to her studies at University Malaya to pursue her studies for Bachelor of Education and Clinical HypnoTherapy. Working fulltime during the daytime at the same place as Lau Niang without the LN’s knowing, this could send Bibik reeling with shock! I salute this Cinderella for her great passion in studies and teaching and wish her all the best to live happily ever after.
This is the true life story of my Cinderella tales.


  1. Hi hi, TZone!!

    Din really like Slumdog Millionaire too... :))

    Hope we can still stay updated with each other's blog :) Hv a good weekend!

  2. ah? Who is this cinderella? Such a small world...ha ha ha!

  3. ummm~ did u ask her permission b4 u post this?

  4. Wow! What a story!
    hw abt that 2 mean step-sisters and wicked step-mother.. hahahaa

  5. Hi twilight, whats your email address would like to email you smth! =)

  6. Wow, this is a lovely dear Granny.
    I'm really glad to hear that Cinderella found her happiness. And I truly believe everyone of us deserve our own happiness.
    Have a lovely weekend. :)

  7. I 'll be the honoured one. ^_^


  8. Wow, that truly is an amazing story! I'm glad she got her fairy tale ending too :)

  9. OMGosh, how surprising and touching. And how privileged of Anton to meet her too. ^^

  10. wow... i'm speechless. part of me want to believe it, part of me doesn;t.. but knowing ur crap, i think only part of the story is true. right right right? :P blek

    nice to meetcha!

  11. Hey Twilight! I remember you telling me you partied in IUP before? Check out some freaky stuff that happened to me there!

    Felt or saw anything 'weird' while you were there?

  12. glad eventually she left all her suffering behind. but reality speak : without any form of assistance from her parents in the form of books and other stuff, she coudn't have gone to tertiary level. It beat the odds.

  13. now that it was revealed to me... ur cinderella is hell of a woman man! am so glad that she's found her prince charming, am so happy for her that her prince charming is such a prince charming. :)

  14. Thank god she finally find her true happiness. I was getting worried it would end up tragically as I read on :)

    I am sure now Cinderalla is a very learned woman in many fields having gone through the tough childhood and her Scientific studies in University :)

    And of course the leaning pillar of her prince charming will forever light her way.

  15. this cinderally life was more miserable from the cinderella in fairy tales, but at least she has found her prince now...

  16. Yea yea Anton, I thought suppose to be last Friday, so did u get to see the Cinderella??

    Twinkle finally u did it lol *winks*

  17. Jerry ~ yea i did, twice! on Fri and Sun. How blessed i am. ^^




  19. Wow. So how did she find her prince?

  20. wahliow twillight....nice cinderella tales....

    aiyoh, u dun boycott me busy with project lately ler...not selling anything....managing project ler....a shitty project ler

  21. Rad Sujanto - Welcome back and pls don't disappear into the Borneo jungles again for too long. I will boycott your blog lah.

    Madam Lau Niang - So you met Cinderella at last and she will bid you farewell soon.

    LeuMao - Do I need to ask permission to speak the truths? I just typed anything I fancy, so should you, without fear or favour.

  22. kenlin - I have killed the 2 mean step sisters and poisoned the step mother too! LMAO! Oh I love your hansem pix, so gaya betul.....

    Anon - Hey you can click my email address in my profile. Do you need my bank account number too, just in case?

    Queen B - Gaga!

  23. K|E|E|N|Y|E|E - Hope your life would always be happy and no cinderella-like.

    ::. Anton ::. - It is everyone's honour to be your friend.

    Perky - I believe Cinderella is having a happy life now after sleeping in her Kancil for 2 months. She is a tough & unbreakable survivor.

    JL - It was a nice evening for Cinderella to meet Anton.

    Medie007 - It was nice to meet you too, Doctor Bong. You looked so shaiiiiiiiiii wor.

    Charlene n Kevin - Oh Pennsylvania has so many spooky places and I just dunno why.
    So many friends saw a white ghost of a lady walking around the boarding house at Point park College.

  24. Bengbeng - Well, I also learnt a lot from this Cinderella's story that life is just a daily illusion. You ate one Bak Chang last year and yesterday makes no difference. You can make to believe that you ate them everyday and be contented too.

    Medie007 - Oh that Prince Charming is so charming? Kekekekeke

    A Common Singaporean - Oh Cinderella sure does had a tough life and learnt to appreciate whatever she has now. No more house work, glass slippers and Golden Pumpkin vehicle.

    ^NgoH KoNgWiT^ - I think this Cinderella suffered more than the one in Fairy Tales who never tasted iron pipes and knives.

    Jerry - Oh next time Anton would join you and LeuMao on bowling trips. Stay tuned Jerry.

    ::. Anton ::. - Sshh! You made Jerry protest lah!

    savante - Oh the Prince Charming worked in the same office as Darren Monster who lived in the same palace as Cinderella.

    vialentino - You are here at last! How nice and blessed I am now.

  25. Rat:
    Cinderella with her "Glass Shoe"?

  26. Thank you so much for sharing the story. Poor Cinderella. I am glad that her prince saved her.From what I read, she must have been such a wonderful person with a truly kind heart. We can plan but as always, ONLY GOD DECIDES. Meanwhile, we cannot avoid our life paths too. Just got to be more optimistic and wise about life. Cheers!

  27. Your Cinderella is really a strong lady as she has been through so much hardship and a very special one too.


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