Friday, May 29, 2009

Theft at Starbarks

Our dear kopi addict TZ who is also the Starbark's honorary ambassador would patronize all the outlets like his 2nd home. I wonder if he has ever seen any untoward shoplifting happening there? I hope TZ would chain his lappie, baby cam and tool bag to his pants as a safety measure. We don't wanna hear TZ crying over any loss!
I always have phobia for pick pockets and have this habit to put my hands over my wallet's pocket when I walked in crowded areas. I have witnessed cases of snatch thieves grabbing unsuspecting victims' handbags along the street. It happened so fast and numbed the witnesses from giving a chase or scream. Usually the victims were ladies and I wonder if men would someday become favourite targets too. 

Do take care of our mum, sisters and female colleagues when out on the streets. I tend to shield them or ask them to walk along the pavements instead and hug their bags real tight.

Cinderella has booked a holiday trip to a surprise destination and Twilight has packed his bags to leave soon! 

Have a good weekend guys!


  1. You'd better chain your wallet to your trousers and better yet, totally leash yourself to the table-leggie at Ol' Town Kopitiam.

    Both of you have a wonderful trip and safe return ya! ^_^


  2. guard ur LV safely like protecting ur own children ;P

    have a wonderful trip~

  3. uncle TZ must b very very careful now~~~
    everyday starbie .. haiz~~~

  4. dude, hmmm I din and never visit Starbarks... hehehe :) Anyway, I always very aware of my surrounding .. who dare to come and take my things i will give his/her ass a kick... blek!

  5. wishing you a wonderful holiday..take lots of pics

  6. Thing is, looking from the CCTV footage the victim just left her handbag behind the other person's chair. That made it even easier for the pickpocket (lol it's a lady) to do her stuff. Accidents don't happen by accident.

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  7. Hi.. came here via the fabulous Lau Niang's blog.

    Great blog you have here. Will be coming back! :)

  8. where u going for holiday? anyway, wish u have a nice trip!

  9. coffee at those prices is already DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!!!

  10. I second Queen B's comment! ;)

    Have a great trip and send my regards to Cinderella :)

  11. Why would you want to carry your LV bag when or if you think you are travelling to a place which could be unsafe? Carry a RM20 bucks pasar malam bag which is presentable is good enough already lah. ;)

    By the way, shouldnt the bag be on her lap all the time rather then being put behind her back? Unless her 3rd eye really can guard it so well. In this case, it failed misrably.

  12. horrible we really have to be cautious of everything...

    btw, enjoy ur holiday :)

  13. hmm, i've also kena picked-pocket in Shanghai and also inside the KTM.. well, have a nice trip and enjoy your holiday, also watch out your belongings :)

  14. Y people like to use their birthday as password?
    Twilight, can I know when is ur birthday and can I borrow ur ATM card for a day..

  15. I'll sure steal your huge LV bag first lor. Hehe..have a fun and safe trip ya, Granny. :)

  16. I'm so gonna miss you Twinkle...

    Now now wat does this miss means? :D

  17. I saw on the news a few weeks ago that a new pickpocket syndicate has emerged in China. They are lighting quick in using chopsticks to flick up those wallets and valuables. CHOPSTICKS my friend!!

    And please enjoy your trip!!

  18. Anton - Gee! I am back! Thanks for your kind wishes!
    I will latch myself for sure as my phobia has escalated by the minutes.

    Queen B - Gee! I am back! Thanks for your kind wishes!
    It was not my LV bag Queen! It was a blog illusion!

    Vincent - Wow! You commented in my blog at last! I must buy 4-D tomorrow lah as I never see you here anymore. I wanna boycott your blog next time if you don't visit me often, ok. Happy studying dude!

    TZ - What a snob who doesn't visit Starbarks! What's the difference between Starbucks and Starbarks? Both also taste like pricey Ugandan bath water lah.

    Paul J - Go buy an imitation LV bag and pretend it's real so that can be happy.

    Bengbeng - Gee! I am back! Thanks for your kind wishes!

    JL - Agreed that Thai lady asked for it from the CCTV. She should have hugged her bag and not her useless BF! I have seen your link, thanks dude!

    flawedangel - Awww! Awww! Thanksss for coming and do come again yeah. Let me roll my red carpet for you.

  19. E.T - Gee! I am back! Thanks for your kind wishes!
    See my next post to guess where I went to ok.

    doc - Yeah i avoid those places if possible. I rather bancuh my own hot kopi to drink - Cheap & bottomless some more! Thanks for coming doc!

    Perky - Cinderella was flattered to get your sweet greetings! She sends heaps of hugs to you. Her pocket has burnt a hole for the trip.

    Alan - You bet and this bag costs only RM20 so it was painless to toss them behind the buses! I am not so dumb and spendthrift as being thought as. Thanks for coming Alan.

    LeuMas - Oh you oso need to guard your tight pockets and white face! Sure attract untowards la. Thanks for your greetings!

  20. SK Thamby - Your pocket must be heavy with rupees to get picked. Next time let me keep your cash and will definitely send back to your village in Chennai, dont worry. Thanks for your wishes and I will jaga my pockets too.

    kenlin - OMG where did you camwhore that photo, so gaya? My birthday? Tell me what you wanna buy me first! You @#$% Kiam Siap one laaaaaaaa.

    KEENYEE - If you love that bag, I won't mind buying one on your birthday which looks the same ok! No need steal from a Grandma, LOL... hope you had a good trip too!

    Jerry - You bullshit la miss me! Your missing is Melvin ya! Hey, start to exercise and have a healthy mind so that can study better instead of surfing porns whole day! LOL

    A Common S'poean - Gee! I am back! Thanks for your kind wishes! I am shocked that they used chopsticks! i will practice it tonight using chopsticks!


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